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10 Best Abstract Makeup Products & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

We all are very familiar with the girl’s obsession with makeup and experimentations with them, right? – Release your inner artist using the best abstract makeup products.

Makeup that is abstract is similar to the abstract painting that depicts something and sometimes conveys a story.

You are always free to take your interest and artistic skills to a professional level.

As abstract paintings are made with the use of different paints and colors, abstract makeup is done with the use of certain colors.

Don’t worry they are different from the colors that are used for painting on sheets and walls, they are made only for makeup and using them on your body.



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10 Best Abstract Makeup Products Reviewed

Let’s discover some of the best abstract makeup products and decide what suits you the most.

Below we’ve included their pros and benefits along with a product description.

1. Mermaid Face Painting Kits

Mermaid Face Painting Kits,12 Flash Colors Face Body Paint Kits Oil Painting Makeup Palette Art...

Let’s start with the Mermaid’s face painting kit which comes with 12 colors face body paint and is just under thirteen dollars.

It is suitable for any type of artistic makeup or special effects coloring, be it for children’s fancy dress competitions, house parties, Halloween carnivals, or fiesta.

Not only you can use these available colors but also you can make a new shade of your own, by simply mixing any two or three colors.

Mermaid Face Painting can be easily washed off with olive oil or professionally removed with the help of waterproof makeup remover.

The Ingredients that are used in this product are beeswax, mineral wax, hash oil, toner powder titanium pigment, mica powder.

Mermaid says that all of their ingredients were laboratory-tested and safe for most skin types.

And are also hypoallergenic, non-toxic, very safe.

This item is manufactured with premium material without skin sensitivity problems.

This is best suited for those who are a little impatient because it dries fast and stays on the face for hours.

These colors are also vibrant and it also doesn’t leave any strain or any other irritation on the face.

If the fear of getting burnt or allergies is keeping you away from experimenting with and buying these products then don’t worry just buy them and use them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Very easy to remove
  • Easy to carry
  • Dries very fast and long-lasting

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Moving on to the next product on our list is ‘Beauty glazed rainbow colors fusion’ which is specially designed for eye makeup and is available for just under fourteen dollars.

This is perfectly suitable for you if you don’t want to color your whole face at the party.

And you love being simple.

This comes with 39 shades of color, 7 shimmers + 32 matte colors.

If you want to join the Halloween party, night party, or club party and you don’t want to do the whole face makeup but still want to look classy by just coloring your eyes, I would recommend this to you.

The powder doesn’t fly.

These colors are long-lasting and are not easy to drop.

It can long last all day, gives you comfortable using experience and keep your perfect eyeshadow makeup for a long time.

Beauty glazed says that the colors are hypoallergic, skin-friendly, and cruelty-free.

It can also be used as a highlight shade and can be used on top lips and face.

Just go with this product if you want to look classy and simple at the same time, don’t think twice if you like to keep it simple.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Great palette for a lower price
  • Rich color and blendebility
  • A large number of shades available

3. Face Paint Kit Kryvaline Professional 12 Large Square Color

Halloween Face Paint for Adults and Kids Kryvaline Professional Water Activated with Large Body Art...

The Kryveline face paint kit is suitable for those who want to experiment with their artistic skills a little further, which is available for under forty dollars.

It comes with 12 colors, a flat brush, round brush PET stencils.

You can use the stencils to create several designs not only on your face but also on your arms or legs.

The stencils are reusable, which means you can create designs using them and then wash them and use them again to design something else.

They are safe for children as well.

They claim that Kryvaline paint has been used and favored by many professional faces and body painters all over the world including the World Body Painting Champion in two consecutive years.

Lucie Brouillard, famous face painting artist Lisa Joy Young and award-winning face and body artist Amanda Tozser.

The paint containers are removable which means you can assemble the paints and create your split cake.

It is also very easy to remove, liquid soap would be a better idea.

You can also rinse it with warm water, use baby oil or any other oil or you can simply wipe it with wet wipes.

You can create One Stroke Rose, Leaves, and Ribbons, Double Loaded White Blue Flowers, and Triple Loaded Sponge Rainbow Base.

This is suitable for those who are amateur and still want to design the best shape and this is possible with the help of stencils.

You can always make the best design without messing up at all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable, flexible PET stencils
  • Can paint 100-120 faces depending on the size of the designs
  • Comes with professional face painting brushes
  • Safe for children
  • Number of designs can be made

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4. Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ

Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ 8 Color Basic Palette | Magnetic Refillable Body Paint & Face Paint...

