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10 Best Korean Eyeshadows & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Have you considered your eyeshadow, specifically Korean eyeshadow for your eyes?

Tiny but marvelous, a woman’s eyes are the first valuable gem.

Besides nature’s endowment of expressive eyes, what can get you that mesmerizing look is the ideal blend of eye shadows?

A single swipe of those vibrant colors can mystically change the appearance of your eyes.

They not only define the eyes but characterize them, gives volume, and allow them to speak with your eyes.

Whether you would like to liven up your hunt for a night party or need to keep everything straightforward and coquettish for your first date, it can be achieved by a good eye shadow kit.

Here are some of the best Korean eyeshadow palettes to add up to your eyes play.


1. Julep Eyeshadow 101 Creme To Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick
The creme to powder waterproof stick comes with a built-in smudger for a smooth blend. 

The stick comes in a variety of colors to match every eye color. 

The new formula sets in 30 seconds making it the best choice for on the go makeup. 

The brush-free application makes it very easy to use.

Effortless and humble, this stick is the must-have for your makeup kit.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Expect huge color payoff and crease-proof, stay-all-day power
  • Rich, long-lasting color glides on, no brushes required
  • Features spongy smudger to blend & diffuse color
  • Enriched with nourishing vitamin C and vitamin E

2. ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Caffeine Holic

Play Color Eyes Caffeine Holic
The eye shadow palette consists of deep coffee colors as if addicted to caffeine. 

Create a coffee-like mood for your daily or party look. 

Soft and adhesive base colors with vivid and bright point colors. 

The all in one platter can help you get the perfect pearl effect in three easy apply. 

The rightly pigmented eyeshadow platter with satin finish and perfectly complementing shimmer do the best for everyday use. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple colors for everyday choices and varied look
  • Long-lasting shadow
  • Soft and silky texture
  • Cofee and deep color shades

3. I’M MEME I’M Hidden Card Palette

Hidden Card Palette
The ultimate portable plater with a mirror that can reside in your sassy slim clutch or pouch just like a payment card. 

I’M MEME eyeshadow platter is ultra-portable, ultra-wearable makeup for everyday self-expression. 

Made for on-the-go application to express yourself.

9 neutral, every day and exciting eyeshadow shades and one redden conceal in a little compact palette. 

The eyeshadow collection consists of both daily and dramatic colors that allow you to create limitless looks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Portable size and unique design
  • Lenticular mirror design that gives a different look according to the angle
  • 9 eyeshadows and 1 blush
  • For day and night looks

4. Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Eye Shadow

Twinkle Liquid Eye Shadow
The liquid water-based glittery eye shadow is perfect for the glamorous evening party look.

The perfect blend of shimmer and pearl highlights your look and brings depth and dimension to a whole new level.

Cherry blossom and peach extracts make moist and adaptable skin around the eyes.

You can also create your color palettes by blending and layering on colors.

Lasts all day with vibrancy.

One swipe and your good to go.

Zero creasings, zero fallout.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Shine bright like a diamond
  • Water base, moist, and flexible skin around the eyes
  • High-density pearls and glitter
  • Gorgeous shades, smear proof

5. CLIO Pro Layering Eye Palette

Layering Eye Palette
Eyeshadow palette having both fundamental shades for everyday cosmetics and trendy colors for creating different looks. 

It comes with a dual-end brush to evenly apply the desired color around the eye area.

The handmade crystal glitter with a mix of multi-color shades gives the vibrant eye makeup expression.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gently applying matte, evenly sparkling shimmer
  • Moist and transparent
  • No stuffiness
  • No scattering powder
  • Upgraded dazzling and splendid crystal glitter
  • New big-sized point glitter shot

6. Beauty Glazed Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Colors Makeup Pallets

Pigmented Colors Makeup Pallets
The eyeshadow pallet by Beauty Glazed is the feast for your eyes.

35 shades matte and shimmer pop colors can suit for any occasion like casual, salon, party, wedding. 

