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10 Best 32 Piece Makeup Brush Sets & Their Reviews For 2021

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Are you wondering what’s the best 32 piece makeup brush set is in the market?

Then read on to discover the best makeup brushes you can buy from Amazon.

Zealous beauty fans, both amateurs, and professionals are regularly using them.

All these sets guarantee flawless application.

Here we explore your favorite unique 32 piece makeup brush set.

They all guarantee you 100% money back when you find the product you requested isn’t the exact one you want.

These products will offer you the best eye set, face set, and vegan.



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10 Best 32 Piece Makeup Brush Sets Reviewed

Let’s splurge into each of these sets and see which one will up your makeup game and have your highlighter looking lit.

1. VANDER LIFE 32 Piece Premium Cosmetic Make Up Brush Set

32pcs Premium Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set for Foundation Blending Blush Concealer Eye Shadow,...

This is a beautiful makeup brush for those looking for foundation blending with very soft synthetic fiber bristles black in color.

It comes with a luxurious portable travel bag also used for storage.

The bristles don’t hurt the skin in any way, and they are very proper for sensitive skin.

The set provides an excellent finish with either cream, liquid, or powder foundation.

The bristles are very soft and relatively dense, thus entirely usable.

Even if you have hard use and multiple washes, the bristles don’t get loose.

They have a mark of durability.

The product has long handles that are comfortable to work with and they feel sturdy.

When using it, the handles never wiggle inside the metal ferrule since they’re firmly attached.

It’s a well-rounded set since it has multiple pieces and duplicates.

Whenever you want a lovely bunch of usable and durable sets for a teenager or a makeup novice or want a beautiful set to work with, Vander Life is a perfect choice.

The set has a one year warranty.

This means that once you have purchased it and it doesn’t work for you, you can return it and are sure all your money will be refunded.

Remember to wash it with vinegar followed by a shampoo and warm water to remove the smell that comes with it when it’s new.

Then allow it to dry in the natural air.

Pros & Benefits:

  • No shedding especially with the brushes
  • Descent bristles which are fairly soft and not scratchy
  • It has great packaging
  • It has light handles

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2. LOGIVERL 32 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brushes Set, Logiverl 32 Pieces Makeup Brush Set Premium Synthetic Foundation Powder...

Are you looking for a high-quality makeup set that is dense and durable?

Then grasp Logiverl 32 piece makeup brush set.

It’s softer than other regular bristles in the market.

In the Logiverl new package, you will find 32 pieces of makeup brushes, a gorgeous travel and storage case, and a gift box.

Hence this makeup set is ideal for offering someone as a Christmas gift!

The brush has a high-quality ferrule with a wooden handle which gives you control of the grip when using it.

Hence you won’t find it loose and irritating when in use.

The Logiverl 32 Piece Makeup Brushes Have The Following Items

  • 1 Big fan brush
  • 2 Angled eye shadow brush
  • 1 Large foundation brush
  • 3 Nose shading brush
  • 1 Blush brush
  • 1 Angled eyebrow brush
  • 1 Foundation brush
  • 1 Eyeliner brush
  • 1 Powder brush
  • 2 Lip brush
  • 1 Angled brush
  • 1 Small round shadow brush
  • 1 Mini fan brush
  • 1 Mini eyeshadow brush
  • 1 Eyebrow lash brush
  • 1 Medium eyeshadow brush
  • 1 Eyelash brush
  • 5 Eye shadow brush
  • 2 Eyeshadow sponge
  • 1 Large eyeshadow brush and
  • 1 Concealer brush

Opening the Logiverl set for the first time may have a characteristic smell.

To get rid of the smell, use the following steps to wash it.

First, run the brush bristles under warm water, use shampoo solution, and a light lather to clean, then carry out a thorough rinsing with clean water then leave the brush to dry.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes are highly durable
  • The bristles are very soft to the skin
  • It comes with a gift box
  • The set is superb for eye makeup
  • It comes along with a free travel-friendly case

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3. YAVAY 32 Piece Master Makeup Brush Set

YAVAY 32PCS MASTER MAKEUP BRUSHES Premium Makeup brush set Soft Taklon Goat Hair Professional Makeup...

Do you need a beautiful, sturdy makeup brush set?

YAVAY brushes are wonderfully made and soft when it comes to the application of the foundation.