This compact easy to use abstract makeup kit includes 8 commonly used colors for face and body paint projects and a single brush but you can use other brushes also according to your needs.

It has a matte and opaque finish.

Similar to other makeup products it is safe and non-toxic, adding to that it is made in the USA.

Mehron Makeup has been the leader in professional makeup for over 90 years.

Maroon makeup claims to be semi-soft, water-activated, and moist while delivering richly pigmented, beautiful and bold colors that transform artistic inspiration to life from head-to-toe.

Some colors require a little more water, some a little less. 

You can Moisten the sponge or brush and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream or desired consistency.

They are comfortable to wear for several hours and so lightweight you’ll forget you are wearing them.

Not only that but also you can pretty much paint over any color with any other color and it will be fine.

This product is best suited to parties where you don’t get too much sweaty and for that, I would recommend you apply this makeup mostly during winters.

If you mess up, you can either use water on a paper towel or q-tip to wipe it off and if it is in a small area or something, you can just wait for it to dry and then paint over it again.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It gives a very nice, opaque effect with bright colors
  • Can be washed off easily with soap and water
  • They are not greasy and or itchy
  • Trusted by professionals

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5. CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil 12 Colors Body Painting with 6 Brushes, 10 Sponges Halloween...

CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil 12 Colors Body Painting with 6 Brushes, 10 Sponges Halloween...

This is also one of the best abstract makeup products available just under twenty dollars.

It comes in 12 colors and 6 wooden brushes.

Unlike other makeup kits, they are not water-based, they are oil-based and because of this they require some more time to dry anyways you can use it with some powder.

Similar to other kits, they are designed for a fun-themed party or Halloween, which can be suitable for kids also.

As everyone’s skin is not the same, I would advise you to do a small skin patch test before applying.

You can easily mix the colors to make any color you can imagine!

As it is a bit oily, I would advise you to use a sealer to keep it from smearing.

Makeup is easily removable by wiping clean with paper towels/cotton pads/sponge or simply by washing your face with water, thoroughly.

CCbeauty says that all trays may not be the same amount sometimes because of the loss of different colors after solidification and they are all made by hand.

However, if you think your skin is just too oily, don’t worry we have many products for your skin in this list that will be best suited for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Non- Toxic face paint kit
  • Comes with six different sized brushes
  • Cheap as compared to others

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6. Imagic Face Body Paint

Face Body Paint IMAGIC Brand 12 Flash Colors case Halloween Party Fancy Dress Tattoo Oil Painting...

Similar to Ccbeauty we have ‘Imagic’ in the list which is also an oil-based abstract makeup product.

It also comes in 12 colors but this product is cheaper than the Ccbeauty.

This product is best suitable for you who want the same effect as the above-mentioned products with a lesser amount.

Sometimes the price keeps us from buying the perfect body colors that are available on the market but don’t worry, we have included this product in our list just to help you out.

This product is also good for those who have very sensitive skin as it doesn’t boil your skin at all.

Similar to other products this is also designed to use at fun-themed parties, Halloween parties, and night parties.

Many people use them not only on their faces but also on their body parts like arms and legs, as it is easily washable.

So if you need an abstract makeup product just for a single day, this is the best product available in the market with this range of price, like the Halloween festival.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cheap compared to others
  • Comes with all the basic colors
  • Made with mineral oil

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7. Neon Nights 8 x UV Bodypaint

Neon Nights UV Body Paint Set | Blacklight Glow Makeup Kit | Fluorescent Face Paints for Music...

As the name suggests ‘Neon Nights and UV body paint’, this abstract makeup product is specially designed for night parties and Halloween parties.

It glows in the night and dark places, so I would suggest you use them during night parties only.

Each pack comes with 8 different glowing colors.

The company claimed this product to be handcrafted and is of premium quality.

This product glows differently under the ultraviolet lights and you can become the life of the party with this product.

This is best suitable for amateurs and professionals.

I know you might be concerned about how to remove this, don’t worry they are very easy to remove, similar to the other products.

This is not fabric paint but this paint can be easily removed from the fabrics if got applied by mistake, which means they are easy to remove.

So generally this product is for those who get extra excited for the parties and always want to stand out.

Much suited for Neon Night birthday-themed birthday parties, just believe me your kids are going to love this idea.

I would recommend you to please don’t try this on animals as it could be very harmful to them.

So what are you waiting for? – Just buy this at a very reasonable price.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily removed from body, fabrics, furniture, and walls as walls
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

8. Cruise Face And Bodypainting Palette

UCANBE Face Body Paint Oil, Professional 15 Colors FX Makeup Palette- Non Toxic Hypoallergenic Safe...

