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Coraline Makeup Tutorial: 10 Steps For An Amazing Look

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Skye Rhodes

Almost everyone wants to try a Coraline look and that’s what this Coraline makeup tutorial article is for.

Makeup has the power to work magic by completely transforming your face and greatly enhancing your best features and tutorials are important for both those who love it simple and those who want everything it offers.

Anyone can be a makeup pro with enough practice and the skill to blend the right types of makeup.

Even for a beginner, the Coraline makeup tutorial we have prepared for you is simple, practical, and fun, and if you need a costume or event makeup routine that will perfectly work for you, this is it.

Below are ten key steps to achieve a perfectly flawless and matching Coraline look.


Ten-Step Coraline Makeup Tutorial for an Amazing Look

This Coraline makeup tutorial is perfectly easy for everyone, even beginners and it will take a preparation time of 30 to 40 minutes.

Application time is approximately 40 minutes.

Warning: Be careful when applying adhesive over your eyes.

Here’s what you need for the props;

  • Glue
  • Bobby pin
  • Twine
  • Blue wig
  • Wig cap
  • Yellow raincoat
  • Runny fake blood
  • Skin adhesive
  • Ellimorph plastics in red, blue, yellow, white, and black

Step 1: Create Hair Pins 

Pour red ellimorph plastic in hot water.

As the red pellets become clear and bond, remove them from the water.

Don’t let them get too hot.

Use your fingers to mold and shape your pellet into a dragonfly.

After that, the next thing is to make the dragon fly’s wings.

Pour an averagely equal amount of yellow and blue ellimorph plastics in your hands and mix them till they are even and pour in hot water.

Just as we did before with the red pellets, remove them when they start to clear.

When removing, carefully distribute the two colors evenly.

Mold it a bit with your hands, and it will turn green.

Put it back in hot water and let it sit till it gets soft.

Remove it and begin rubbing it against your palms vigorously to achieve even texture and color.

Cut the mold in half and divide one half into two pieces and straighten them out.

Put the red pellet back in hot water to soften it.

Curve each of the green pellets outwards, then join the bent backs to form a letter ‘X.’

Place the red pellet over the ‘X’ pellet to create a dragonfly wing.

Next, take your bobby pin and secure it on a folded sheet of paper.

Apply glue on the lower part of the wing and secure it by attaching it to the bobby pin’s straight edge.

 Once the glue is dry, pull out the bobby pin from the paper.

Step 2: Create Buttons for the Eyes

Pour a large chunk (half handful) of black ellimorph plastic in hot water.

Remove the mold from the water and split it into pieces as you rub them into balls with your palms.

The pieces should be as many as the number of buttons you want.

Place your open palm over the balls and press down, creating a flat circle, just like a button’s shape.

Use a pointed tool to pierce holes through the plastic.

If the plastic is hard, put it back in the water till it softens.

If you forcibly pierce a hard plastic, the buttonhole shapes will be distorted. 

The plastic is elastic; therefore, it will be tricky to pierce the holes in the right shape.

However, ensure the holes are big enough to see through.

Step 3: Create Coraline’s dangling needle under the eye

Put white ellimorph plastic pellets in hot water and remove them when it turns clear. 

By now, you know the drill.

Remove the formed mold and cut it into very thin pieces.

Thereafter, mold each piece into a straight line and rub it in a forward-back movement until it completely straightens out and is thin.

It should be as thin as a needle because, after all, it’s a needle’s imitation.

However, the side with the eye loop should be thicker than the other end.

Slightly coil one edge of the ‘needle’ over a hairpin or a similar object to create a small loop.

The loop is the eye of the needle.

If the needle is too long, just use scissors to cut it to your preferred size, then, use your fingertip to round the edge to smoothen it so that it’s not too sharp.

Step 4: Twine the Buttons

Use the twine and wrap it inside the buttonholes.

A crisscross motion is the best to ensure it doesn’t come off.

After you are done, take the twine’s dangling edge and put it through the needle hole.

Tie a knot to secure it in place.

All the preparation props are ready; it’s mirror time!

Step 5: Apply Sheen and do Eyebrows

Use a brush to apply sheen on the cheekbones, hairline, and nose.

Ensure the sheen brings out your nose as thin, just like Coraline’s.

You can substitute the sheen with a light foundation if you don’t have any.

Use a glue stick to apply glue over your eyebrows in a back and forth motion.

Run the eyebrow hairs up using a hard mascara brush.

Continue applying glue till all the hairs are covered.

Apply a little water on your fingertip and run it across the edges of the eyebrows to smoothen them over so that there are no harsh edges when you apply the makeup over. 

Use the Mac Painterly paint pot to cover the eyebrow hairs fully.

Step 6: Face Beat (pun intended!)

Apply the Nars Natural radiant longwear foundation all over your face and make sure it covers up the brows.

