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10 Best Korean Cleansers For Combination Skin [2021 Reviews]

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Skye Rhodes

Do you know what best Korean cleanser for combination skin is?

After a long working day, a balanced cleanser is what you need most to maintain your skin and make it ready to go for the next day.

And the best Korean cleanser for combination skin has become a prime consumer concern these days as it is the most common skin type around the world.

Combination skin is recognizable by the presence of both an oily part (generally appears on the T-zone of your face comprising the forehead, nose, and the chin) and a dry part (generally appears on the U-zone comprising of both cheeks and outer sides of both eyes).

You can feel the difference from your T-zone’s shiny appearance with large pores and blackheads while a dull and rough texture on the dry zones sometimes with dry patches.



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10 Best Korean Cleansers For Combination Skin Reviewed

Below are the 10 best Korean cleansers for combination skin rated and reviewed.

1. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Daily Mild Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin with BHA &...

COSRX is one of the most popular picks with its signature profile of low pH content which is targeted to settle the optimal pH level of the skin to its natural limit of pH 5-6.

Naturally, the skin maintains a low pH level averaging 5.5, and more than a slight variation in pH level can cause sufficient harm.

A high pH level hinders your skin from repairing itself and develops swelling by reducing skin elasticity.

This cleanser ensures the proper self-healing process of the skin despite external threats like moisture and heat generated from the crowd, extreme weather, or long time outdoor activities.

Besides low pH feature, this gel is a gentle type which works mildly on cleaning off the surface of other oily substances and dirt, so the hard part of skin doesn’t suffer from extra measure anyway.

So you are free to apply twice if necessary on the oily part without disturbing the whole facial skin.

This gel can be an adequately balanced solution for your skin.

Many other cleaners in the market either leave your skin extra shiny or rough because of excess or less moisturizing.

With this product, you’ll get neither an over glowing nor a dull complexion with stripping sensation, just an obvious one.

This cleanser is one of the first skincare products that concentrated on the skin’s pH factor with beneficial results and positive reviews worldwide.

This is a good starter for people who are new to skincare, teens, and older.

It offers a very suitable and basic formula for your natural skin protection.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gentle smooth cleaning without disturbing any part of the skin
  • Eliminate most of the everyday surplus
  • Appropriate pH level

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2. innisfree Purifying Exfoliating Cleanser with Sea Salt Face Wash Cleansing Foam , 4.39 fl Oz (Pack...

innisfree Purifying Exfoliating Cleanser with Sea Salt Face Wash Cleansing Foam , 4.39 fl Oz (Pack...

If you enjoy the deep cleaning of facial surfaces, traditional scrubs will do without the harsh feeling it brings along.

Innisfree sea salt jelly cleanser can be the best choice for you.

As the name suggests, this mild foaming jelly cleanser contains the main ingredient the lava sea salt harvested in Jeju island.

It is famous for its rich mineral contents and has undergone a hundred percent organic filtration process of the island’s tectonic layers.

For its origin, the cleanser has a robust oceanic fragrance that will energize your mood and gentle care for your skin.

The jelly is also mild which is very constructive for combination skin as you can apply it without the fear of withering your dry zone of facial skin.

Besides sea salt, the jelly also contains other organic substances like Asiatic pennywort, tangerine peel, fig, orchid, green tea, camellia, cactus, and other herbal elements.

It is extracted from Jeju island making it a combination of both modern skincare technology and traditional earthly solutions.

Another notable feature of the cleanser is its gentle exfoliation for the sea salt particles’ presence which removes the dead skin cells from the surface to retain the smooth freshness every day.

It is an excellent scrubber in a simple, practical form without the side effects which makes it even more significant and a good pick for combination skin.

Pros & Benefits:

  • User-friendly packaging
  • Rich mineral content with a refreshing scent
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Extra exfoliation feature

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3. Neogen Real Fresh Foam Green Tea Cleanser

DERMALOGY by NEOGENLAB NEOGEN Real Fresh Foam Cleanser, Green Tea 5.6 Fl Oz (160g) - Soothing &...