This is a premium makeup brush set meant for professional makeup artists.

It’s a soft Taklon Goat hair tool kit for a propitious makeup.

The 32 different brushes wrapped in a YAVAY portable foldable casing which is stylish and attractive.

Now carrying the makeup tools is no longer a problem.

The kit weighs 1.45 pounds and it’s manufactured in Shenzhen E-commerce in China.

The brushes are of a wooden handle and animal hair, thus easy to handle and pick the powder.

In case you’re looking for professional brushes, then try YAVAY makeup brushes.

It’s sporadic to find brushes that are as great and soft as these.

These brushes will do an excellent job for you.

The brushes are from synthetic black hair well designed for liquid makeup, and thus, they greatly help save makeup.

Some brushes are also made of white hair, a mix of animal hairs explicitly designed for powder makeup.

The Set Has The Following Features

A makeup brush kit, professional makeup brushes, artist makeup brushes, and 32 piece makeup brushes.

They are handmade brushes, and their hair quality is phenomenal.

Finally, the brushes are easy to clean.

It’s advisable to use warm water and shampoo when cleaning, rinse them, and leave them to dry in the natural air.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes are of high quality made from animal hair
  • Comes with 32 brushes for all makeup requirements
  • Very soft blending brush
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • The brushes have a great design

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4. YUWAKU Professional 32 Piece Makeup Brush

Makeup Brushes 32pcs, Yuwaku Professional Makeup Brush Set, Kabuki Face Eyes Shadow Eyeliner...

YUWAKU is a super cute face and eyes shadow eyeliner.

It gives a foundation blush and it’s a blender for lip powder liquid cream.

It comes in an adorable nylon carrying portable case.

The case easily rolls out and the brushes have enough space and fit in well.

Inside The Pack

  • 8 Contour brushes
  • 4 Concealer brushes
  • 4 Eyeshadow brushes
  • 3 Small round shadow brushes
  • 3 Sponge eyeshadow brushes
  • 1 Powered brush
  • 1 Lip brush
  • 1 Eyebrow brush
  • 1 Foundation brush
  • 1 Large size fan brush
  • 1 Small size fan brush
  • 1 Lash brush

For the brushes, their bristles are all high density and soft.

They are nylon and they never shed quickly like other cheaper brushes in the market.

Unlike other similar products, Yuwaku makeup brush is odorless and harmless to the skin.

This product is easy to stick to the powder and cleans up quickly after use.

The Yuwaku makeup brush is quite affordable with a fantastic design.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to color.

Yuwaku brushes come in five different colors.

These colors range from blue, purple, pink, black, and brown.

Both the eye shadow and foundational brushes are incredibly soft and smooth to use.

They blend colors beautifully.

Also, they are lightweight hence easy to use.

They come individually wrapped in a single pocket hence very fine, neat, and clean.

They are quite affordable and the brushes are also easy to clean and dry.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes are very soft and light
  • It’s a perfect set for beginners
  • The bristles are very flexible for a great contouring
  • Differently shaped and sized brushes
  • They have amazing designs

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5. DAXSTAR Makeup Brushes 32 Pieces

Daxstar Makeup Brushes 32pcs, Premium Pink Brush Set for Full Make-up Blush Concealer Highlight...

Daxstar is a premium brush set that comes packed in a beautiful portable case.

All the 32 makeup brushes in this set play a different role in a specific part of the whole facial complexion.

They have ample brushes that come in different shapes and sizes.

It’s an elegant, luxurious and polished product indeed.

It makes an implausible count for anyone obsessed with beauty and good looks.

The product is of high quality especially considering its market price.

Inside The Daxstar Makeup Set, You Will Find The Following

  • Lip brushes
  • Highlighter
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Foundation

The bristles made of synthetic are very soft and dense.

Like any other high-quality makeup brushes, Daxstar brushes don’t shed and they don’t irritate the skin.

This makes them appropriate for sensitive skin.

They are durable and suitable for both makeup novices and beauty fans.

The instructions on how to use this product are well stipulated on the package.

Once you have purchased this product, first clean it by running brushes under warm water.

Then apply shampoo after which you rinse them with clean water.

Use a clean towel or tissue paper to dry the bristles.

Remember to wash them often after every two or three weeks.

Then dry them in the air.

This product comes with a one year warranty.