This is one of the best on the list as it comes with the 15 colors paint oil which is under twenty dollars.

This is best suited for line work, based work, blending, and layering.

Not only for the professionals but also for the amateurs as it doesn’t need some special skills to apply all you need is your creativity.

This can easily be wiped off with some olive oil or professional waterproof makeup remover.

All the contents are hypoallergenic, Resilient, Non-Toxic, Food Grade, making it a confident choice for painting on children as well as adults.

We can always show our creativity by blending the colors to customize them into our colors.

Mixing yellow with the brown color will give you deep orange color.

These colors are also generally being used in theatres as well, which means people have trust in these products.

Some people don’t want to spend tons of money on these products and very cheap costume stuff also doesn’t work very well, so this product is the remedy to both the problems.

There is never a perfect day to showcase your art, just grab this product and try it yourself for a better understanding and recommend this to your colleagues and friends.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Safe for both the kids and adults
  • Vivid color
  • No stained skin

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

9. Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ

Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ 30 Color Pro Palette | Magnetic and Refillable Palette | Body Paint...

This product is similar to the ‘Mehron makeup product’ that we talked about at number 4 in this list, but in this, the kit is available in 30 colors.

This kit is a little bit costlier than the other products on the list because it comes with a lot more color options and has thousands of applications.

Cups have a large surface area for use with sponge or brush.

This is a water-based face and body painting makeup.

The company claims to have vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free products that mean these products are made up of 100% natural ingredients.

This product also shows up well on the dark skins.

These colors are amazing for cosplay, creating cute looks, adding detail, shoot even for eyeliner.

Colors do not dry out your skin, they are not flakey/crack like another paint brand.

This is perfect for starter artists as well.

Price shouldn’t be the barrier if you want to stay out and look different, ‘Mehron’ is a trusted company and it is made in the USA. 

Never compromise with the quality of the product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Indigenous product
  • High pigment and tons of choices
  • Easily blends with different amount of water

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Ecvtop Professional Makeup Kit

Ecvtop Professional Makeup Kit Eyeshadow Palette Lip Gloss Blush Concealer,29 Color

At the end of our list is the ‘Ecvtop professional makeup kit’ which is available for just under ten dollars.

It comes with 20 colors of eye shadow, 5 colors lip gloss, 2 colors blush, 1 color face powder, 1 color concealer in a fashion leopard case with mirror, and eye-shadow brush.

It claims that the professional makeup kit doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients.

The best part is that it is simple yet classy.

This makeup kit is also very suitable for a gift, any girl or lady would be very happy to receive this kind of gift and would never forget you for this.

Being small in size, it is also very easy to carry and can be kept in your handbags, just in case you feel a little uncomfortable about your make up you can easily give a touchup.

Makeup skills are very easy to learn and you can always learn on your own so with this product there would be no need to hire a professional makeup artist you can always experiment on your own, this is very easy to apply.

You can make your shade as well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily washable with soap and water
  • Great travel kit
  • More pigmented than any of the other palettes

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

How To Choose The Best Abstract Makeup Products

Everyone has a different taste and you have to decide what works best for you.

It depends on whether you want this product for your personal use or you want to use them professionally. 

But I’ll always recommend you to go with the best-suited product, whatever the requirement is, you need to choose the best.

It also depends upon the occasion for which you are choosing the products, I would have gone with the Neon Night product for the Halloween party because I’m the kind of person who wants to become the life of the party and it varies for each of us.

There are lots of similar products but differ in price so the price also plays a vital role in choosing the right product and it depends on one’s affordability.

I would have gone with the best material, doesn’t matter what the price is.

Sometimes things work well with simple products, there are many products that are simple yet classy, I would have gone with the easy to apply and easy to remove.

They all are very easy to apply and remove.

I would say just read this, decide and buy, they are all wonderful products.

Final Thoughts

There are many choices of the best makeup products available online, depending on what is it you want.

Whether you want to design your face for showing your artistic skill, fun-themed parties, Halloween parties, Neon Night parties, or any other night parties, there is a large number of products available online and you can choose what suits you the best.

You can always discover many more products available in the market.

If you are at home and getting bored you can always and anytime experiment with your artistic skills.

Girls nowadays are coming up with all new different styles and they are nowadays showcasing their skills on youtube as well.

So if you are passionate about art and you also want to showcase your skills, you are all free to do this with these products.

I would recommend you to always test the products on your hand and a little skin, just to make sure the product suits your skin, as everyone’s skin is different.

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