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How To Make Makeup Tutorials On YouTube | Definitive Guide

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Skye Rhodes

Are you tired and already given up not knowing how to make makeup tutorials on youtube?

Are you a make-up artist, and you know how to do makeup like a professional?

Then you can surely upload your makeup tutorial video on YouTube and generate good revenue.

So, to help you go viral with your excellent makeup tutorial on YouTube, we’ve got you our definite guide.

Keep on reading, and soon you’ll be enjoying having millions of followers, who will love to watch you doing makeup.


Plan your YouTube Make-up Tutorial

Before anything else, this is what is most important.

The more you plan — the better you’ll perform.

The first step is always hard, yet, by mastering how to make makeup tutorials on YouTube, you can enjoy fame as a beauty YouTuber.

Teaching the makeup techniques isn’t like a live session, so, you must come up with complete planning.

From brainstorming the ideas you want to deliver to the execution, everything must be a part of your plan.

Your camera, lighting, microphones, tripod, and all the things are necessary to help you shoot well.

Proper availability of all resources, can help you stay focused on your tutorial, which is an enormous benefit.

Thus, you can get enormous followers if your video also has a professional recording otherwise people will leave your channel.

To help you get the best outcomes, we’ve some basic planning tips that you must follow before recording your video.

Know your expertise, your audience, and be specific

You’ve got a skill, but how much confidence have you got?

You need to know your expertise, for if you can teach it before the camera, then you should record a video.

If you’re a professional makeup artist with years of experience, a little planning can serve a lot, otherwise, your audience can easily catch a mistake.

In the same vein, you must know your audience.

Knowing people’s learning needs can help you make a better video.

In the same way, knowing their interest in particular products and tools can also help you sell through affiliate links in your video description.

Thus, you can make money from your YouTube channel.

Staying specific with your content is also essential.

If you are a professional with excellent experience, it’s ok to teach a full makeup tutorial.

Yet, if you aren’t a professional make-up artist, or you want to share your routine make-ups, remaining specific will help more.

Don’t jump to teach each and everything at once.

You can teach simple things: “how to apply foundation, or “how to do smoky eye make-up?”

Teaching a simple skill will be easy for you to deliver your best if you remain specific.

Thus, when you’ve known your pace, you may record a longer tutorial keeping your followers’ demands in view.

You can learn about their needs by studying the comment section of your video.

Check your Budgeting Options And Get The Best Tech Equipment

Your viewers won’t ever like a video with a blurry or dark presentation, faulty voice, and noisy background.

So, you need to check out your need for equipment.

For this purpose, you must see your budget: what do you need; what’s the cost; and how can you get it?

Hence, you’ll be more comfortable filming your tutorial only.

First, you need a camera, and the best camera to serve your shooting is a DSLR camera.

A Vari-Angle LCD screen will however serve the same purpose as it folds to let to watch your recording,

You can also use your mobile phone camera, but that can’t give the perfect results for a make-up tutorial.

So, it’s good to replace your mobile phone camera with a DSLR later on.

Second, a high-quality tripod is also necessary to get a better recording.

Third, a quality microphone is needed when you want to record a video like a pro.

If you think your in-built microphone can help you, you are wrong.

The only result you’ll get is a low-quality recording that ruins all your efforts.

Here, you’ll also need good quality ring lights, which most of the professionals use.

The best voice and video equipment will surely fail when there is insufficient light.

So, the right light is a must, for all your viewers are watching as you play with colors.

If you don’t have any ring light, you can also make your DIY ring light.

Make Your YouTube Make-up Tutorial Script and Rehearse

A good video can help you get your much-needed YouTube followers.

Preparing your video script for your make-up tutorial is the most necessary.

If you think that you’ll be doing and recording without a script, it can’t help you film an outstanding video.

For your tutorial, you can outline all the needed steps that you’ll be showing.

You can also include the instructions that you think your audience should follow.

The scripting will also help you with your audio recording.

It’s also advisable to record your video and audio one by one and practice.

You may think you are skillful enough, or you don’t have time.

Simply rethink it!

Practicing your script will help you cast a professional impact.

For this purpose, you need not have an all-professional setting like that of your last shoot.

Instead, you can record your 2-3 rehearsals on your mobile phone too.

Hence, you can correct your mistake before the final recording.

Install Your Essential Software

There are many awkward moments that you like to delete or replace.

You’ve to keep your tutorial in a viewer-friendly duration of 2-10 minutes.

For recording, mixing, creating effects, and editing your video and audio recordings, you need to install the software on your computer and laptop.

If you want to do all your editing on your phone, you can install applications too.

However, to create a professional video, we suggest you do the editing on your computer or laptop.

