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Bliss And Grace Makeup Brush Review [Updated 2021]

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Skye Rhodes

A makeup brush is the main tool of professional makeup artists so we’ve prepared a review of the Bliss and Grace makeup brush set.

It is also a very useful thing for all women who use decorative cosmetics.

In either case, you should choose your best makeup brush set very thoroughly and attentively as the quality of brushes influences the quality of your makeup and how long you will wear it.

There are a lot of types of makeup brushes that can be made from different materials, have various sizes and forms, and no doubt each of them has its mission. 

It’s not so easy to study out which brush is used for but if you want to have perfect makeup, it’s worth it.

Many modern makeup techniques, for example, contouring can not be made without a big professional set of brushes, Bliss and Grace makeup brush set is a great buy in this case!


Bliss And Grace Makeup Brush Reviewed

This is a very useful set of brushes for those who want to have ideal makeup, there will be no difficulties in creating a perfect looking face with a Bliss and Grace makeup brush set. 

Quick Spec:

  • Brand Nаmе: Bliss and Grace
  • Type: Makeup brush set
  • Number of brushes: 32
  • Leather pouch size: 14.00 x 8.00 x 2.00 Inches
  • Handles: Natural laser cut wooden
  • Bristles: Anti-Bacterial synthetic microfibre grade A
  • Designed and tested by a team of Professional Makeup artists
  • All essential brushes in the beauty industry included

Other Specifications:

  • Deluxe fan brush
  • Powder brush
  • Blush brush
  • Small blush brush
  • Contour brush
  • Angled blush brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Large chisel brush
  • Large angled shade brush
  • Medium chisel brush
  • Medium shade brush
  • Flat blending brush
  • Small shade brush
  • Blending brush
  • Two small angled shade brushes
  • Fan brush
  • Two mini shade brushes
  • Eye smudge brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Ultrafine eyeliner brush
  • Lip brush
  • Two brow brushes
  • The large eye applicator brush
  • The small eye applicator brush
  • Lash brush
  • Lash and brow comb

After Unpacking

It is my first big set of brushes so when I got it I was very happy and eager to unpack it.

The set is very thoroughly and nicely packed.

First of all, you see a beautiful design – wooden handles and synthetic microfiber.

This set includes 32 popular brushes.

It is very convenient because you don’t need to buy anything additionally.  

The brushes are completed with a very practical bag made from vegan leather.

It is very handy to store them in this bag or bring them with you if you need to apply makeup at a party or on a trip.

This bag also protects the brushes from dust.  

Then I take all the brushes from the bag and put them in front of me.

Each brush has its small plastic package.

I like it because I think hygiene is very important. 

The bristles of the brushes are nice on the touch and quite soft.

They are made from synthetic microfiber grade A.

Handles are comfortable enough, made from wood, I’m sure the eco theme is popular now.

It is clear what brush is used due to the detailed description.

In everyday makeup, it would be enough to have just maybe 10 or 12 brushes, but the more the better, I thought when I bought this set.

This wonderful set includes all kinds of brushes – for skin, eyes, brows, and lips. 

Further, I would like to tell you my opinion and advice on the application of makeup with Bliss Grace Makeup Brushes.


To make use of the brushes more clear, we can divide them according to their area of application – face, lips, brows, eyes. 

Face Brushes

These are brushes for foundation, powder, blush, concealer, sculptor, bronzer, and any other products for perfect looking skin: 

  • Deluxe fan brush is used for the application of highlighter or powder and removal of cosmetic products overage
  • It is the biggest brush in this set, it creates the lightest layer on your skin
  • Use it for the final fixation of your makeup with transparent powder
  • Powder brush fairly broad soft brush perfectly takes powder texture
  • It’s a bit smaller, used for powder application
  • Spreads the powder in a more dense layer
  • Try to tap your skin easily with this brush, not to stretch
  • Blush brush intended to apply cosmetics locally on your cheek and cheekbones
  • The small blush brush is smaller and less convenient than a Blush Brush but can be useful if you have a small package of blush or if you need to take it with you in traveling, for example
  • Contour brush can be used for such products as sculptor, bronzer, and highlighter
  • With this brush, you can easily detail cheekbones and define the face line
  • Angled blush brush has a beveled edge for even distribution of product on your face
  • You can also control line thickness, and use this brush for highlighter on the upper part of your lips and under brows using the brush tip
  • Foundation brush is used for any type of liquid and creamy textures
  • It has two types of bristles – longer bristles make more natural effects, and they also make the process faster as long bristles cover the bigger surface of the skin
  • Shorter bristles even the shade and give some shining, on the top, this brush has an oval form  
  • Large angled shade brush has thick and tough bristles
  • It’s ideal for the distribution of liquid cosmetic products
  • As bristles of this brush are tough and thick don’t apply your product immediately to the brush
  • Instead of this dip the brush into your cream, and remember that you need a small amount of cream for the whole face
  • Any brush with tough bristles makes a thick layer of a product on your face, try to avoid this 
  • Medium shade brush fits for contouring when you make corrections of face contours, bronzer, and sculptor will do
  • Small shade brush due to its round edge fits for the area under your eyes perfectly well
  • It is perfect for the application of concealer, it’s quite small and allows you to fill all the wrinkles  
  • Two small angled shade brushes are very useful when you want to conceal any spot or pimple on your face with just one touch of these great brushes
  • Fan brush can be used for different operations, for example, it’s good for makeup fixing with a thin layer of powder under your eyes, or blending of highlighter and blush, it makes a very delicate application of every product
  • It can also remove some powder from your face if you put it more than necessary
  • Two mini shade brushes are must-haves for makeup correction if you made a mistake or want to improve something a little

