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10 Best Korean Hairstyles And What You Need To Know

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Do you want to become a “Miss Smartest Hairstyle 2021”? – If yes, then keep reading our review of the 10 best Korean hairstyles and what you need to know.

Then continue to read this article, because today we’re going to explore the world of Korean hairstyle fashion!

And, believe us, when we’re speaking about hair no one could be equal to Korean stylists.

Have you ever seen their drama actors and k-pop idols’ hairstyles? – They are just gorgeous.

So, if you want to discover the most recent developments in the subtle art of hair-making, please follow along with an article.


10 Best Korean Hairstyles And What You Need To Know

We’ve chosen the best Korean hairstyles and what you need to know that at least one will force you to make an appointment with your hairdresser!

Let’s start!

1. Bob From The ’90s

Hey, are there any vintage lovers?

If there’re, please accept our congratulations because this year you’ll be at the top with your outstanding bob!

For those who don’t know, bob is a short often chin-cut hairstyle that is a perfect choice for oval, triangular, and any kind of face. 

Why Should You Have a Bob?

Well, first of all, let me remind you about magnificent Natalie Portman who acted in The Professional back in 1994 with an amazing bob!

She was one of the actresses that popularized this hairstyle and we can already give her the Oscar just for this very reason.

Then, we mustn’t forget about the sophisticated Wenona Rider from The House of The Spirits.

Look attentively under her hat and you’ll spot the short-cut hair which we make all that fuss about. 

Still, if that’s not enough there’s someone in the modern fashion industry you can’t disagree with.

Because no one can fight against Kim Kardashian and she had the bob herself!

2. Straight Long Hair

Such hairstyle is characterized by straight-cut thick ends without milling, long straight or side-shifted fringe, a straight parting.

It looks rich and even luxurious because all the beauty of the hair is visible to the naked eye.

This hairstyle can also empathize with your face features and cheekbones, making a few plump cheeks look more thin and sophisticated. 

Straight hair is ideal for all girls but only on the condition that they are perfectly smooth.

Therefore, before straightening the curls with iron, apply thermal protection or oil to them.

Stylists advise making curls also if you want to look younger, so probably you should be careful with choosing the long length in adulthood. 

We should also remind you that long hair is heavy hair, that is why it don’t fluff and stick out.

Washed, dried, combed, sprinkled with a light styling agent – and you’re ready to start your day with a beaming smile.

The hair is beautiful and neat.

It’s possible to dry long hair for a long time, but to suffer from styling, to do combing, to get upset because of one sticking lock, this will not happen.

3. Bowl Cut

The name is very literal.

The hairstyle was called so because it reminds a real bowl that is put on the head upside-down.

In other words, it can also be named as a mushroom cut for the very same reason but it still doesn’t change the fact that the hairstyle is just simply amazing. 

The technique seems easy: just cut your hair short from the back and both left and right sides, then leave it long on the top.

But in reality, it’s a difficult haircut that shouldn’t be done on your own.

A successful result in an unprofessional performance is rarely obtained.

It’s better to contact an experienced hairdresser for the service.

Even a novice hairdresser won’t always cope with the task “perfectly”.

But remember, a short option is permissible to cut for the owners of a triangular oval.

Elongated bangs are recommended to complement the hairstyle for an elongated face.

It’ll turn out to correct the pear-shaped form by the cascade model.

For owners of a heavy square, round oval, it’s better to abandon the haircut option.

4. Ombré Flip

Some so-called experts not so long ago tried to prove that ombre style wasn’t at the tops this season, but they were soon defeated.

Because for the past twelve months this coloring has been keeping its position very tightly.

And it looks like it isn’t going to be taken over by something else!

What is the main difference between ombre and balayage?

While most prestigious hairdressers argue about the minor differences between these two techniques, we’ll explain to you the major points.

The thing is, ombre is a coloring technique that touches only the ends and doesn’t affect the roots.

Balayage is highlighting thin locks of hair and not along with the entire length, but only the tips – a maximum of ⅔ of the total length. 

Ombre on dark hair is often the transition from dark to light.

Since this is the most common version of ombre, it’s called classic.

It’s the classic ombre that creates the effect of beautifully overgrown strands burnt out in the sun.

Thanks to the lightened end the hair takes on a fresh, natural look.

And naturalness and naturalness are now just at the peak of popularity.

Moreover, clarified strands give hair more volume which will please owners of thin hair.

5. Horsetail

This hairstyle is also relevant at all times.

It isn’t only simple in execution, but also quite diverse.