To get suitable video recording and editing software, you can search online.

You can also get free editing and video-making software online.

Arrange Your Setting

When you think of shooting your video as a makeup tutorial, you’ve got to have a goal in mind.

It can be earning followers or selling your products or services.

A suitable setting can help you record your tutorials to meet your goals.

So, you need to have a proper setting that we can call your signature style.

A professional style and setting can help you a lot to skyrocket your popularity on YouTube.

Thus, you can be among that 76% of marketers who tell that video marketing gives a positive ROI.

To figure out your suitable setting style, you can consult the videos of your favorite beauty YouTuber.

You can also seek advice from your friends.

Set your Background

Now it’s time to set your studio.

As a beginner, you don’t have to build a separate studio, so you can build a DIY studio.

You can use a corner of your room or some other space, which can be a plus for smaller space to help you get better audio quality.

You can also set a backdrop when there’s a lot of clutter in your room.

If you are a solo performer of your tutorial, a DIY studio can help you record.

Even if you have to record your tutorial by applying your makeup to a second person, a small setting can serve you.

For filming a makeup tutorial, a backdrop of white, gray, pink, even black color can complement your art.

In the same way, light color patterns and glittery screens can also help you record a good video.

Set Your Equipment: A Camera and Lights

Using a suitable camera and lighting is also essential to share all the details of the makeup.

Here, we tell you to use soft but plenty of light because hard light can cast the worst effect.

So, the face on which you’re applying the makeup should get a good focus of camera and light.

It’s necessary to place the camera and lighting in the proper position.

To check at which position you can receive better light for your filming, you can sit at varying distances and watch the results.

To set your camera at the right angle, we’ll recommend you to position it higher and tilt.

  • You should set your camera at an angle of 15°
  • When you use a camera, it’s essential to check that the frame should have no empty blank area around you
  • Setting the focus of your camera is also inevitable

So, turn off the autofocus of your DSLR camera if you’re a beginner at filming your make-up tutorial.

To avoid any blurry capturing, setting an aperture of “f/5.0″ will be helpful.

In the same way, if you want a blurry background, an aperture of f/2.8 or lower will be good.

  • Finally, you’ve to set your film speed (ISO)

To get excellent filming results without getting darker or brighter, an ISO of 400 is good.

Yet, you’ll learn more about camera and light settings when you move towards experimenting with your future videos.

Set your Makeup Table

Here, you’re showing your make-up steps and searching for suitable tools or products at the same time.

Will you focus on the face, application of products, or search them here and there?

Before recording the video, prepare all your necessary makeup tools.

These tools may include brushes and applicators.

Your tools can tell others about your mastery and care about your makeup.

So clean tools are also necessary for the skin.

You can place your tools on the table you’ll have set before you.

The correct order is also inevitable.

If your first step is to prepare the face for makeup, place your foundations, concealers, and powders, etc.

Thus, you can place the products according to their set by step use.

So, you can pick and place them comfortably.

Again, don’t place too many items on your make-up table, but what you’ll need.

Run a Test Recording First

Before recording your video, running a test video can help you.

It isn’t like the rehearsals.

As we talked earlier about the rehearsal, you can make rehearsal videos on your mobile phone.

Yet, for the test video, you’ll have to use your studio.

Why is a test video essential?

Let’s imagine!

You’ve recorded the full video, and what you see is half of your face getting less light.

This is not nice.

So, a test recording can help you see how your last shot appears.

With the help of your last test video, you can make the changes.

In the same way, you can also check the collaborative performance of all your equipment.

Stop here.

The test video isn’t a one-time effort as it can take a lot of retakes.

However, it’ll guarantee a superb final video that your audience will love to watch.

Record Your Make-up Tutorial Video and Audio

When you’ve run a test video and made up all your deficiencies, you can record your final video.

Different steps are here to record your final shoot.

Following these steps carefully will bring you closer to your fantastic YouTube channel video.

Give an intro about yourself and your expertise

First, talk about who you are and what you will teach, no matter whether it’s your first video or the 100th.

Adding an intro about yourself allows you to win the trust of your audience, and soon they’ll start recognizing you as a brand.

You might forget to record your intro sometimes, or you may not want to introduce yourself every time.

In this case, you can record an exclusive intro about yourself, which you can add to your video when you edit it.

Show the steps carefully

Following your topic, outline, and script, you can shoot your video tutorial.

To show the right way, show every step.

Sharing your tips will be more helpful here.

So, here are some points that you should follow, to record a good make-up tutorial.

  • Tell your watchers what you’ll teach them and how it’ll help them with their everyday make-up problems
  • Telling your viewers about your tools, products, etc. is also necessary to engage them.

