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How To Apply Aphrodite Makeup | 10 Step Definitive Guide For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Want to try aphrodite makeup?

Most women want to look luxurious and attractive just like her. 

Every day we spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to makeup.

We look at the celebrities’ photos and try to follow their styles.

Some of us are even more enthusiastic and want to look like Aphrodite.

Oh, how pretty this Greek goddess of love and beauty was.

Do you want to resemble her?

Let’s try to do this makeup together!


Step 1: Find Out Characteristic Features Of Aphrodite MakeUp

Aphrodite makeup is an excellent choice for several reasons.

Firstly, it looks quite neutral, so it is suitable for the office and for a thematic party (if we combine it with a proper outfit).

We can do it both for a promenade or Christmas celebration.

Secondly, it is effortless to replicate it at home using products only from the fundamental cosmetic bag.

What Is The Perfect Aphrodite MakeUp

Aphrodite in your mind is so beautiful, isn’t she?

Full natural eyebrows, expressive eyes, tanned skin, and remarkable cheekbones?

This makeup perfectly accentuates any appearance, but it is best suited for brown-eyed and green-eyed beauties with a golden skin tone.

Modern Makeup Adaptations

If you want to know about strict canons of how Greek makeup should look exactly – good news!

Girls in modern Greece look different.

In the modern adaptation of this makeup besides bronze, brown, honey shades, blue, pink, green colors appeared.

Their use is not considered to go beyond the Aphrodite style.

Such options are more suitable for photoshoots or the catwalk, but not for life.

We recommend you to stick to the classics.

By the way, brides love Greek wedding makeup very much.

Makeup artists often do it, creating images for such celebrations.

Well, a similar makeup for a Greek dress is ideal.

It creates a harmonious combination suitable for a birthday party or a promenade.

As we see, this makeup is very multi-functional and this is good news.

Due to the immense variety of cosmetics and the color palette’s breadth, it is much easier for modern girls to «try on» new images.

You can get closer to the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite and travel back in time and space to Ancient Greece.

Do it by creating a simple, but at the same time luxurious and elegant Greek makeup.

Step 2: Learn Aphrodite Makeup Rules

Greek Goddesses were so beautiful, that’s why women want to look like them.

Their astonishing makeup is natural to replicate.

Prepare your cosmetic products and follow our tips. Let’s start creating real beauty!

How To Accentuate Eyes And Face Tone

Commonly, Greek girls have dark skin by nature.

If you have porcelain or pale skin, do not try to correct it with a deep foundation.

The eyes of the Greek goddesses are large, languid, mysterious, and bewitching.

Choose a shade so that it looks as natural as possible and smoothly transit from lighter to dark.

For Aphrodite makeup, shades of the «precious» range are excellent – silver, gold, bronze, and copper.

Simultaneously, the makeup of the eye should stay gentle, so too dark smokey is not adequate here.

A light warm haze will only decorate the image: give preference to shining textures.

By the way, you can add eyeliner to your makeup in the Aphrodite style.

Such an image will fall out of the “for everyday” category.

Oh, for Halloween or a thematic party, it is perfect.

How To Make Eyebrows Noticeable

Make eyebrows noticeable in Aphrodite makeup.

Here – thick and full eyebrows are the best.

Make them a little brighter with a pencil and correct with a transparent eyebrow gel.

Thick and well-groomed eyebrows are an indicator of your nobility.

Correct their shape with a pencil, choose a color slightly darker than usual but do not overdo.

The shape is definite and you can fix it with a special gel or comb it.

But at the same time, the eyebrows should look natural.

If by nature, they are thin and light, you should not use a dark marker.

It is better to tint the hairs with a tinted gel lightly.

Step 3: Start With Cleansing

The goddess must have the most attractive face! 

Prepare your face for makeup; use your favorite products. 

How To Clean Your Face

The main rule when applying any decorative makeup is pre-cleaned skin. 