Easy to layer and blend with the creamy, velvety soft, and smooth colors. 

Best for creating artistic and dramatic bright art.

It can be applied on top lip, face, legs, and body.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 35 shades with pop colors
  • Super pigmented, soft, and smooth
  • Sparkling silver cover
  • Sweat-proof, water-proof

7. ISMINE Single Eyeshadow Powder Palette

Single Eyeshadow Powder Palette
By any chance, you are longing to try out eyeshadow or fussy about the color choice.

Then this single color cheap eyeshadow is for you. 

Comfortable to wear, high pigment, long lasting, natural, waterproof, and can be used for any occasion. 

It comes in 13 Waterproof Colors, matt & shimmer to decorate your eyes as you like.

Pros & Benefits:

  • On the go, easy to apply
  • Portable & high quality
  • High pigment, long-lasting, and water-proof
  • Natural, soft on skin

8. 18 Colors Pigmented The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Matte, shimmer, and glitter kind of eyeshadow palettes will take you through every season granting you every color of eyeshadow you need. 

Cruelty-free ingredient and lightweight formula. 

The palette consists of 10 highly-pigmented mattes, four reflective shades, two glitters, and one pressed pearl and one concealer base shade. 

This eyeshadow palette has multi-reflective shades with different shimmering pearl particles that have the most amazing duo-chromatic finish.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 18 pigment-rich colors, incredible blend-ability
  • A stunning pressed pearl formula, a concealer base to intensify the finish
  • High-quality ingredients, ultra-micronized
  • Cruelty-free ingredient and lightweight formula

9. CATKIN Eyeshadow Palette Makeup

Eyeshadow Palette Makeup
The esthetic, natural bronze and neutral Cosmetic CATKIN Eyeshadows are made up of the latest ingredients, safe, cruelty-free, and vegan. 

The pigmented bright matte eyeshadow palette is perfect for all skin tones, ladies/girls/women’s eye makeup looks. 

It can create casual day makeup, party makeup, back to school makeup, wedding makeup, Halloween makeup, Christmas makeup, New Year makeup, etc. 

And it is also the best gift for wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rich pigment, smooth and creamy texture, and blend very easily
  • Long-lasting and waterproof eyeshadow 
  • Natural colors
  • Adorable outer packaging 

10. KARADIUM Shining Pearl Smudging Eye Shadow Stick

Smudging Eye Shadow Stick
When it comes to product formulation and consistency, this alluring shadow stick incorporates a cream compound to give it a satin-like texture.

It is the twinkle star powder that gave this shadow stick its bling sparkly effect.

This is a shadow stick and is super easy to apply on the eyelids.

Apply by gently smudging with the bullet-shaped smudging tip.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bullet shape smudging tip to give gradation
  • Autotype stick shadow to twist and give easy use
  • Moisture ingredients for sensitive eyes reduced irritations
  • Waterproof effect strong on sweat water

Korean Beauty Products

Korean Beauty Products are the new buzz in the cosmetic world.

They are hugely in demand everywhere the globe since they’re affordable and of excellent quality.

Korean eye shadows emphasize a more shimmering and glistening completion than a flat matte with a super-adorable packaging.

How To Pick Which One Fits For You

The magnificent world is brimming with changed items and it’s generally essential to pick the pieces that work for you.

To streamline eye shadow palettes can be seen as three classes.

The first is the neutrals, the subsequent one being shimmery gathering eye shadows and the third for the once who are not enthusiastic about eye shadows and still need to explore different avenues regarding them.

I realize that you are not an eye shadow darling, but instead, you may very well need to play around your look at times.

Unbiased eye shadows are an unquestionable requirement have in everybody’s vanity.

The obscured bare shades are ideal for any individual who needs to go for that delicate, sentimental look.

Furthermore, for the person who needs to go for a summery yet impartial vibe simultaneously can go for the ideal blend of naked and blush nude pallets.

If you need to go to a semi-formal gathering where you need to turn both glammed upward and descent, you should go for the matte, glossy silk and shimmery shades.