So, you may also tell them why you think these tools or products are better, or other options they can use if they own anything similar to those of yours.

Thus, you’ll be showing your honesty by not promoting any cosmetics brand.

  • You might wonder how you should handle your supplies to help viewers watch them

If you have adjusted your camera auto-focus, holding the product near the screen will let the camera capture itself.

Yet, if your camera isn’t auto-focusing, then you can hold your products in front of you for some time.

  • For comfortable filming, you can also capture your make-up supplies one-by-one and mix them in the video during editing
  • By sharing the minor details of your make-up process like “do’s and don’ts,” you can engage your audience more

For this purpose, you can assume that you’re teaching a beginner who knows nothing about “how to apply make-up”

  • During the editing process, you’ll also need some thumbnails

So, capturing some still photos will be of great use.

Record the voice separately

With an excellent setup, you can record your video and voice at the same time.

Yet, if you are a beginner, record your video and voice separately.

And separate audio recording is more professional.

In this way, you can edit the videos according to your need.

For example, you cut some parts of the video because of its faulty recording or to maintain duration.

Still, you can use the instructional voice-over of that phase during some transitions.

If you are a beginner, here is another option.

You might not need a voice over so what do you do?

You can record a full video and play background music like this.

Edit Your Recorded Makeup Tutorial

Good editing can make your video full of energy, life, and enjoyment.

In your video, there’re many things you may want to cut, replace, focus on, or speed up.

Hence, after the filming process is over, it’s time to sit before your computer and start editing.

Here are some editing tips to help you get your excellent make-up tutorial video.

Choose your clip speed and use transition

When your video recording is over, you might not like a slow show-up of how you’re blending the colors.

So, you can speed up these clips or put a time-lapse instead.

Similarly, you would love to tell your watchers how to draw a perfect lip-line or crease line.

You can slow down the video.

Thus, editing can help you get your final video with a defined duration and focus.

When you capture your video and get different clips, you can use the transition to maintain the flow too.

In this way, you’ll keep your audience busy with your video.

Add the title and your intro

Can you jump to teach at once?


Adding your intro and title of your video is inevitable.

So, adding an enchanting title and catchy intro will hook your audience.

As we discussed earlier, you can add your intro during the editing process.

The same is with your video title.

An SEO-optimized and engaging title can persuade your audience to find and click your video.

To rewrite the right title for your video, you can search for videos using your keywords and write similar titles for your video.

Here are some attention-grabbing words that people love to click the video with, e.g. “…tutorial”, “how to…”, or “…for beginners”, etc.

Customize your thumbnail and add a description

Just like your intro and video title, attractive thumbnails are also inevitable for your video.

To create your video thumbnail, you can search for the video and get inspiration from their thumbnails.

Here, we advise you not to copy those thumbnails.

Try to make your thumbnail more creative and better.

You can also use the best shots of your video as a thumbnail.

After completing your thumbnail, you’ve to write a description for your video.

Although you’ll upload the description when you’ll upload your make-up tutorial video on your YouTube channel, yet, it’s essential to write a great description with SEO to rank your video.

A great description also includes your products’ affiliate link to help you make money.

Upload your video on your YouTube channel

Now that you’ve done with your beauty tutorial video—upload it.

Uploading your video doesn’t require much effort.

To upload your video, log in to your YouTube account, and upload your beauty tutorial.

After uploading, you can set your video as public, turn on/off the comments.

Hence, you are ready to go viral with your make-up tutorial.

Now that you know how to make makeup tutorials on YouTube, that wasn’t so difficult to do, was it?

Why Do YouTube Makeup Tutorials?

A tutorial is helpful to teach people the right method, use of tools, and application of the product and if you upload catchy tutorials, you can get as many followers as other YouTubers have.

You can basically get the attention of over 50 million per month fashion and beauty watchers on YouTube.

You can share your make-up mastery with over 96% of people who want an educational video about some service or product.

Yet, making YouTube tutorials isn’t easy, for your viewers won’t allow you to make a mistake.

That’s why you have to take extra care in making your You

Final Thoughts

A great video is good enough to get you millions of followers on YouTube, yet, persistence is essential to create your “that” video.

The beauty market of YouTube, with its millions of earnings, isn’t hard to reach.

Now that you know how to make makeup tutorials on YouTube by showing your mastery of makeup as a beauty influencer, you can turn yourself into a brand.

You can also sell affiliate beauty products on YouTube by demonstrating their application and use through your make-up tutorial.

Take your beauty supplies, prepare your setting, record your beauty tutorial, and upload it on your channel as your followers are waiting to learn the best of your makeup lessons.

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