Wash or use cosmetic milk to remove sebum and other contaminants from your skin.

Gently apply it on your face, let it soak in thoroughly.

The best moisturizer has to include hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, glycerin, antioxidants, urea, plant kinds of butter and oil, and ceramides. 

Do you know which moisturizer to buy? 

Decide what your skin type is. 

Lotions are perfect for oily skin. 

They are the lightest out of the other moisturizers because they have water as the main ingredient. 

Girls with healthy skin can buy creams. 

They help hydrate and have a thin texture. 

The best treatment for oily skin is a thick ointment.

Buy that treatment that is the best for you.

Further Treatment

After it uses your favorite day cream. 

Apply a makeup primer and a lip balm.

Wait until these cosmetic products are adequately absorbed.

Step 4: Conceal Imperfections

Spread the basis with a reasonably dense texture throughout the face. 

Use a concealer on the skin under the eyes. 

Flawless skin for Aphrodite makeup is the same prerequisite as for any other one.

What Is A Concealer?

Today, most girls can hardly live without concealers.

A concealer – aka a corrector – allows you to get rid of skin imperfections in seconds. 

You can quickly hide acne that has popped up overnight or bruises under the eyes as well as annoying age spots. 

Manufacturers produce concealers in different types: liquid correctors, creams, pencils, and sticks. 

Types Of Concealers

The liquid concealer is perfect for the skin around the eyes or dry skin.

Very often, you have to apply it as a basis.

A concealer pencil is convenient quite often. 

It has antibacterial properties, too.

It means that you can hide the lack of your skin and already begin to cope with them. 

A concealer-stick is good for problem skin.

It can cover vast areas of the face.

It perfectly masks age spots and freckles. 

Such a concealer is challenging to shade, so it is not suitable for spot application.

A concealer cream is a universal product. 

Manufacturers usually produce it in the form of a palette.

Please, remember! 

Any concealer does not drop the cause of skin imperfections and it only helps to hide them!

Step 5: Apply Eyeshadow

Accentuate your eyelids with eyeshadow.

Use Golden Eyeshadow

Apply golden eyeshadow with an intense shimmer to the entire moving eyelid, blend them properly in the crease.

Golden makeup is a real salvation for cloudy days and long autumn evenings. 

Gold, due to its frantic heat, can instantly warm the soul and give the image of brightness. 

Golden colors in makeup are universal. 

Depending on the performance and color scheme, golden colors in Aphrodite makeup can suit any appearance type for absolutely any occasion.

Add Dark Brown Shadow

Accentuate the lower eyelid with dark brown shadow (also with an intense shimmer).

After it draws the eye line on the upper eyelid and draws a line along the growth line of the upper eyelashes. 

Blend the eye line to shade the boundary with golden shadows.

Many girls believe that brown eye makeup is invisible and will not emphasize their beauty. 

It’s a delusion. 

If you are the owner of one of the light eye colors (green or blue), brown shades perfectly emphasize your eyes’ natural radiance. 

In combination with shades of brown with others, it will make your eyes even more expressive. 

For girls with brown or hazel eyes, despite the similar color, this makeup is also suitable. 

You only need to choose the color of the eyeshadow.

Step 6: Accentuate Your Eyebrows

Underline eyebrows with a pencil, fix the form with a transparent gel.

You need to choose an eyebrow pencil if your eyebrows are excessively plucked, your hairs are too thin, light and you see gaps between strands.

What Is An Eyebrow Pencil?

An eyebrows pencil gives eyebrows a vibrant shade, makes them more expressive, helps get a beautiful bend for an attractive look, and corrects lines. 

You can also use it for making facial features even more attractive due to the selected length, width, and curvature of the eyebrow. 

Use an eyebrow pencil to create a trend makeup.

Put Naturalness In The First Place

Think of naturalness when you start to decide which color of the eyebrow pencil to buy. 

So, here you can get fashionable natural makeup.