In case you buy this product, but unfortunately, it doesn’t please you, you should never be worried.

You will surely receive your money back 100%.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes are pretty soft
  • They are individually packed to protect the handles
  • Suitable for both beginners and Pros
  • Easy to carry
  • They are durable and don’t shed

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6. DRQ Makeup Brushes 32 Piece Professional Cosmetics

DRQ Makeup Brushes,32 Pieces Professional Cosmetics Make up Brush Set With Case

DRQ kit offers a decent premium quality makeup brushes for both beauty novices and makeup experts and artists.

It comes wrapped in a lovely pouch used both for storage and travel purposes.

Hence moving around with your makeup tools won’t be difficult anymore.

Inside the package, you will find an eyebrow comb brush.

The comb perfects lashes once you’re done with applying mascara while the brush part is used for the brows after applying the gel.

All the brushes have a mixture of synthetic and natural hair and they are entirely soft and feel good on the skin.

The Package Also Has The Following Items

  • Lip brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Sponge eyeshadow brush
  • Eyelash comb brush
  • Extra brush
  • Lip liner brush
  • Specifications eyeshadow brush
  • Concealer brush angle
  • Powder brush

It also has soft and smooth, silky hair brushes.

The bristles on the brushes never fall off easily and they are all labeled on the wooden handle.

Run the brushes under warm water to clean them.

Then apply a mild shampoo on them and afterward rinse them thoroughly with clean water till there is no more color leaving the brushes.

Then dry them in the natural air.

These brushes are meant for artists and amateur beauty fans.

The package comes with a one year warranty with a quick to respond to customer care service.

Hence when you buy it and find it inappropriate in any way, you can return and have your money refunded back 100%.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes have high-quality bristles
  • It comes with a 12 – month warranty
  • It’s of premium quality
  • They are soft to the skin hence a smooth makeup application
  • Value for money

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


USpicy 32 piece is a premium synthetic professional makeup brush set meant for cosmetic professionals.

It also comes in handy for people beginning to try makeup art.

The 32 piece set is mostly used for powder and fan and very useful for everyday use.

The set contains the face and concealer brushes for your use as you wish.

Each brush has a protector and a plastic sleeve good to keep.

They are actually brushed for all your needs.

They blend effortlessly and pick up and apply makeup very easily.

Their bristles don’t have any fallout.

They are awesome!

The makeup set comes in a package of different sizes and they are so fluffy.

Many people see it online as hand-sized, but in reality, it’s much bigger than that hence quite impressive.

The USpicy set looks so cute on a dresser.

The brush is soft and of high quality and they neither have an odor nor feel cheap.

They are of good value and clean up nicely and feel soft on the face.

The USpicy 32 premium set is long-lasting and they never fall apart or shed off; hence its quality is high.

The set comes in a beautiful roll-up pouch which makes one easy to travel with.

The pouch is black with a patent leather wrap which is excellent, shiny, and satisfying.

This makeup set is easy to wash and dry in the air.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They are very soft and smooth on the face
  • They don’t leave any residue on your face like cheaper brands in the market
  • They don’t shed at all
  • They have dense bristles
  • They have long handled hence easy to hold

8. SOLVE 32 Piece Professional Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brush Set, SOLVE 32 Pieces Professional Makeup Brushes Wooden Handle Cosmetics Brushes...

SOLVE 32 piece makeup brush is splendid for all varieties of cosmetics.

It’s ideal for all creams, powders, and liquids.

Whether you’re a learner or a professional, this set of brushes will be the right choice.

They come in a plastic box.

The product comes with a wooden handle that is durable and has an excellent grip.

All its brushes in the set are well labeled for proper use.

They are ideal for blending, applying, and even shading products.

The SOLVE’s makeup product has a one year warranty.

In case you find it faulty, you’re sure 100% that you will get a refund.

The makeup brushes are of good quality and come in a regular size hence very ideal to use and travel with.

The set covers all sizes and shapes of brushes.

They are very right to carve and sculpt the face giving it a flawless dimension.

Once you buy the solve piece, you’re assured to meet all your makeup needs.

The bristles are fluffy, soft, yet very firm to hold the makeup.

The brushes feel excellent and sturdy and are also useful for doing a cut crease look.

Their eye shadow bridges are perfect and the powder brush and fan are smooth making them quite ideal and soft on the skin.