This foam type cleanser is launched by Neogen who has become one of the pioneers in the Korean beauty world with a diverse range of products.

The cleanser’s key feature is the green tea leaf extraction along with several fruits extraction to ensure a gentle and effective clean of your face from dirt and impurities without taking away its natural oil.

The critical element, green tea, a very effective natural anti-oxidant helps to brighten, smoothen, soften, and hydrate your skin.

The very first positive impression comes from the packaging style; the product comes in a handy pump- style bottle with green tea leaves.

It is contained in a plastic mesh at the bottom of the container preventing it from floating around and jamming the pump mechanism.

Also, it contains a very mild scent which is very good if you have a sensitive nose.

As the cleanser is a mild one, you can use it routinely twice a day without disturbing your facial complexion.

In the morning to remove the sebum generated during sleep and at night to remove makeup, impurities, and oily extraction from your T-zone.

If you are not comfortable with double cleansing, the use of this cleanser will work fine once a day.

As it is a very efficient remover, makeup or dirt, and doesn’t just extract all the oils off your skin which is very bad because a thin layer of sebum is essential for your natural skin protection.

And of course, I need to mention the freshness and energy it brings along with all the green tea and fruit extractions of specific herbal quality and organic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Effective, gentle cleaning
  • Handy & smart packaging
  • Presence of green tea and other helpful organic particles
  • Refreshing and lightly scented

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4. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser,10.1 Fl Oz

The cosmetic industry’s development requires additional benefits and components besides simple cleaning to meet consumer’s satisfaction level.

Moreover, it has become a global concern to practice organic methods for healthcare rather than synthetic products to attain sustainability and longevity.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam incorporates traditional herbal elements like rice extracts, rice bran oil, jojoba seed oil, and wild sweet William leaf extract.

It has a mild fragrance for removal of grease, dirt, grime from your skin, and also retaining an extra brightness.

The cleanser is a strong one.

Even a tiny drop produces a considerable amount of foam and very effective at cleaning the surface of all the extra oil leaving the dry zone tight and the T-zone balanced.

The anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial elements of the foam-like rice bran oil, jojoba seed oil, and rice extracts act as natural UV protectors.

Skin conditioner, treat dark circles and under-eye puffiness, acne, wrinkle, and enrich the skin’s self-healing properties.

Regarding the brightening feature, this foam uses rice water which is a very traditional skin toner in the orient in use for a long time.

Immediately after using the cleanser, you can feel the brightening effect from the visible glow of the skin.

Though remember as brightening and whitening doesn’t express the same meaning, this foam cleanser promises a bright after effect, not a permanent whitening recipe.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Substantial cleaning for oily T-zone
  • Organic materials are ensuring natural protection
  • Budget-friendly

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This is another excellent K-beauty world product with a deficient pH level similar to natural skin.

It contains luxurious organic materials including Chinese peony root extract, lotus seed extract, honey, licorice root extract, and other herbal ingredients with medicinal benefits.

As a low pH level cleanser, it strengthens the natural self-recovering system of the skin preventing aging problems like wrinkles, dark circles, acne, and blackheads.

This is also a very gentle and mild cleanser that lathers up nicely yet still feels soft.

Though an excellent cleanser, mild nature ensures the prevention of oily substance overproduction on the T-zone, leaving the U-zone soft, hydrated, and balanced.

The use of herbal ingredients gives the foamy cleanser a healthy forest refreshing fragrance very similar to the traditional herbs and plants used for organic skincare.

Another positive aspect is the quantity, a minimal amount of cream produces a lot of foam despite having a low pH level.

With micro-fine bubbles which lasts much longer than the traditional bubbles ensuring deep clean of the oil from the surface until you finally rinse it off.

With a proper light massaging after washing it off with lukewarm water, you’ll undoubtedly feel the freshness with an even-toned skin without any tightness or stripped feeling ready to follow the rest of the skincare routine.

A perfect cleanser that offers decent leather with a delightful and refreshing scent, along with a whitening feature, may not be effective immediately.

Anyway, it is the best that can be offered from a low pH cleanser.

