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Airbrush Makeup Before And After

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Airbrush makeup before after looks like one of those very advanced tricks that only professional makeup artists and celebrities have, it’s true.

But in recent years, spray makeup has become a fairly common tool for all kinds of people, even beginners, so to see how that looks here is a review of airbrush makeup before and after.

With the creation of excellent, easy-to-use spray makeup kits that you can use at home, your face changes its appearance.

Lines and imperfections often appear when using ordinary makeup, after regular makeup removal, there is a risk of acne.

To put an end to this problem, there is an advanced technique known as airbrush makeup.

These high-end cosmetic products are not mixed with brushes or sponges.

The makeup is mixed using a compressed air gun, after which smooth and flawless skin is created, let’s see some airbrush makeup before and after looks.


What Is Airbrush Makeup And How Is It Done?

The airbrush is a very durable silicone makeup, made with a special airbrush device, resembling a small metal gun.

The airbrush sprays cosmetics applied to the face, making the makeup look natural and light.

Spray makeup also allows you to hide skin imperfections, making it look flawless for many hours.

So let’s check what the airbrush does to the makeup and how it should be done.

What Role Does Spray Makeup Play?

Spray makeup is one of the most durable forms of makeup made by applying appropriate silicone or water-based cosmetics to the face.

These cosmetics come in liquid form so that they can be sprayed on with an airbrush.

The device is similar to the one with which the nails are decorated using the spray method.

By using an airbrush during a manicure, the nails acquire an effective and original look.

With the device, you can create spectacular patterns and surprising color transitions.

The airbrush used to apply spray makeup plays a similar role.

Cosmetics are applied here without using sponges or brushes, so you can create beautiful color combinations.

Besides, this type of makeup is much more hygienic than traditional makeup.

The application of cosmetics takes place at a distance so that the skin is not touched by any accessories which, as we know, can harbor bacteria and other microbes that contribute to a skin infection.

Spray makeup is also a perfect solution for people with sensitive skin.

By applying cosmetics on it in the traditional way, we can irritate it, resulting in visible redness.

When applying cosmetics with an airbrush, we do not irritate it in any way, so that its condition does not deteriorate.

Silicone spray makeup is perfect for special occasions where its extraordinary durability is important.

Women often choose this form of makeup before important ceremonies, such as weddings, receptions, or balls.

Silicone, which is the basis of cosmetics, prolongs their durability, thanks to which impeccable makeup can decorate our face for up to 48 hours.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrushing is similar to applying traditional makeup.

The only difference is in the way the cosmetics are applied.

Traditional brushes are not used here, but a small gun, spraying cosmetics on individual parts of the face.

Using the airbrush, you can apply foundation, concealer, blush, or eye shadows very precisely, and when using the appropriate templates, we will also give the desired shape to eyebrows and lips.

The device also allows for precise lash makeup, so that our makeup will be perfect in every respect.

The spray application of cosmetics also eliminates the risk of ineffective streaks in the form of a poorly rubbed foundation.

The cosmetic is applied to both the face and the neck, making the color invisible.

To choose the right shade of cosmetic products, you can mix them in a special container in which the device is equipped.

Thanks to this, you can perfectly choose the shade of foundation or powder to make the makeup as natural as possible.

How Is Spray Makeup Done?

Suitable cosmetic products are sprayed onto the cleansed skin covered with moisturizing cream with the help of a device that generates a flow of air.

In this way, a delicate, colorful mist is created which after contact with the skin dries quickly covering the skin precisely and permanently.

Airbrush makeup should be done with the eyes closed so that cosmetics do not penetrate.

It’s also important to hold your breath when spraying the preparations, which will protect our respiratory tracts.

If there are visible imperfections and discoloration on the skin, an appropriate concealer should be used before applying the foundation.

The airbrush allows you to make precise eye and lip makeup, to give the eyebrows the right shape, and to shape the shape of the face.

The transitions between the individual colors are smooth, giving a natural look.

So you don’t have to concentrate on mixing and grinding the individual color borders.

The machine will do it for us.

Thanks to this method of applying cosmetics, we can give the skin on the décolleté, back, and arms the desired shade.

This is a perfect solution when you have a dress that exposes these parts of your body.

The airbrush also allows you to brush the body with delicate and shimmering particles, giving the skin a radiant and fresh look.

Spray makeup does not clog pores, so the skin can breathe freely.

This is of great importance, especially for oily and acne-prone skin, where blocked pores can contribute to skin inflammation.

Advantages Of Spray Makeup

The most important advantage of spray makeup is its hygiene.

The absence of contact of the device applying cosmetics with the facial skin minimizes the risk of infection or irritation, as can be the case with the use of traditional sponges or brushes.

This applies particularly to sensitive skin, which is most sensitive to external factors.

Disadvantages Of Spray Makeup

Spray makeup, despite its perfection, also has some disadvantages.

