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About The Beauty Sensation

Hi there!

My name is Skye Rhodes and I’m the founder of The Beauty Sensation.

Like most teenage girls, we get involved in the world of makeup and beauty around the age of thirteen. From there, we continue improving our routine in order to get the best look and best care for our skin and other parts of our body.

However, I decided to take it to the next level. I quickly became a beauty fanatic (or queen if you must) and decided to further my expertise in makeup and other similar products.

I branched out to skincare, haircare, nails, eyeliner, mascara and basically anything you can think of in the world of beauty.

Whatever the reason, I just know that it’s my passion.

And that’s my goal with my blog – to share this passion with you!

I hope that I can at least bring some great information, tips or product information to those looking to dive into the beauty world or improve their routine.

In short, I love talking about how to make yourself look good as well as personal care.

So if you have any question or just want to reach out to me and talk about makeup, feel free to contact me.