Pros & Benefits:

  • pH level 5.5 ensures the best upkeep for the skin
  • Mild, gentle cleaning
  • Aromatic woodland fragrance
  • Herbal contents for organic benefits
  • Microfine bubbles for long and deep cleansing

6. ACWELL Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser

Acwell 5.5 Bubble-Free pH Balancing Cleanser, 150 ml

As the name suggests, the cleanser’s key feature is the low pH level of 5.5 which correctly responds with the skin for the same pH property.

Enriching the self-protective and self- recovering qualities of the skin checking both hormonal balance and aging issues like wrinkles and acne.

Another key feature of the product is bubble less mild cleansing which may result in slight extra use of the creamy gel but still very suitable for a smooth cleaning without feeling stripped or tightened.

It includes some potent herbal ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, pennywort, and witch hazel extracts and licorice root extract to ensure organic skincare though the fragrance is artificially added.

A useful aspect of the packaging comes with a pump style plastic bottle which is quite handy for specific amounts to be used each time.

Besides being one of the best Korean cleansers for combination skin that take away all extra oil and dirt off your skin, retaining the softness, it can also dislodge grits from the congested pore.

This cleanser feels a little harsh which is very unusual, as this cleanser doesn’t dry off the skin entirely and doesn’t tighten, but you may feel some stripping effect afterward.

To be precise, you can use this cleanser if you have sensitive skin.

This cleanser is quite good at balancing hormonal issues for the skin with proper pH level while obtaining organic medicinal benefits.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Proper pH balancing with level 5.5
  • Bubble free cleaning for non-irritating scrubbing
  • Handy packaging with a pump style bottle
  • Herbal benefits

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7. innisfree Green Tea Hydrating Cleansing Foam Creamy Face Cleanser

innisfree Green Tea Hydrating Cleansing Foam Creamy Face Cleanser

Another Innisfree cleansing product with the signature herbal ingredients including Jeju green tea leaf extract for natural brightening, hydrating and cleansing property that green tea offers.

Unlike the lava sea salt jelly cleanser, Innisfree offers lather with creamy, dense foam that washes off the skin of dirt and impurities without drying sensations.

The consistent thick cream is effortless to apply.

It spreads all over the face very smoothly and with a little addition of water.

It creates a thick leather over the face without any sharp or irritating smell which is very relaxing and refreshing.

Like other Innisfree products, the foam cleanser is very gentle which is very suitable for combination skin.

It takes care of the oily part without over-drying off the cheeks or sides resulting in tightening or stripping sensation.

The green tea from Jeju island, renowned for its cleanliness and abundant plant life raised in a hundred percent the organic way in selected plantations.

With utmost care to ensure skincare contingents, plucked, steamed, and processed under thorough supervision.

This is to retain proper nutrients and moisture, enrich this foam with natural brightening quality and softness which is essential for the skin after scrubbing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Thick consistent cream foams well
  • Organic green tea extract provides natural skincare
  • Refreshing scent
  • Gentle, mild cleaning
  • Treats issues like acne and wrinkle
  • Affordable

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8. innisfree Clarifying Cleansing Gel with Bija Seed Oil Face Cleanser

innisfree Clarifying Cleansing Gel with Bija Seed Oil Face Cleanser

This is no wonder that Innisfree contributes most in this top ten list with their trademark policy of maintaining a very authentic local organic essence with new-age consumer-friendly marketing.

This time Innisfree offers a water-based gel type cleanser with exfoliation and anti-acne properties and featuring Bija or Malabar Kino fruit extraction as the key ingredient.

Bija or Malabar Kino, a plant found in Asiatic forests used as a medicinal herb for their anti-hyperlipidemic properties.

It naturally washes off extra lipid or cholesterol substances or sebum the body surface and helps to retain a brighten and fresh skin.

Like the Jeju lava sea salt gel by Innisfree, this gel also works as an excellent scrubber without harsh treatment of skin that a good old scrub would do.

And like any other organic product of Innisfree, here the critical ingredient.