The basic price is the price of the device and the cosmetics necessary for this type of makeup.

Airbrush users also pay attention to its importance.

The whole device, i.e., the gun with the compressor, is quite heavy, which makes it impossible to use it anywhere.

The disadvantage of spray makeup can also be seen as a rather problematic cleaning of the device, which has to be carried out after each makeup application.

As cosmetics sprayed on the skin dry quickly, any makeup correction is also impossible.

Who Is Recommended To Use Spray Makeup?

Anyone can airbrush makeup.

There are no contraindications here concerning age, type, or skin type.

This type of makeup can be done in a beauty salon or you can buy your spray makeup kit.

Cosmetics in different colors are available for sale, which allows us to make effective makeup at home.

Distributors of this type of cosmetics have even expanded their offer with preparations for a problem or sensitive skin.

You can even obtain special dermatological preparations that support the treatment of skin lesions.

Thanks to this, each of us will choose cosmetics that meet the individual needs of the skin.

Airbrush makeup perfectly masks all kinds of skin imperfections, scars, spots, discolorations, and even tattoos.

This is why it’s recommended to all those who need to effectively camouflage their beauty flaws.

Contraindications For Spray Makeup

Airbrush makeup should not be applied to people with eye diseases, as there is a risk of irritation when applying cosmetic products.

Nor should it be decided by women with an allergy to colored cosmetics or to other substances included in the preparations used to make such makeup.

Spray makeup does not look very good on deep wrinkles, so women with highly visible wrinkles should avoid it.

This big price difference is mainly due to the quality of the preparations the beautician uses to make it.

The price is also influenced by the type and quality of the device with which the shower is performed and the reputation of the beauty salon.

Some women decide to buy their airbrush, thanks to which they can apply permanent makeup every day.

Usually, such a set includes an airbrush, preparations for its cleaning, a compressor, and some basic cosmetics as well as silicone oil to dilute them.

When planning such a purchase, the price should be taken into account.

Spray makeup is a novelty among beauticians, who are quickly finding more and more followers.

Permanent and natural makeup fulfills its role perfectly, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s made of silicone or water-based cosmetics.

One thing is for sure: airbrush makeup will survive anything, even the night madness until dawn.

The Airbrush Technique

It’s most often associated with body spray tanning or artistic body painting.

Currently, Airbrush makeup is already well known in the United States, is gaining its supporters.

The main advantage of spray makeup is its durability, which is an undeniable advantage in the case of wedding and evening makeup (the makeup retains its shape even up to 48 hours after application).

Hygiene is also an advantage of spray makeup.

Dirty, reusable sponges, brushes, and rubbing the foundation with your finger are unacceptable for many people.

Spray makeup is done at a distance, so we do not expose the skin to contact with bacteria and micro-organisms.

People with particularly sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and blemishes are also not exposed to unpleasant rubbing.

Spray makeup can be used by all people regardless of age, sex, or skin type.

The companies that sell Airbrush makeup kits offer cosmetic kits in a variety of shades, adapted to skin types and skin problems.

Currently, you can even buy typical dermatological cosmetics with skin-healing properties.

Thanks to the Airbrush method, you can effectively mask discolorations, skin imperfections, tattoos, and scars, etc.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

The advantages of permanent makeup, airbrush spray makeup contraindications.

The contraindication to makeup is:

  • Eye diseases, allergy to colored cosmetics, or any cosmetic ingredient used to make up spray makeup
  • Very deep wrinkles
  • Makeup should be done with eyes closed and inhaled to prevent vapors from entering the lungs

How much does airbrush makeup cost?

The price depends on the experience of the makeup artist, the products, and the class of equipment used during the makeup and the city of residence.

The price of a private airbrush makeup kit varies, the price depends on the class of equipment and usually includes a compressor with an airbrush, preparations for cleaning the device, a basic cosmetic set + volatile silicone oil, used for diluting cosmetics.

Makeup Base

The makeup base is a cosmetic for special phrases – it conceals discolorations and skin imperfections, smoothes the skin, and fixes makeup.

Depending on individual needs, the makeup base can be used for big events or every day.

Find out what the makeup base does and how to use it and how to choose this cosmetic for your skin type.

A makeup base, also known as primer, is a cosmetic that, when applied to the skin, prolongs the durability of makeup.

They do this by limiting the direct contact of the skin with the foundation.

The right combination can extend the durability of makeup for up to 12 hours.

The basic division of makeup bases is into matte, smoothing, and lightening bases.

What Does a Makeup Base Look Like?

The main ingredient of mineral powder bases are powders, thanks to which it has a mattifying effect and absorbs excess sebum.

The powder should be mixed well and ground into fine dust to ensure a long-lasting matt effect.

Larger particles are visible on the skin and will prevent an even distribution of the foundation.