A pencil is two tones darker than the color of hair for fair-haired girls. 

On the contrary, dark-haired girls need to buy pencils, two tones lighter.

A black pencil is only for dark-skinned brunettes. 

Brown-haired women with fair skin should give preference to dark brown tones.

If cold shades prevail in your appearance, choose a gray pencil. 

For example, for girls with wheaten hair, a beige-gray color will be perfect.

Those with ash-blond hair will like graphite color.

For blond hair owners with a light red tint – a warm brown pencil is suitable.

Redheads can choose some of these optimal colors: terracotta, brown-red, golden chestnut, and brown. 

Choose the tone of the pencil darker than the color of the hair.

If you have gray hair, pay special attention. 

The gray eyebrows, in combination with a dark pencil, look unnatural. 

In this case, more appropriate colors are shades of gray (light gray, gray-brown, graphite).

If you always dye your hair, choose cosmetics for the color of it more carefully.

When choosing a color, follow the further rules: combine cold tones with cold tones and warm tones with warm tones.

By the way, you can focus on eye color. 

So, warm-beige and ash-brown shades are suitable for blue-eyed and green-eyed girls. 

Black-eyed and brown-eyed girls have to buy brown and black shades.

Step 7: Tint Both Upper & Lower Eyelashes

There is an excellent variety of mascaras in shops worldwide. 

Let us help you choose it.

Which Mascara To Buy

An ideal option for straight eyelashes would be a curling mascara with an arched or a spiral brush. 

If the eyelashes are short, it is logical to choose a lengthening mascara. 

Even a mascara with microfibers exists which when layered on your eyelashes creates extra length. 

Yet, you should pay special attention to the brush. 

It is perfect for short eyelashes to use a curved brush with a short bristle which allows you not only to dye your eyelashes thoroughly without staining the eyelid but also to twist them making them visually longer.

Volumizing, strengthening, and lengthening – choose your perfect one!

How To Use A Mascara

Use a unique application technique that allows you to raise the cilia. 

Put the brush as close as possible to the roots, press, and with a spiral motion, paint the eyelashes only half. 

With a second layer, apply mascara over the entire length of the eyelashes and pay attention to the tips: form a bend and hold the brush in this position to fix the shape.

By the way, do not rely on thick, voluminous mascara. 

Under its weight, the eyelashes will not maintain volume and straighten after a couple of hours.

Step 8: Accentuate Your Skin

If you want, you can use a bronzer instead of a blush. 

Apply it according to a pattern that is more suitable for your type of face. 

A bronzer will help you to give your face a light tan or highlight cheekbones instantly.

We will tell you how to choose a bronzer and where to apply it. 

Your Perfect Bronzer

Bronzer performs several tasks at once. 

First of all, we use it as a sculpting tool. 

Secondly, with an uneven tan, bronzer will help even out the tone of the face and neck. 

Also, with its help, you can give your face the effect of a light tan, even if it’s cold and snowy January outside, and you haven’t been at sea for ages. 

This is the main answer for what and why you need a bronzer in makeup!

What To Use

To make the bronzer look natural, you should choose a shade one or two tones darker and warmer than your tonal products.

Choose the tonal product, in this case, a tone darker than the color of your skin.

For fair-skinned girls, peach, honey, and beige-pink shades are the best.

For medium skin tone – bronze with a pink undertone and interspersed with gold or orange are the best for dark skin – terracotta, copper, or amber colors.

Owners of porcelain skin are not recommended to use a bronzer – it will create the effect of «dirt» on the face.

Your products for makeup are blush and a highlighter.

Apply a bronzer to the face’s protruding parts where the sunlight hits: a nose, cheekbones, temples, a hairline, a chin, ears, eyebrows, a jawline.

So no difference between the tone of the face and body, use a brush along with the lateral parts of the neck, shoulders, and collar bones.