On the off chance that you are the one that wants to have hues on their eyelids, go for a shading assortment eye shadow palette.

Presently only one out of every odd one of you may be an eye shadow sweetheart, however, if you need to mess with your look some of the time.

At that point, you should attempt the negligible eye shadow which has a next to no shading in them yet with an assortment of impartial and bright eye shadows.

How To Buy The Best Eyeshadow

Perhaps the most significant trouble we face is that we don’t know what hues would look decent on us and in what kind of circumstances can we utilize certain shades.

Choosing The Right Shade As Per Your Eye Complexion

One of the first things you should consider while choosing an eyeshadow palette is that kind of shades would complement your specific eye shading.

Colors For Dark Brown Eyes

Relatively few individuals value their earthy colored eyes.

Yet, they’re a standout amongst other eye hues to have when you’re choosing eyeshadow since practically all shades will look pleasant on them. 

While everything looks incredible, shades such as timberland green, forest green, deep navy, profound naval force blue, and block red look especially astounding on earthy colored eyes.

Colors For Hazel Or Amber Eyes

If you have hazel or golden eyes, you should concentrate on utilizing shadows, such as burgundy, raisin, mocha, and other profound purple and earthy colored tones as they help draw out the spots in hazel or golden eyes all the more unmistakably.

Colors For Green Eyes

Practically, all shades of purple and pink, such as lilac, lavender, mauve, peach, and so on, work correctly for green eyes. 

Another two hues that genuinely make green eyes look progressively dynamic are shades of orange and red. 

Got Blue Or Grey Eyes?

We never disapprove of splendid hues.

However, to make blue or dim eyes stick out, you should consider utilizing natural earthy colored and red shades, for example, bronze, copper, earthenware, or even wine red.

Consideration For The Undertones Shades

While picking an eyeshadow palette, you should likewise ensure that the primary shades’ suggestions coordinate those of your skin.

A simple method to do this is to either see veins: green veins mean you’re warm, pale blue veins say you’re cold; or understand what kind of gems supplements you the best.

Gold gems imply you have warm connotations, silver methods you have cool match the undertones of the shades to those of your skin.

On the off chance that you have hotter suggestions, warm shades would look incredible on you, and on the off chance that you have relaxed feelings, at that point, cooler tones would look prettier on you.

Pretty much every shading has both warm and cold forms, so pick the ones that coordinate your hints.

Your Feelings Matters

This angle is about inclination since we all have various styles of cosmetics that we like. 

Matte shadows may risk looking flat as they don’t have any light-reflecting particles, yet they add a quality of sophistication to your look. 

Sparkle shadows, then again, are ideal for progressively fun looks, and you can decide to be inconspicuous with pearlescent ones or go all out with sparkle ones.

Understand Your Need & Environment

While picking the palette’s general shading plan, you should consider what kind of setting you need the palette for. 

Various settings require various sorts of shades since they have to coordinate the lighting of the spot, the kind of design you may be going for, and how much time you need to spend doing your eye cosmetics.

Work & Day Essentials

In case you’re searching for a palette that you can use to make eye makeup for work, we recommend going for one with neutral tones. 

These shades are generally simple to utilize, so you don’t need to invest an excessive amount of energy doing your eye cosmetics consistently, and they look extraordinary during daytime settings. 

If you have to some degree strict guidelines in your office, at that point, we prescribe adhering to matte eyeshadows.

However, if you have a more liberated working environment, you should approve of some sparkle as well. 

Unbiased tones are likewise extraordinary for a day by day use as they supplement practically all styles, so you needn’t stress whether they go with your outfit.

Glam Up Nights

The individuals who need a palette they can use to do eye cosmetics for lowlight settings and evenings should search for something with darker shades with shine. 

The explanation smokey eyes are so well known for night cosmetics looks is that they look amazing in low light settings where lighter shades regularly look excessively dull. 