Not all natural powders work well as a base, rice powder is certainly the best, moreover, moisturizing bases make the skin more elastic and moisturized.

They also soothe irritations, and by taking care of the skin, they prolong the durability of the makeup.

Many other cosmetic products, such as tonic, serum, cream, or moisturizing mist, can be used as a base.

The moisturizing base is above all light and leaves no film on the skin after application.

Types Of Makeup Bases

The majority of makeup bases available on the market are silicone bases.

Silicones are highly occlusive, which means that they form an impermeable layer on the skin that can clog pores and allow bacteria to multiply.

They are not washable with water, and you must use grease to remove them.

Do not use a waterproof foundation over a silicone makeup base, these cosmetic products usually already contain silicones.

The Basics Of Airbrush Makeup

The silicone makeup base blends with lightweight water-based foundations.

It’s recommended for dry or mature skin.

The oil base for makeup works similarly to silicone bases, creating a layer on the skin to which the foundation adheres.

The role of a makeup base can also be used as a light natural oil such as oil, raspberry seed oil, rose oil, or linseed oil.

Natural oil can also be added to the foundation, making it thinner and easier to apply.

Oil foundations work best with light foundations or dry mineral foundations, they are designed for dry and oily skin.

Glycerine, which has hygroscopic and moisturizing properties, is the main component of some makeup bases.

The glycerine makeup base works with water-based foundations.

However, it causes the stirring of mineral foundations.

A gel makeup base does not create an oily film on the skin, reduces the appearance of pores, smoothes the skin, and has moisturizing properties.

They can be used with permanent and mineral foundations.

They are intended for people with oily skin because they limit excessive sebum secretion.

The makeup base Zastygająca gives a mattifying effect.

Its main component is talc or aluminum, magnesium, and aluminum silicate or boron nitride.

It creates a layer on the skin that reduces the visibility of pores and absorbs sebum, but is not strongly occlusive, as in silicone bases.

Aging bases do not spread well and fade easily and require a skillful application.

They are not intended for dry skin as they accentuate dry skin, but are suitable for people with oily skin.

The silica makeup base has a mattifying effect, it smoothes the complexion and reduces the visibility of imperfections.

Silica can accentuate dry skin, while long-term use dehydrates the epidermis.

However, people with serious complexion problems should choose to solidify bases.

Combine well with silica bases with light foundations.

Colouring And Illuminating Makeup Bases

Colouring and lighting bases are also available.

Colour bases are used when you want to hide red spots, dark circles under the eyes, or permanent discoloration.

The purple base, neutralizes yellow colors, also the yellowish complexion, while the green base neutralizes red spots and discoloration on the face.

Mint base neutralizes the red color of broken capillaries, while peach base improves the color of pale, earthy skin.

Apricot base, neutralizes dark circles under the eyes, while blue base evens out the color of reddened skin, and the white base illuminates facial skin.

How to choose a makeup base for your skin type?

Dry and combination skin requires the use of a base that will ensure its softness and will not highlight the cuticles.

Before applying makeup, make sure your facial skin is moisturized.

Silicone, oil, and glycerine bases are perfect for dry skin.

You can also add a little natural oil to the foundation so that it adheres better to the skin.

Oily skin requires the use of a base that will collect excess sebum and give it a matte finish.

Silica and powder bases, as well as solidifying and gel bases work well in this role.

Foundations adhere much better to oily skin than dry skin, but the sebum secreted by the skin causes the foundation to squeak and rub, creating unsightly streaks.

Mature skin is the skin type for which a silicone makeup base works best.

How Do I Use Makeup Base?

Before applying foundation, cleanse your face and apply a moisturizer.

A small amount of base is enough to cover the face the size of weight.

It’s applied like moisturizers, that is, it’s spread from the inside to the outside of the face.

The base should cover the face with a thin, imperceptible layer.

Do not use more product than recommended as this will negatively affect the durability of the makeup.

Wait until the base is completely absorbed before applying the primer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best airbrush makeup bag, you need to be sure to get all the benefits of spray makeup, there are several types of base adaptable to each type of skin, and it’s also one of the recognized advantages of airbrush makeup.

Before buying, I always check the boxes of airbrush makeup bags: lightweight, easy to clean system, natural coverage, all-day hold that suits my skin type.

Each kit is very different and many offer a plethora of airbrush makeup before and after looks features that can make a kit look amazing or chaotic.

There are hundreds of kits out there and it can be difficult to find the one that suits you best.

It’s important to consider the above factors before purchasing a kit but to ensure that a kit will be easy to clean, lightweight, and can be worn all day, it’s important to consider the makeup ingredients and different applicators.

The different ingredients may suit your skin type and make it easier to mix for a better complexion match.

However, silicone spray makeup is becoming increasingly popular because of its all-day wear; both water-based and silicone spray makeup can easily build up in multiple layers, giving a flawless look.

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