Rub it in using a brush and ensure it sets in well and evenly.

Use a light shade of the Iconic London Concealer on areas you need more coverage, such as below the eyes, forehead, and chin.

The concealer gives the face some highlight.

Step 7: Set the Makeup

Use the Huda Beauty loose powder with a blender, and bake it under your eyes and around the upper cheekbones.

After that, you can now use the Mac bronzing powder to bronze the face up a bit and give a yellowy-light look and smoothen the face.

The result should be a smooth, flawless, light even-toned appearance.

Step 8: Draw the Eyebrows

Draw on the eyebrows using the Mehron Water Activated Paint.

Using a thin eyebrow pencil, mimic the shape and size of Coraline’s brows.

Make some freckles below the eyes, on the cheeks, and the side of the nose using the eyebrow pencil and Mehron paint.

Tap lightly on them using your finger to spread them out.

I believe they look more natural when they are scattered.

Step 9: Blush, Lips, Lashes

Apply the Cat’s eye rosy pink blush by color pop.

This blush will definitely give you the cute, cartoony look that we are after.

After applying the blush, simply apply a highlighter by OFRA Rodeo drive to give your face that glow that helps the face pop in photos.

Using your fingertip, apply some on your nose’s tip and the sides to get a button nose.

Use a Mac Lipliner to outline the lips.

You can as well draw out an extension of your natural lips to give you a doll look.

Don’t forget to draw Caroline’s extended lines on the sides of your lips, and use thin streaks.

When done with that, use Mac honey love lipstick to fill out the lips.

Next, use the Mac extended mascara to prepare for the falsies.

Fix the Lemon mink unicorn lashes, and your face is all done.

Step 10: Put on the props

Even out your hair for the wig and if you don’t have a wig cap, simply put your hair up in a knot.

Put on the wig and give it a little brush and sheen spray.

Insert the hairpin on the side to secure the side of the hair and tada!

You’re good to go.

What’s Coraline Makeup?

If you have been a movie/film lover since forever like me, you must be familiar with the 2009 animation banger, ‘Coraline.’

The star of the film is the character ‘Coraline Jones’, voiced by the legendary Dakota Fanning.

Coraline is an 11-year-old girl who lives an idealized life behind the secret door of her new home.

She is oblivious to the dangers and mystery in the outside world.

However, what interested most of the audience was the characters’ appearance, more notably Coraline and her other mother.

Coraline rocks bob-style blue hair, brown eyes, and is too skinny for her age.

The appearances took the makeup industry by storm, especially for Halloween and costumes.

Slightly over a decade later, today, the Coraline makeup look is still most sought after.

To master the exact match of Coraline is an art, not many possess.

Makeup artists have been making a killing from recreating the look.

The good news is, you are now able to do the Coraline makeup look all by yourself.

The Coraline makeup tutorial has already shown you how to make all the props to save money instead of buying all pre-made costume items.

And let’s be honest, costumes and accessories are often overpriced, especially during Halloween.

If you have a costume party coming up, it couldn’t get better than this.

It’s your turn to steal the show and be the talk of the town for a long time to come.

And oh! For all the right reasons too.

Choosing Makeup That Works For You

  • Choose a foundation according to your skin type

There are three types of skin; normal, oily, dry, and mixed.

Normal skin can blend well with most types of foundations while powder foundation is the best for oily skin.

For dry skin, tinted moisturizers work best.

Liquid and cream foundations are the best for mixed skin.

  • Choosing your foundation shade

You need to test a foundation shade on your skin before buying.

Use a tester foundation and apply a little amount on the back of your palm.

The back of the palm’s shade is closer in complexion to the face.

Also, use a lighter and darker shade for testing to find an in-between match for your skin.

If you are undecided, always chose the lighter shade.

  • Picking an eyeliner

Fortunately, eyeliners aren’t as diverse as other makeup; therefore, you have a manageable range to choose from.

Eyeliner forms the base for the rest of eye makeup; therefore, it’s important to get it right.

Pencil eyeliners are the most commonly available and are easy to use.

They blend flawlessly with most eyeshadow shades.

A pencil eyeliner helps you control the size of the line and that’s much easier than using a brush for the application.

Powder gives you a soft, natural, and light look.

If you want a more glamorous and dramatic look, go for liquid eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner requires one to be very careful in application.

You have to apply it steadily to avoid smudging.

  • Choosing your eyeshadows

Eye shadows depend on eye color and skin shades.

For example, if you have brown eyes, choose the following colors for eyeshadow; purple, blue, copper, silver, and gold.

For hazel eyes, avoid blue shadows at all costs and choose either dark purple, yellow, and green.

Dark brown and orange blend well with blue eyes.

Smoky gray, charcoal, violet, and beige are perfect for green eyes.

