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Deadpool Makeup Tutorial: 10-Step Definitive Guide

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Skye Rhodes

Deadpool makeup is from a marvel character who wears a suit and masks to cover up scars after a battle with cancer.

At first, the black and red suit Deadpool costume was popular but a blue, yellow, and grey suit has also appeared in comic books.

This makes it an ideal look for Halloween or just for fun especially pranks.


Deadpool Makeup Tutorial

As an admirer of Deadpool makeup, if you are wondering where to start painting and how to look exactly like Deadpool, then this is for you.

The steps to perfecting the Deadpool look are outlined in the text below.

Step 1: Tool kit

Before you begin the process of applying the makeup you need to ensure that you have all the items in place.

You should have a checklist and a toolkit where to hold the tools as you go on to paint.

With a tool kit in place, it will be easy to clean up later.

There is less confusion when there is a tool kit hence the perfection and concentration during the process.

Items required

  • Face paint; red, white cream, metallic, and black
  • Brushes; a flat one for the base and a small one for the details
  • Mirror
  • A picture of Deadpool for reference
  • Gelatin
  • Latex or glue
  • Two tablespoons of the flour
  • Translucent face powder
  • White eyeliner
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Sponge
  • Colored face powder
  • oil for hair protection
  • Bald cap
  • Water

Now that we have all the items required, it’s time to begin the process using the following steps.

Step 2: Masking up

First of all, wash your face to get rid of any previous makeup on the face.

Next, apply some oil cold cream and fix your hair to avoid messing it up with the paints.

To create the Deadpool mask you will use a latex bald cap to cover up your hair through to your ears.

Ensure that all the hair especially around the edges is covered to avoid breakage later on.

You can apply some solid oil such as Vaseline on the hair around the edges to protect it.

Next, trim the excess latex and ensure that it fits firmly to avoid creases.

Fix the bald using liquid latex applied at the edges of the face.

The edge has to look flawless so apply a little more latex.

To thicken it, use some flour and mix with latex.

The cream is applied two or three times just to blend in.

One should clear up the excess so that there is a smooth transition from the cap to the face.

Because latex dries up quickly, apply some translucent powder.

One can also use makeup glues and follow up with a layer of liquid latex.

For the lady, Deadpool looks, one will have to cover up the hair while leaving a space for the ponytail.

Roll the ponytail in a bun and cover it with plastic paper to protect it from paint.

Step 3: Outline

All the perfect forms of art begin with a sketch.

It’s a roadmap to the outcome that is the perfect replica of Deadpool.

A perfect outline makes it easier to paint.

It also clearly shows which part you can start with because the larger parts and those with straight edges are easier to start with.

One can also use a specific shade to outline the parts that take black and red differently.

Outlining also makes the draft of the bodysuit and mask; in case it doesn’t look like the picture then it means you have to start over.

In other words, outlining measures whether the painting is going to be perfect, so it’s key or rather the blueprint.

Use white eyeliner to sketch the edges of the mask.

To create the right shapes use the reference photo of the Marvel character.

Outline the eye shape by drawing two diagonal lines on top of the eyes, map out two diamond shapes on both ends, and connect the dots later.

Map out the bodysuit using the picture as a reference.

Using the white eyeliner, sketch the sleeve lines, the neckline, the harness, the buckle line, and the lower arms.

You can also use different shades of color for sketching depending on your skin tone and preference.

Step 4: Scarification

The scars can be all covered up or exposed, but if you want to have the scars there is a way to achieve the scarred face look.

There are different ways to do this, depending on the materials available.

This is the process of creating the scars, which Deadpool covers up with the mask.

One chooses whichever part of the painting they will like to have the scars.

The scars mostly cover below the mask on the neck.

Creating third-degree scars requires one to have a brush, red powder or cream, make-up brushes, and gelatin.

The red powder or cream should look like blood.

Note that gelatin leaves a burning sensation for people with sensitive skin.

Apply the red cream sparingly as the first layer.

Using a brush, apply gelatin on the lower part of your face just below the nose as highlighted apply sparingly but the scars should take a three-dimensional image.

Apply in many layers for depth.

When the gelatin is set, top up the layer and give it the desired look and apply the red cream again.

Now, use the sponge to make it look like flesh and give a blood tone.

Apply foundation, which matches your skin tone.

To fix this look firmly, the final layer would be some powder, to set it.

Apply some liquid latex over it and some pinkish color to highlight it.

Powder it again to fix it.

The lady Deadpool may leave out this part and choose to apply just the normal makeup.

One can also skip the scars part and choose to paint the full mask on the face.

In case one does not want to scar the area they can just paint the lower part red.

