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10 Best Makeup Tips For Deep Set Eyes [Updated 2021]

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Skye Rhodes

Are you worried about how your eyes appear smaller when you put on that eyeshadow and how your brow bone starts to look more prominent? – Worry no more, because here we have the best makeup tips for deep set eyes.

Well, in that case, you have beautiful deep-set eyes which are stunning, one of a kind and an absolute blessing!

When we talk about those intimidating deep-set eyes we instantly think of celebs like Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, and many more!

These deep-set eye looks are what makes them look heavenly and picture-perfect but for their makeup artists, this one can be a tough nut to crack!

People have a lot to say about deep-set or what some call deep-seated eyes, some positive and some negative, but no matter how everyone sees it they are beautiful and worth the hard work you put in pulling this look off!


10 Best Makeup Tips For Deep Set Eyes

So, if you have got deep-set eyes and for some reason, you are not proud of them, then let this article help you discover the ways to bring out and enhance the beauty that lies within them with the best makeup tips for deep set eyes.

1. How Do You Know If You Have Deep-Set Eyes? 

So, before we start let us analyze whether or not we have deep-set eyes.

Finding out your eye contour can be a bit complex, especially since many shapes are common.

If you have deep-set eyes, luckily, there is a simple method to determine once and for all.

Pick a mirror up and look at your eyes from the side, do you notice that your brow bone appears more notable?

Are your eyes put on your head?

Then it sounds like you have deep-set eyes if you have answered yes to the previous questions.

But in case you are still somewhat unsure of your eye shape, I will list down some basic features of deep-set eyes and few other tips to determine if you have deep-set eyes or not. 

  • The eyes are sunken into the skull

The primary feature of deep-set eyes is that they are comparatively more sunken into the skull than other eye types, you can easily determine that by looking at them from the side.

Looking into a mirror can be a tedious job, so how about a selfie? – Take one and then analyze every feature of your eyes.

If you have deep sunken eyes then you will find that your brow bone is sticking out and is a more prominent feature of your face.

It will appear more protruding out when compared to your sunken eyes and you will be able to see why we call deep-set eyes deep-seated eyes. 

Here’s another method I have got for you is that you can use the light!

Under the light, your brow bone will appear casting shadows on your eyes proving their protruding nature, and can make your eyes appear smaller than they are! 

You can fancy them up and make them appear almost twice as big and way more appealing, with the help of our very own miracle item or in other words, makeup!

And a touch of that blinding and reflective highlighter on your brow bone is big No!

I mean what for? – When they already overshadowing your deep-set eyes, highlighting them will only make them pop out more! 

Dear brow bone, I know you are there to protect those eyes but I don’t need you to act as an umbrella okay? – You are stealing the spotlight!

  • Lashes graze the lids 

The next feature that’ll help you determine if you have deep-set eyes is checking your eyelashes, it can be very annoying, especially when dealing with mascara.

Since the eyes are sunken in, the eyelashes are bound to graze your eyelids so whenever you are going for mascara make sure it is waterproof and smudge-proof else you’ll have mascara mess all over your lids ruining your perfect makeup.

Well, there are times when you are not naturally born with sunken eyes but instead it is caused by external factors like dehydration, or consuming too much coffee, soda, and pre-packaged drink. 

And thus those sunken eyes with dark skin around them, so, drinking water or staying hydrated along with using good eye-creams should help.

2. How To Get Them Deep Set Eyes Popping With Makeup?

Here we are, at the right stop!

Let the journey of getting them deep-set eyes to steal the spotlight begin!

Generally, the first thing everyone notices about a person is their eyes (provided they aren’t wearing shades), so it’s crucial to make those eyes look gorgeous and establish a great and lasting first impression!

So, here I will be listing out the 10 best make up tips to make those beautiful deep-set eyes appear even prettier and make you the talk of the evening!

And the only thing that will be sunken is your insecurities!

  • Make the darkness around your eyes perish

What I mean is to brighten up the areas around your eyes to bring those eyes out. 

And how do you do that? Here’s how you can do that easily!

The first step is to use a good concealer with high coverage and of a shade that near about matches your natural skin tone.

The better and more effective way would be using a color corrector (orange or peach) here before using the concealer, to make sure you even out any discoloration under those pretty eyes!

Later apply the concealer generously under your eyes and also on your lids the darker your lids are the more sunken they make your eyes will appear, and that’s not something we want.

So make sure everything around your eyes is nice and bright especially the inner corners of your eyes look well brightened and highlighted making your eyes appear longer and more feminine.

  • Highlighting the under eye

The next step would be to highlight your under the eye, using a concealer of shade that is at least one tone lighter than your natural skin tone.

Try to apply the concealer in a V shape or an upside-down triangle under your eyes and blend it with your foundation very well to avoid any awkward dual-color situation going on, on your face.

What this trick would do is, it will kind of push your eyes up giving it a bold uplift, blend everything very well, and don’t forget to set it with setting powder.