Eye Brushes

It’s necessary to have two types of brushes for eye makeup – firstly to apply and distribute shadows on your eyelid, then to blend and smudge.

Beautiful eye makeup needs some practice but I’m sure that when using this set of brushes the process will be a pleasure for you.

The number of brushes you will need for eye makeup depends on the type of makeup and the result you want to achieve.

Here is their description:

  • A large chisel brush is used for the application and distribution of shadows on the upper eyelid
  • It has a flat form and it’s necessary for those who want to have a professional makeup of eyes
  • It’s the best choice for shadow distribution as it makes the color thick
  • Medium chisel brush fits for the lower eyelid, due to lower size it makes your eyes look neat and tidy
  • Flat blending brush blends and mixes different colors, makes soft transitions
  • The blending brush is ideal for the detailed filling of the upper eyelid and external eye corner
  • The eye smudge brush is useful when you want to make an accent or highlight the internal eye corner and smudge eye shadows
  • The eyeliner brush is used for liquid eyeliners
  • It’s easy to make arrows on your eyes with this brush
  • It’s flexible enough and good for any lines in your makeup
  • The ultrafine eyeliner brush is for the finest lines and arrows on your eyes
  • Large eye applicator brush can also be successfully used for shadow application, instead of Large chisel brush, fits for the upper eyelid
  • A small eye applicator brush can also be used for shadow application, fits for the lower eyelid

And just some advice: 

When shading a pencil choose an Eye smudge brush or Medium chisel brush

When you work with creamy shadows you may choose the brush according to the result you wish to achieve.

If you take a Large chisel brush you will get even layers and sharp application.

When creating a smokey eye look, choose brushes with longer bristles, for example, a flat blending brush.

If you don’t have much time for making soft transitions and color blendings and need to make quick makeup just use Large or small eye applicator brushes.

Lip Brushes

  • Lip brush is a very handy brush for lipstick, lip gloss, tint
  • It has a triangle tip, ideal for painting thin lip lines and filling the contours
  • It has an average hardness so it’s equally comfortable for both painting and blending
  • Many girls think that it’s not necessary to have a separate brush for lipstick but if you once try to spread lipstick with the help of a brush, I assure you that you will like it!

Brushes For Brows And Lashes

Makeup artists advise buying brow brushes of a flat form with short or medium bristles.

The angled bristle brow brush is effective at drawing separate lines and at smudging if necessary:

  • Two brow brushes fit making brow makeup perfectly well
  • It can be used for dry (brow shadows) and liquid (tints or mascara) products
  • Lash brush is used for lashes at mascara application
  • It’s a hard spiral form brush
  • It can be easily replaced by the brush from your favorite mascara
  • Lash and brow comb combs lashes and brows, makes them fluffy, helps to set lashes and brows with a fixing gel 


Using makeup brushes has a lot of advantages.

It makes the process of makeup creation easier, it saves time.

It reduces cosmetic product spending.

It distributes beauty products evenly and has a gentle effect on your skin. 

After using these brushes I can say for sure that this set of brushes has its advantages.

1. Leather Bag For Storage

This set of brushes has a very handy leather bag for storage.

It’s very important for such a big set, otherwise, I would have to buy a special cosmetic bag for them.

It’s great that each brush has its own space and it’s quite hygienic too.

After using I try to put the brushes back and it’s quite convenient for me. 

2. Number Of Brushes 

32 different great brushes allow you to make any type of makeup, even the most difficult ones.

My favorite smokey eyes are not a problem now.

It’s nice that I have them all in one place and I don’t need to buy anything additionally.

Of course, I could do without some of them but I prefer having more than I need rather than having less.

Brush name and numbers are printed on each brush so it’s not a problem to learn what brush is used for.

Everything is quite clear.

But creating an ideal makeup needs a lot of practice!

3. Bristles 

Bristle material is synthetic microfiber grade A.

In general synthetic brushes are usually used for creamy and liquid textures, and these brushes fit perfectly for such products.

The bristles are soft and flexible enough and smooth to the touch.   