Scarification with no gelatin

With no gelatin, third-degree creams are used to create the burn effects for the Deadpool look.

The creams are in different jars so you have to mix them equally on a board before applying.

Start with the edges of the mouth as you go along the jawline to the neck in patches.

The patches are high and low, so apply the foundation that matches your skin tone on top.

Get blood-like cream and apply it sparingly, highlighting the high patches, the patch should have flesh-like look.

Step 5: Painting the mask

The black and red paint creates the Deadpool mask.

One may use alcohol paints or colored makeup creams especially when one is not familiar with the latter.

Water-based paints are the best because they are affordable and easy to wash.

Snazaroo face paint is commonly used.

Using a flat brush, paint the parts red as in the picture as using a flat brush makes it easy and fast.

It’s always good to start with the red paint because it’s hard to get rid of the black paint once applied.

Paint the red parts of the mask up to the head using a flat brush.

Paint the eye shape using black paint; make it easy to paint by drawing up a road map using dots to match up later at the lower part of the eye shape using a small brush.

Just a clue, the eye shape should look like a diamond so the edges are clear.

To highlight the back around the inner eyes, one could use black eyeshadow to paint it to the eyelids.

Using a black eye shadow, draw up the lines, all the way to the top of the head.

Around the eyelids, use your hands to apply eye shadow to leave it looking dirty to complement the Deadpool look.

The edges of the black and red bases should be highlighted and blend the two areas.

Use black paint to highlight the edges of the mask.

If the bald cap didn’t cover the ears the ears should be in black paint.

Paint the back of the mask too using red paint, this might be difficult when working alone.

Step 6: Painting the Bodysuit

The front chest is painted red while the upper arms and the shoulders are black.

As usual, start with the parts that need to be red.

Move to the black areas starting with the larger bases before going to the harness and the sides of the chest.

The paints should neither be watery nor too thick to avoid dripping and the paint looking patchy respectively.

Take up the red paint and paint the front chest following the highlights done earlier.

Paint the arms with lots of black layers to give them a good pigmentation.

Leave out the harness because it could be painted with a different color for lady Deadpool.

The harness is the belt used to hang the swords.

Paint a black collar on the neck.

The lower arms take the red colored paint.

On the red part, use black paint to create the two lines that look like a zip line and the diagonal lines just to create an image of lady Deadpool’s outfit.

Step 7: Painting the arms and the outfit lines

Paint the upper arms black and the lower arms red, while the wrist also has a two-inch-thick black line round.

Draw up the black lines like it’s on the outfit using black eyeshadow.

The hand is painted black with the little white shades to give it the gloves look.

On the outfit, there are some stitches on the shoulder patches, the chest, and the facemask.

Paint the shoulder edges with white paint sparingly to create dots that look like stitches.

Around the neck and the chest, draw some small lines to look like stitches.

Highlight the body patches by painting their edges with white paint.

Step 8: Creating the harness and buckles

On the bodysuit, the painting should look realistic.

To achieve this, you will want to paint the smallest details like the harness and the buckles.

Draw two asymmetrical lines along the red paint on both sides running up to the shoulder.

The harness needs to be outstanding so you could use a different color tone of black such as a dark gray color.

To mimic the stitches of the harness, you can use white paint around the harness to make it look like it’s the actual suit.

The lines make up the harness and the harness should be of the right size and shape.

Paint inside the two lines with black paint or grey paint depending on which Deadpool you want to create.

The buckles are the metallic-like parts in the outfit.

Use metallic paint or white cream paint to draw a line on the harness.

A three-dimension image will have the lines slightly beyond the harness border and a dot in the middle of the line for a bump.

Using the white eyeliner, paint the collar sparingly to give it a grey look of the neck chain.

Use metallic paint to also paint the metals on the black patches on either side of the chest.

For lady Deadpool, the harness is brown and it runs on both sides of the bodysuit.

Step 9: Final Highlights

The final highlighting makes your work look sharp and perfect.

Some parts that appear elevated in the picture are the parts that you should highlight.

Along the edges of the body paint, there are highlights to mark the edges.

Using a small brush, apply the black paint along the edges of the mask.

With the same brush, highlight the edges of the bodysuit, that is, the harness, the front chest, the collar, and the buckle.

Draw the lines running from the corners of the eye shape to the top of the head and the bottom edge of the mask.

Use white eyeliner in the lower eyelids to bring out the pop of Deadpool’s sparkly eyes.

Highlighting ensures that the red and black colors blend well on the edges.

Highlights apply whenever there is some shade.