Bija, is an entirely wildly grown fruit and then plucked and processed under the careful supervision of skilled eyes to maintain the natural nutrient and moisture level of the fruit.

This is one of the main reasons that put Innisfree ahead.

It features a sustainable and eco-friendly skincare practice that is becoming a growing concern in the contemporary beauty world.

This gel also contains a mild citrus herbal scent which is very refreshing and engaging.

Most of all, it’s a very gentle cleanser which is good for oily skin without being too harsh for drier parts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gentle & mild cleansing
  • Bija extraction used for an herbal treatment
  • Pump- style bottle packaging
  • Refreshing fragrance

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9. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser

Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Foam 120ml

As foam cleansers are water-based, it’s exciting to find a product that claims to focus on this essential content of soap as the prime ingredient.

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser features ultra-fresh foam with hydrogen bio water which deeply cleanses pores and removes makeup residues from the skin along with impurities and dirt.

The foam quality is subtle and elegant.

It spreads smoothly and softly all over your face and gives a mild cleansing.

It may not suffice for hard makeup or sunscreen, but very good for dry or combination skin as it doesn’t completely dry out your face developing tightening or stripping feeling.

Also, it doesn’t smell much which is good for an extra sensitive nose.

With micro bubble micro-foam technology, this cleanser does clean very mildly feels like just putting a fluffy cloud over your face.

It’s good for sensitive skin and perfect for a mild morning clean removes the sebum without effecting the essential layers of the skin.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extra mild cleansing
  • No fragrance
  • Smooth and easy to spread

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10. Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

BANILA CO Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover, Balm to Oil, Double Cleanse, Face...

The last of the list is a balm type cleanser from Banila with a very selective ingredient list.

To strip off some of the common ingredients that possess side effects and produce a real gentle cleanser suitable for all types of skin.

Like a balm, it is an oil-based cleanser for deep cleaning of the skin of dust, visible residues, and sebum without causing extra dryness and strong enough to remove waterproof makeup or sunscreens.

It also has anti-acne, anti-aging properties which are useful in the long run.

Another positive aspect is though it is an oil-based cleanser, it doesn’t leave an oily complexion which is very soothing for the fatty part of your skin.

The format and packaging of the product are convenient for carrying during travel or everyday use.

It has a light citrus fragrance that is quite refreshing.

To summarize the product, this is one oil-based cleanser that is mild enough not to sting in the eye and, at the same time, strong enough to remove all makeup, even the waterproofing ones.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Oil-based balm cleanser for deep cleaning
  • Easily portable packaging
  • Deep cleaning retaining a mild touch
  • Anti-acne, anti-aging
  • Refreshing fragrance

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Combination Skin

Combination skin is an issue to be checked during adolescence because of the concentration of hormonal glands in the T-zone.

After puberty for anti-aging concerns, even weather change or different climatic conditions occurring due to travel may act separately on both the oily and dry zone of your face.

So choosing the right cleanser is very tricky as it has to mattify your oily complexion without too much drying up your non-oily parts.

Now there is a range of cleansers out there in different formats like gel, cream, foam, oil, powder, etc.

of different origins and ingredients just for picking.

But always remember, your pick must be following your condition and personal preferences.

You may go for a foamy agent or prefer a non-fragrance gel type as some people feel non-irritating only from some specific example.

The list below covers the top ones considering all types to decide upon your comfort and need.

Final Thoughts

These days’ Korean beauty products have presented us opportunities to pick a suitable variety for skincare from a vivid range of products with both organic or non-organic properties within an affordable budget.

Remember always that maintaining healthy and fresh skin is only possible by routine care, and any skincare session starts with proper cleansing.

With the K-beauty world at your disposal, you can expect some additional after-effects like brightening, acne, or aging solution.

Through the eco-friendly method, user-friendly maneuvers, and many others with a strong tradition of oriental herbal skincare.

In this list, we tried to incorporate the best Korean cleanser for combination skin all types available in the vast world of the cosmetic industry so that you can make your choice according to your pattern and mood.

But in case there is any product that you think should be on this list but isn’t, please let us know in the commentary box.

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