4. Handles

Handle material is laser cut wood.

It’s not very important for me, but I know that many people now concern about nature and ecology and it will be an advantage for them that these brushes have wood handles and not plastic ones.

Moreover, these handles are very comfortable and smooth.

I like to touch and feel them.


Even though I like this set in general, but there are some disadvantages too. 

1. Some Brushes I Don’t Use

Some brushes, for example, large angled shade brush or Fan brush are useless for me.

They are good enough but I don’t need them in my makeup.

All the other brushes from this set are just enough to create makeup for me.    

2. Only Synthetic Bristles

All makeup artists know how difficult it can be to create makeup using only synthetic brushes.

For some structures, it’s necessary to have natural brushes, for example when you need a soft blending of dry powder textures.  

Before Buying

Some advice for those who are thinking about getting proper makeup brushes:

  • If you don’t have any brushes yet, just remember that it is more practical and cheaper to buy a whole set than to buy separate brushes
  • Moreover sets usually include all necessary brushes for every makeup area
  • The minimum number of brushes depends on the woman and her desires and also on the type of makeup and the result she wants to achieve
  • Synthetic brushes are better for creamy products, and natural brushes for dry powder products
  • But if you are allergic, choose only synthetic brushes
  • Modern synthetic brushes, like, for example, Bliss and Grace’s brushes are as good as natural ones concerning quality and characteristics
  • Creamy blush is very handy to spread with your fingers
  • For shade foundation, you can also use a sponge but it has one main negative side – you spend more cosmetic product with a sponge
  • Japanese brushes are considered to be the best but frankly speaking, I don’t feel a great difference
  • Bliss and Grace brushes fit perfectly well for home using  
  • Don’t forget to wash your brushes with a special soap, if possible do this after each use

How To Wash Makeup Brushes

These actions will help you to keep your brushes in good working condition as long as it’s possible:

  • A quick cleaning can be performed after each use with the help of an express cleaner
  • It will remove cosmetic products from your brushes and sterilize them
  • Wash your brushes with shampoo or special soap once a week
  • This will prevent color pigment from burning into bristles and will keep brushes in good condition
  • Use warm water (comfortable for hands) when you wash your brushes
  • After cleaning your brushes under flowing water don’t press bristles with efforts, just pat them dry with a cotton cloth or paper towel 
  • Dry the brushes on a flat surface with absorption capacity in a ventilated room
  • Never put wet brushes vertically with their bristles upside
  • It’s forbidden to dry brushes on central heating batteries or using hot airflow
  • For removing waterproof textures use Waterproof makeup remover
  • Firstly apply remover on a cotton pad and melt texture, then rinse the brush with flowing water and shampoo

What Others Are Saying

Other girls are impressed bу the number of brushes in this Bliss and Grace set and their high quality.

They say that they look divine, nice to the touch, and help them to improve their daily makeup.

One buyer complains that not all brushes are soft enough.

She says that they are mostly hard and plastic-like.

They are good for cream-like products, but when using powder you will have a lot of falls out. 

Some Tips For Ideal Skin Makeup

These tips will help to keep makeup on your face as long as possible. 

Firstly, moisturize your skin.

It’s a widely known fact that before starting any type of makeup you should clean your skin and apply humidifying cream or fluid.

This step is necessary even for those who have oily skin.

It’s the only way to avoid uneven coating and sloughing of skin.

Secondly, use a primer as it will make your beauty products stay on your face as long as possible.

This wonderful product also removes the microrelief of your skin and makes it smooth and even. 

Then, use a liquid shade foundation.

Shade fluid allows you to blend colors on your skin and see the result immediately.

Don’t forget about your foundation brush.

It will help you to spread the foundation smoothly. 

Make proper layers, it’s important to keep priority, firstly apply creamy or liquid products, then add powder, if necessary.

Use a Blush brush or Small Blush brush for application of blush and a contour brush for sculptor or highlighter.

This order of layers will result in the perfect looking shade.

And, finally, fixation, makeup requires the same fixation as, for example, hair styling.

Take makeup finish product and spray it on your skin

Now you can be sure that your make will stay on your face as long as you need it.

It’s extremely important during any special event.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I’d like to say that every girl or woman should try the brushes and choose for herself if she needs brushes at all and which brushes to use. 

It’s very important because we all are different and no wonder that we like different things.

There are a lot of women who apply makeup with just fingers and it looks great but in my mind using makeup brushes makes the process more comfortable and clean.

I don’t like oily hands when spreading skin cream or foundation, that’s why brushes are my must-haves. 

Choose your ideal brushes and you will use them for a long time and with great pleasure.

If a woman tries brushes with different kinds of bristles, both natural and synthetic, long and short, straight and angled, she will see the result on her face.

I recommend Bliss and Grace makeup brushes to all my friends because they are great and easy to use, now the perfectly looking makeup is not a problem for me.

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