There is a variant of weaving one tail on the top of the head, the so-called “horsetail”.

You can make 2 tails on the sides of the head, twist the ends to look more elegant.

Or just with any rubber band to fasten hair in the place where it’ll be convenient.

Depending on the version of this hairstyle, it’s suitable for almost any occasion: an ordinary walk or a social event.

But for the second case, the tail must be done carefully without any “sloppiness”.

You can supplement it with a small bow on the side of your head.

6. Blown-Out Lob

It can be either tight curls or soft waves flowing along the girl’s body.

Typically, such a hairstyle is done on a haircut with uneven torn ends that go in steps along with the height of the head. 

A straight bang or lack thereof will suit such a hairstyle.

If it’s still present but you’re tired of it, it isn’t necessary to cut it off by the stylist, you can simply fix it with a hairpin on the top of the head.

Curls will always remain at the peak of popularity.

7. Light Pink Locks

Recently, the covers of fashion magazines have captivated beauties with an unusual shade of curls.

It’s the pink color of the hair that can bring brightness, dynamism, and cheerfulness to the image of its owner.

Girls who dye their hair in a similar shade look like sweets or sakura, it adds some gentleness to their fragile composure.

The main thing is not to dye the curls completely in pure pink color, unless, of course, you plan to look like a Barbie doll or an emo girl.

Let the roots expose a little to your natural tint or don’t make the chosen color too radical. 

Yet, pink is a universal color that goes to almost every beauty.

If you belong to the “warm” color type Autumn or Spring, choose saturated colors, for example, rosewood, fuchsia, peach, or pink gold.

For owners of white skin and the same eyes, we recommend resorting to cold shades: 

  • ashen
  • pearl
  • pastel
  • pink blond
  • pale purple
  • beige

8. Ends’ Curls

Thanks to the fashion now you don’t need to have curled all over the head, wasting more than 2 or 3 hours every morning for the procedure.

You can simply wave the ends of your hair so it’ll give you some lightness and an easy-going approach.

But don’t forget to use special hair products to protect your hair from thermal damage. 

Though you can be probably a lucky person that has naturally wavy ends and doesn’t need any additional magic!

9. See-Through Bangs

If you don’t want to have thick and dense bangs that are quite uncomfortable to have in the summer, feel free to experiment with Korean see-through bangs!

This haircut is much more thin and transparent and as a usual bang, it’ll take away unnecessary attention from the big forehead in case you have one.

But be careful, you should dry and style it regularly, otherwise, the hairstyle will look messy and sloppy.

Don’t forget to cut it so the length won’t hurt your eyes. 

10. A Bun

The bun is similar to the tail, it’s an easy-to-create hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to be done.

It’s also suitable for busy people who are always in a hurry somewhere, living an active life.

This hairstyle also looks great in the gym as it doesn’t interfere with training in any way.

But for celebrations, a bun is quite good as well.

The main thing is to do it with accuracy, smoothly comb your hair back and complement the look with a classic dress, earrings, and pendant on the neck. 

To make a low bun that lasts all day, you first need to comb your hair into a smooth tail.

For greater silkiness, you can even walk along with the entire length with an iron.

Then the hair, having previously divided into two parts, is twisted into a braid.

The result is wrapped around an elastic band and secured with a hairpin.

Detailed instructions and analysis of popular errors can be seen in this lesson.

Choosing a Hairstyle That Works For You 

When choosing a haircut you need to consider the anatomical features of your face and the shape of the head.

The hairstylist must conduct a visual and detailed analysis of the hair.

Factors such as density, texture, and overall hair quality are key in choosing a haircut.

You also need to consider the physiological characteristics of the hair. 

So, for example, if your hair is oily and requires daily washing, then a short haircut or a medium haircut will be a more rational choice and will make your life easier than you would periodically walk with a ponytail.

If the hair is severely damaged as a result of lightning or other reasons the ends are thin, dull, and split.

This will benefit not only the image as a whole but also the health of the hair because it’ll recover faster.

There is no beauty in long but weakened hair, so you should not be too anxious about the length of your hair.

In the hairstyle, it’s not a length that is valued but the quality of the hair, unkempt long hair causes disgust.

Long hair is beautiful only when it’s healthy and well-groomed.

A Few Tips For Long Hair

As a rule, women who have grown a long braid since childhood and even in adulthood, hesitate to cut it.

At the same time, the face doesn’t frame the hair and the image looks simple and not stylish.

Each age should have its hair length and as for the woman – the older she’s the shorter the haircut should be. 

If you have curly hair, then you need to consider that the shorter they are the more they will curl.