This is particularly valid for matte shadows which are okay if you’re going somewhere with massive lighting but become practically immaterial in inappropriate lowlight settings such as clubs and bars. 

Along these lines, in such cases, we prescribe adhering to gleam shadows as they’ll keep you looking stunning much after the sun goes down. 

Matte & Shimmery Jewel Tones

Both matte and shimmery jewel tones are perfect for festivals and weddings.

Gem tones may appear as though the least demanding hues to wear regular day to day existence, yet they’re ideal for celebrations and festivities. 

Regardless of whether it’s matte ones, sparkly ones, or even metallic ones, gem conditioned eyeshadows look extraordinary in photos and, in actuality. 

Ensure you’re picking a more brilliant shade.

You offset it out with an impartial lipstick and on the off chance that you’re going with something less emotional.

At that point, you have the alternative of wearing more attractive lipstick conceals; pick the look that accommodates your outfit the best.

Reviews Are The Best Guides

While it is tempting to pick palettes with the most number of shades, we would encourage you to choose quality over amount. 

Check what the surveys state about the nature of the item as far as how pigmented the shadows are, to what extent enduring they are, and how much drops out there is. 

Moreover, to get your cash’s worth, you should consider the palette an entire instead of getting it for two or three shades that you genuinely love.

If you need a couple of shades, get them independently, yet in case you’re purchasing a palette, pick one where you like in any event 70% of the shadows and consider how well they work with one another.


If you need to take a palette with you while you’re voyaging, consider picking one that accompanies a mirror. 

It would spare you the problem of pressing a different mirror in your bag and make it simpler for you to do eye cosmetics while you’re in a hurry.


Darker looking individuals frequently get told that they can’t pull off a lot of hues, so they should adhere to neutrals.

Our recommendation is to overlook such individuals and test with all the various hues you like. 

Your skin tone isn’t what makes a difference, your hints are, so pick hues that work for your undercurrents and wear them with no dread. 

The main issue that darker skin tones may have would be the pigmentation of the shadows; not all shadows are pigmented enough.

You may need to apply a few swipes of it to accomplish a better than average degree of dynamic quality.

Other than that, there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from fiddling with hues. 

Quality Over Quantity 

Frequently you’ll go over eye palettes that offer you at least fifty-two shadows in a single palette.

However, have positively no pigmentation. 

While purchasing the palette, remember your character and tastes. 

On the off chance that you are a young lady who has never been seen going for wild or trial dress or cosmetics before, the odds are that it will reflect in your decision of eyeshadow also.

Pick an eye palette with very much pigmented hues that go with your skin tone, just as the character, and that will guarantee that your eye palette is a decent buy.

For Beginners

If you need a versatile palette that will practically go with the entirety of your outfits, you should choose a naked eye palette. 

As a learner, it is likewise the best palette to begin figuring out how to function with your eyes. 

With a naked palette, you can comprehend the fundamental contrast in the hues that should be applied to the wrinkle or the outer v just as the eyelid and temple bone. 

Additionally, If you are a cosmetics novice, you should search for palettes that accompany adorable, helpful outlines and a guide that shows the use and use of different hues. 

Such diagrams assist you in using all the hues and improve your cosmetics aptitudes as well.

Use A Setting Spray-On Brush

If you end up attempting to accomplish enough shading results from a palette, instead of only applying a few layers of the shadow, you should utilize some setting splash on your brush. 

This would help hose the fibers a piece that would pack on more shadow and increase the shading on the cover.

Final Thoughts

Eyeshadow palettes may seem intimidating at first, yet they can be very amusing to play with when you figure out how to utilize them appropriately. 

Eyeshadow palettes can be complicated to pick and a significant number of us wind up going through hours attempting to choose the correct one. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel more inclined and confident to invest in the perfect palette for yourself. You won’t have to wonder how you should go about the selection process.

We likewise trust that our rundown of suggestions helped you get to know what kind of Korean eyeshadows are available and you had the option to locate the ideal one for yourself.

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