Step 9: Pay Attention To Your Skin

If you have a heart-shaped face, apply blush from the temple to the cheekbone line with a blush brush, outlining the C-shape, and shade.

The main task here is not to overdo it with a blush; otherwise, instead of a harmonious natural makeup, you will get the effect of inflamed cheeks.

Use a synthetic brush for an oval-shape face.

Start with the most prominent part of your cheekbones, then softly blend the blush to the earlobe.

Put some on your temple.

As a rule, the cheeks of a round-shape face are the most prominent part of the girls’ faces.

There is straightforward advice on how to apply blush in this case.

Look at you in the mirror, smile, then apply blush on the «apples» of your cheeks with two quick strokes of the brush and lightly shade a line along the cheekbone to the earlobe.

Please, remember: do not apply blush close to the nose: this way, the face will seem even rounder.

A task for girls with a square-shape face is to soften the angular lines.

Take a broad synthetic brush for cream blush.

With sweeping, very light movements, take it from the cheekbone line up.

Then – from the base of the eyebrow down the nose’s side, but very gently, quickly pressing the brush.

Add some of the same blush to your lips and eyelids.

Step 10: Add Juiciness To Your Lips

Aphrodite makeup is that case when a classic scarlet or a bright pink lipstick can ruin the whole image.

While creating a make-up in the Aphrodite style, look for soothing shades of brown tones or the nude palette.

We give juiciness to the lips.

Apply a suitable lipstick to your lips.

A radiant brown-burgundy lipstick is appropriate for evening makeup.

It is interesting to know that choosing lipstick’s color is easier if you have determined the tone of your skin before.

Indicate the shape of your lips and their volume.

Owners of thin lips, as a rule, avoid dark lipsticks, which visually make them even lighter.

It would help if you also were careful with light lipsticks.

Or the other choice.

To create the effect of pretty lips, apply a matte gloss of bright or nude color.

You heard right – a bright lipstick (not pink) with sparkling eyes when doing makeup in the Greek style gets along quite well.

The only rule here is the following: the lack of gloss and glitter on the lips, so the image of your makeup will lose sensuality and become provocative.

Ideally, it would be best if you combined the tone of the lipstick with the color of the hair.

For instance, cold blondes with blue eyes rarely go with warm coral colors.

Your makeup is ready! Congratulations!

Aphrodite makeup will be perfect if you add a recognizable hairstyle.

Gather hair in the so-called Greek roller and add a hair rim or a rim bandage.

Complete the look of the beautiful goddess with a high-waisted Greek dress.

Why Should You Pay Attention To Your Cosmetic Products

Make perfect eyebrows and form their shape. 

They are the basis of Aphrodite Makeup.

Remove unnecessary hair with tweezers. 

After that, tint them with precise, stroking movements. 

Blend a little with a cotton swab, fix the shape with a gel.

We form a temple arch.

Take a broad brush and highlight the cheekbones with bronze blushes, drawing a line from the temple to the lower point of the temple bone. 

Shade thoroughly until the boundary between skin color and shade of blush disappears. 

They should lie under the cheekbone like a shadow. 

An interesting fact! 

Choose warm shades of brown eyeshadow in autumn and spring. 

Winter and summer are perfect seasons for applying cold matt shades. 

Surely, don’t forget to consider your color type when choosing a shade.

For girls with blue or gray eyes, beautiful brown makeup is just perfect. 

By itself, brown shades look perfect with cold shades of blue and gray.

This allows you to enhance the color of the eyes, make it brighter and more saturated.

If you have blue eyes, it is better to use gray-brown shades combined with beige and gold.

Final Thoughts

Aphrodite makeup isn’t as tricky as you could think.

You have all the chances to replicate it at home.

Spend your free time and devote the whole day to creating beauty.

Buy all the needed cosmetic products up to your desire and budget.

Relax while preparing for making up! 

Amaze your husband, friends, and yourself. 

Shine bright as a Greek goddess!

You deserve doing this makeup always!

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