Also, such hair tends to curl more strongly in wet, so you need to think hard if you want to make a short haircut and like to straighten your hair with an iron because the straightening won’t last long.

And in rainy weather, you’ll look like a lamb and a short hairstyle will be much shorter than you planned.

And, continuing the topic of curly hair we want to mention that often girls with naturally curly hair want to straighten them thoroughly (chemical hair straightening).

Straightening is not recommended for thin and sparse hair because such hair due to natural curls creates the appearance of volume and density, straightened hair can look very sparse, moreover, it greatly spoils the hair structure.

Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle don’t forget about such minor nuances.

How To Choose a Hairstyle According To The Shape Of The Face

One of the main criteria for choosing a haircut is the shape of the face.

The oval shape of the face is considered conditionally ideal and almost any haircut and hairstyle is suitable for it.

The round shape of the face is characterized by almost the same length and width, a wide forehead gently passes into wide cheekbones and a smooth chin.

Which haircuts are suitable:

  • Medium length hair with a side part and a long beveled bang
  • In this case, any asymmetry in the hairstyle favorably affects the oval of the face

The square shape of the face is approximately equal in length and width and is also characterized by a wide forehead and a wide chin.

Which haircuts are suitable:

  • Asymmetric forms
  • Haircut framing the oval of the face
  • Thick sloping bangs
  • A long asymmetric bean with a thick bang

The triangular shape of the face is characterized by an expressive forehead and a pointed chin.

Which haircuts are suitable:

  • A caret is just above or below the chin
  • Triangle face haircut
  • Triangle face haircut
  • Oblique bangs below eye level
  • Large curly curls towards the face

The heart shape is similar to the triangular type and is complemented by a line of hair growth in the forehead in the shape of the upper part of the heart.

Which haircuts are suitable:

  • Rounded thick bangs to eyebrows
  • Soft curls on the hair of medium length (direction of curls from the face)
  • Side parting
  • Side volume in the hairstyle
  • Short oval square with thick bangs

The rhomboid shape of the face is famous for wide cheekbones, a pointed chin and a forehead of a conical shape.

Which haircuts are suitable:

  • Soft curls on the hair of medium length
  • Diamond-Cut Face
  • Thick sloping bangs
  • Asymmetric square

How To Look After Your Hair To Keep The Hairstyle?

Recent studies of hair care products have revealed a horrendous figure – 97% of famous brands of shampoos spoil our hair.

Check the composition of your shampoo for the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate, PEG.

These aggressive components destroy the hair structure, deprive the curls of color and elasticity, making them lifeless.

But this is not the worst!

These chemicals penetrate the blood through the pores and are carried through the internal organs, which can cause infections or even cancer.

We strongly recommend that you refuse such shampoos.

Use only natural cosmetics.

The Most Useful Tips From Koreans

There are many ways to care for your hair, consider those that are used in Korea to look attractive.

  • Proper nutrition; food mainly affect the quality of hair and skin which means it can make the girl’s appearance not quite aesthetic
  • In Korea, the main products are rice and vegetables, it’s thanks to them that Asians’ hair looks healthy and well-groomed
  • Chips and chocolates will cause hair loss and dryness
  • You must sleep for at least 8 hours, getting enough sleep is very important
  • It’s better to develop a regular regimen by lying down and getting up at the same time every day
  • Drink water, as is the main moisturizer for the whole body
  • Use vitamin complexes in spring and autumn, the body is especially weakened and it needs additional nourishment in addition to good nutrition
  • It’s better to buy complex drugs that are aimed at different functions of the human body
  • Dry your hair before bedtime
  • Many people get into the habit of going to bed with their heads wet, as a result, in the morning a person wakes up with an incomprehensible styling
  • Use a comb with natural bristles, it should be massage and have natural bristles that won’t damage the hair structure but rather improve its condition
  • Buy only quality proven hair care products, no need to experiment on your hair and every month to choose different shampoos, masks, and balms
  • It’s better to focus on a single series and constantly use it

Final Thoughts

Girls who are in constant motion and routine life is completely not for them, most likely, will want to consider the option of a short haircut.

Others prefer beautiful, well-groomed long hair.

In any case, there are many ways to style your hair by the preferences and capabilities of each person.

To sum up, being beautiful and well-groomed is very simple.

It’s enough to turn your eyes to Korean girls who look chic without much effort.

They are the founders of fashion trends and many women want to be like them.

Just follow our list with the best Korean hairstyles and what you need to know, choose a haircut that appeals to you the most, and prepare yourself for great changes!

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