The pieces in the set are easy to clean and fit so well in their shape inside the pouch.

While cleaning them, make sure you use warm running water.

It’s advisable to use shampoo and remember to rinse them thoroughly with running water and let them dry in the natural air.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The Solve 32 piece set doesn’t shed at all
  • They are very soft and perfect for the skin
  • The pieces are dense and hence makes it quite effective while applying the makeup

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

9. VANDER 32 Piece Professional Soft Synthetic Kabuki Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

Make up Brushes, VANDER Professional 32pcs Makeup Brush Set, Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Blending...

Get to grips with makeup techniques with Vander 32 piece professional makeup brush kit.

The set made of extremely soft and swish brushes perfected for charming makeup.

The brushes are tender on the skin and very safe and harmless.

The brushes are from extraordinary hypoallergenic fiber which is of high quality.

They give a spotless makeup result every time they use them.

Each and every single brush is made of a tough wooden handle for a strong grip when applying the makeup.

It’s very stunning and elegant hence easily portable.

This set of makeup has the following features:

First, it’s of high quality, the material used to make the brushes is from fiber batt and it has a wooden handle.

The product has a weight of 232 grams.

The Whole Case Includes

  • 1 Lip brush
  • 1 Eyelash comb brush
  • Specifications blush or powder brush
  • 2 Eyeliner brush
  • 14 Specification eye shadow brush
  • 1 Eyebrow comb brush
  • 3 Concealer brush angle
  • 1 Lip liner brush
  • 1 Eyebrow brush
  • 1 Sponge eyeshadow brush

All these tools come wrapped in an endearing portable case that is effortlessly portable hence easy to travel with.

This rolling back will definitely help you keep the brushes well-organized.

It’s a pretty kit, especially for beginners.

It enables perfect contouring and blending when doing the makeup.

The brushes are of high quality synthetic.

The soft bristles make one have an awesome feel on the skin.

The brushes are fairly dense and have an attractive shape.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes don’t shed easily
  • The brushes are of high quality
  • The set comes with a neat travel-friendly casing
  • The brushes are easy to clean and dry

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. 32 Piece Blue Premium Cosmetic Make Up Brushes Set

Makeup Brushes Set, 32pcs Blue Premium Cosmetic Make Up Brushes Foundation Blending Blush Concealer...

These are awesome made makeup brushes for people who look for high-density soft bristles.

They are nylon and never shed, neither do they have any odor.

They are easy to work with especially when it comes to sticking powder and cleaning.

They are very soft to the skin.

The handle has a strong grip since it’s made of Theaceae wood and the joint between the handle and the brush is from aluminum.

A whole package of blue cosmetic makeup sets comes with a nylon carrying and storage case which rolls up easily.

The brushes have protective caps to prevent the bristles from wearing.

The Whole Set Also Has The Following

  • 8 Angled contouring brushes for replacement
  • 1 Small fan brush
  • 4 Concealer brush
  • 1 Large fan brush
  • 3 Small round shadow brush
  • 1 Foundation brush
  • 3 Sponge eyeshadow brush
  • 1 Eyebrow brush
  • 2 Eyeliner brush
  • 1 Lip brush
  • 1 Nose shading brush
  • 1 Angle powered brush

If you’re a person who wants more makeup brushes for eyes then this will be the best choice for you.

It will actually meet all varieties of eye makeup.

The set comes with more than 10 pieces of eye makeup brushes.

This includes both eye shadows and eye lines.

The pieces in the set are so easy to clean.

When cleaning them make sure you use warm running water.

Use shampoo and remember to rinse them thoroughly with running water and let them dry in the natural open air.

At least wash the bristles once every three weeks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The set has very soft brushes hence they can’t hurt the skin
  • There is shedding of bristles
  • The brushes are odor-free
  • It’s easy to stick powder on the bristles
  • Easy to clean and dry

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Final Thoughts

We have noticed in this masterpiece that makeup brushes do a vital starring role for impeccable and particular applications.

Whenever you are longing for a specific appearance, you must find and hold the right brush that you need.

We have analyzed the 10 best 32 piece makeup brush set and their diverse characteristics.

This is enough to help you pick the finest brush set that comes with all the makeup you need.

This single article gives you all the information you need to consider to select your best 32-piece makeup brush set to give you that glow that you crave for.

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