If you have pale skin, don’t use dark or smoky colors, but instead use lighter earth tones.

For dark skins, use vibrant colors and avoid white.

  • Choosing the best blush for you

Light pink and peach colors go well for pale skin.

For medium skin, choose rose pink and dark peach shades.

For dark skin, rose and dark orange is a great combination.

Light pinks and peaches easily complement pale skin.

  • Get your lips just right

The best way to choose lip colors is by selecting shades that are darker than our natural lips’ shade.

Red is the most popular choice, but there are different shades for different skin tones.

Cherry red is perfect for pink skin shades while firetruck red blends with olive skin.

For darker skin tones, use dark red shades, dark brown, and deep purple.

Apricot, pink, and cream are good options for pale skin while medium skin tones can use rose and berry shades.

Pro Tips to Consider When Choosing Makeup For Halloween And Costume Parties

Halloween falls in the colder months.

It can be a hustle applying your makeup and having to wrestle with a turtle neck over your head later as you dress.

The first step is to use an astringent to clean your face, which removes all traces of facial oil.

Next is to rinse your face with cold water.

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline, which will make it easy to remove the otherwise stubborn face paints.

Always try to do your makeup before a well-lit vanity.

If you will use prosthetics such as scars, apply the spirit gum first.

Latex can be used, but first, apply a base coat.

If you want scar effects, apply a thin layer and follow up with a piece of tissue.

Keep repeating up to the desired effect.

After you have built-up areas that require prosthetics, apply foundation.

Lightly rub on the foundation and gently pat it to blend.

Makeup creates texture; for example, you get a smooth look when you brush with a makeup brush.

To add texture to your makeup application, use a coarse texturing sponge.

There is a general rule of applying a single color or coat at a time and completely dry.

You can set your hairdryer to cold air so that the makeup dries up faster.

If you sweat while your makeup is unset, it’s a recipe for disaster.

I would advise using baby powder to dust your face so that the makeup remains intact.

Powdering your hair and clothes can also add the age effect for zombies.

Why You Should Choose To Wear Makeup

I haven’t met anyone with a love-hate relationship with makeup.

I’m in love with makeup and wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying I can’t live without it.

Most makeup lovers love to start the day with a makeup routine.

Makeup is essential for most people, but why is that?

Makeup is an expression of who you a person is, of one’s personality.

Below is a list of reasons why you should be convinced to wear makeup.

  •  Makeup boosts self-confidence 

You may have scars, blemishes, acne, or terrible breakout that you just don’t want to appear in public.

Makeup can be your savior since a little bit of makeup will give you a new face.

It brings out your best features and hides that which you want to keep away from the world.

When you look at how you want to, you feel confident about your appearance and yourself.

  • Applying makeup is like wearing art

Some people put a lot of effort and go a long way to make sure they look their best.

Makeup allows you to play around with so many colorful and artistic options, leaving you looking like a stunning piece of art, which you are!

  • Applying makeup can be a hobby

You may spend hundreds of dollars and a lot of time at makeup stores or makeup websites online.

This is because there are so many products to choose from.

  • Feminism

Before you come out with guns blazing, hear me out.

Feminism is all about being whatever you want and doing what you want with your body.

It’s about girl power and women empowerment.

If you are a feminist and want to go all out in makeup, go ahead, by all means, sister!

  • There is makeup to go with every outfit and occasion

If it’s the office, a Halloween party, a dinner date, a night out clubbing, there is always makeup for every occasion.

Makeup can be worn as an accessory or a statement piece.

  • It can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship

This is especially for ladies as we notice each other’s flawlessly done makeup.

Some people don’t shy away from giving or receiving compliments.

Compliments can mark the beginning of a friendship or romantic relationship.

  • Makeup is like coloring your hair, but you can change it every day

You have the power to command a new look every day, to match your style and mood.

If you are feeling confident, classy, and stylish, how about wearing that deep red lipstick?

  • It can help you relax

When you are in front of your vanity mirror wearing makeup, the only thing running through your mind is how beautiful and glamorous you look.

You forget about your problems; the laundry that is piled up, that kitchen rack that needs repair, that exam paper you haven’t prepared for.

You relax and breathe for a minute, and it helps you put things in order.

  • Makeup helps you love yourself

You put a lot of personal consideration into choosing and wearing makeup, the colors and shades you love and that are great for your skin, etc.

This helps you learn about yourself and appreciate yourself.

You can identify your best features and strengths.

Final Thoughts

Makeup is an important aspect of society that we should embrace.

The most important things to factor in are your skin type, skin shade, and personal preferences.

Applying makeup is fun, so play around and experiment with whatever you love.

Makeup is for everyone, don’t let anyone make the rules for you.

I hope this Coraline makeup tutorial will serve you well when you try out the Coraline look.

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