To highlight the eye shapes, use a white color to highlight the diamond shape on top of the eyes and sparingly on the lower sides.

To make the sparkle white eyes, cover with white contact lenses.

Use white eye shadow to contour the bodysuit.

Highlight the edges of the mask with black color.

To highlight the black areas such as arms, armpits, and hands, use black eye shadow.

With the lady Deadpool looks, you will need to highlight the cleavage and the bust.

Step 10: Shading

Deadpool’s outfit normally looks a little dirty and this look is achieved through shading.

This is an essential part of the perfect makeup.

Shading makes the work realistic as it emphasizes the intended tone.

The work achieves three-dimensionality through shading.

It convinces the viewer that what they are seeing is real.

In this paint, shading will help you create the shadows required, be keen on where the shadow appears in your picture reference.

Shade the highlights and shadows using your fingertips, or pencils.

Apply some black paint on the top of the eye shape painted red and rub it with your hands.

Shade around Lady Deadpool’s boobs for a three-dimensional look.

The shading around the eyes you apply using white cream paint to bring out the brilliant white eyes.

Around the harness, create a shadow at its lower part.

To create the shadows, use grey paint, the shadow appears on the shoulders and through the neck.

Shade the black parts with black eye shadow except for the eye shape.

Shade the top of the mask with some black paint to make it look dirty.

This signifies that you’re finally done with your Deadpool makeup.

General Tips

1. While the procedure might seem short, the process takes a minimum of 3 hours for a beginner so you must be ready.

2. The process needs time and energy.

3. Mistakes are common so it’s good to be open-minded to avoid stress and frustration.

4. Watch your eyes and lips, these are sensitive parts of your body so it’s good to be careful.

5. If possible, get someone to work with.

6. Be steady in case you are working alone to avoid creating a mess.

7. Remember that the paint is all about practice and it makes perfect, the best paints therefore will take lots of practice.

8. In this case, one has to practice drawing, painting, shading, and creating contours.

9. It’s best to practice on boards before doing it on your body.

10. The painting also takes a lot of time in the shower to wear off so you have to be prepared.

11. To prepare for perfect sketching, you have to practice drawing different lines, diagonal asymmetrical, and come up with different shapes.

12. It takes an artist to come up with the perfect look, so this tests the artistic side of you.

13. Also, one has to ensure that they can afford all the tools and they are locally available.

14. If you have sensitive skin also, it’s good to go for the less reactive paints, choose the best for your skin.

15. Avoid toxic paints especially acrylic and crafts.

16. If your skin is cracked, has rashes or wounds then you should not paint.

17. To add more to the look, you can apply some lipstick either black or red for the lady Deadpool look.

18. For beginners, the right look may take time to get so it needs patience.

19. Also, one should do a lot of research before getting it right.

20. Sponge is always the best tool for beginners especially if you are painting a large base.

21. There are different paints for kids because their skin is usually sensitive when compared to adult skin.

22. You should also have kits for removing the paint from your body too.

23. Always visualize yourself as Deadpool as you paint, this way the mind and the hands will collaborate to create a smooth look.

24. Ensure that a layer is dry before applying another color.

Types of Paints

Some paints are oil-based, water-based, powder, liquid, or alcohol.

The list below shows the top-rated paints.

1. Water-based paints

  • Mehron face paint
  • Snazaroo classic face paint
  • Graftobian face paint
  • Tag face paint
  • Artiparty face paint kit

2. Oil-based paint

  • Ccbeauty professional face paint

How to Remove the Paint From Your Face

To remove the paints, simply follow the following procedure.

  1. Wash the face using warm water and face soap.
  2. Use a cotton pad to apply oil mostly olive oil on the stains and rub.
  3. Use makeup remover to remove the stains on the wedges such as around the eyebrows, eyelids, ears, and hairline.

Why Deadpool?

You should try the Deadpool look because it’s the most creative look.

  1. The look needs locally available paints which are also affordable.
  2. Most people especially kids consider Deadpool a hero.
  3. It’s the most recent in the comic world.
  4. The look exhibits different ways like having the scars on the chest, side face, lower face, and shoulders.
  5. The movie behind the look is popular.
  6. The look is also amazing.
  7. If you master it, you could be a professional artist.

Final Thoughts

As a comic enthusiast, you can paint this on your special occasion.

Following this guide, this Deadpool makeup look should be perfect as in, smooth, blended, and should look like the picture.

You can then go to that Halloween event and prank your friends.

You can as well use cardboard to create swords and pin them on your back and if you’re recreating the lady Deadpool look, then it’s time to let go of the ponytail.

When the process is over, ensure you clean up the full workspace as it’s surely going to be messy.

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