This pattern of highlighting will decrease the amount of deep-set in your eyes, making them appear bigger, longer, and uplifted and that’s exactly what we are aiming for!

This will put everything forward and make your eyes stand out!

  • Apply transition shade to your brow bone

So, what we are going to do next? – Well, we’re gonna add some definition to those lids!

The next step is to add some transition shade above your crease, right into your brow bone while doing this we will try to cover the entire brow bone, not leaving the area that is for highlight. 

Always make sure you don’t leave any blank areas in your brow bone and just try to cover it all up while blending that soft transition shade right into it.

And by doing these transition shades, they will make their protruding brow bones appear comparatively sunken, making the sunken eyes pop out and shine automatically!

And that’s how your eyes going to steal the spotlight from those overshadowing brow bones!

Always use a fluffy (tapered preferably) blending brush to apply the transition shade of your choice right there above the crease and into your protruding brow bone. 

Blend it using a circular motion, and try to bring the upward flick on the edges, especially if you have downturn edges what bringing out the eyeshadow does is that it gives length to your eyes and the flicked out edge uplifts your eyes instantly!

That will also bring your eyes out!

You will see that just by covering up your brow bones, you will have kind of equalized the eyes and your brow bones are not so protruding anymore!

  • Apply a light shadow on your lid

If you apply a natural light shadow or a beige or a warm metallic hue to your lids, it gives them that much brighter and opens up appearance.

Try to apply the same shadow on the inner corner of your eyes too, it’ll highlight them beautifully and opens up the eyes more.

You will notice the instant difference in the way your eyes appear, it does a great job in opening up your eyes.

If you with darker shades on the inner corner of your eyes, then they might make your eyes appear more sunken and punched in, and no, you don’t want that.

If you still want to go for a darker color then you definitely can, but the key for using a darker color for deep-seated eyes is to always try to apply it towards the edges of your eyes while keeping a lighter or natural color towards your inner eye area, this will make your eyes look longer even while wearing darker shades! 

This will bring out the inner corner more while highlighting it and it is also going to push that protruding brow bone even more back.

Also, make sure to not just apply it on the crease, just go a little above that so it is more visible even when your eyes open, the thing about deep sunken eyes is that they legit have very less lid space on show while the eyes are open so its important to follow this step.

It will give you that Smokey effect, you are hoping for, and at the same time will bring out the inner corner of your eyes!

  • Little or no highlight on those brow bones

Have deep sunken eyes? – Never in your wildest dreams, ever even think of highlighting your brow bones!

Highlighting the brow bones is done to make them pop out and look higher and prominent but in the case of people who have deep sunken eyelids, honey you have that naturally!

So there is legit zero need to do this step.

But in case you just love that look and can’t help it, try using the least possible amount you can!

Apply just a little highlight on your brow bone along with your eyebrows and if necessary use your finger to blend and lighten the highlight for a more diminished and natural finish.

Honestly, you don’t need too much highlighting here, or better don’t highlight at all.

If you highlight the brow bone too much, then it will defeat all the efforts we put in getting that protruding brow bone pushed back and bring those eyes forward and popping.

It will make it more protruding instead.

And we don’t want that!

  • Dark shades for your lower lash line

Take the same dark shade which you used for your crease to connect the lower lash line with the upper one.

You can do this step at the same time when you are doing your crease.

Apply the dark shade with the help of a pencil brush on your lower lash lines.

Blend it well and connect it with the upward flick you did before and that will again give you the illusion that your outer edge on your eyes going up.

It especially helps when you have drooping eyes, It will make your eyes appear more forward than before.

However don’t apply it on your entire lower lash line, better stop mid-war and keep the inner corner for the lighter shade.

Which I mentioned before already so if you go with dark shade all along your lower lash line. 

It is going to look horrible as if you got punched right in the eye!

  • Use the transition shade to blend your lower lash line out

Use the same transition shade you used before.

Apply it on your lower lash line where you just put the dark shade to blend it all out.

Using two shades for your lower lash lines can do wonders, you know, it will give just the right gradient you are looking for.

And this shade, you can take it from inner to outer.

It kind of blends everything into one.

  • Use a light brown or white liner on your waterline

Now, this is a wonderful tip I must say!

This can be the breakthrough for you if you have small eyes or deep sunken eyes!

Just applying a white or light brown eyeliner on the waterline will open up your eyes.

And it makes your eyes appear bigger than they are!

But if you are a diehard fan of black kajal then let me save you here.

You can still use a black kajal on your waterline.

But there’s a trick to it, which will be beneficial for people with deep-set eyes.

Apply that liner on the waterline but stop right before the inner corner.

And then use a brush and blend it with the transition shade.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard with it and end up making it thick.

You don’t want to do that, trust me.

But again, using a lighter colored or white liner on the waterline is always the better option for deep-set eyes!

  • Deep-set winged eyeliner

The deep-set winged eyeliner is different from your regular winged eyeliner.

I am not talking about some special makeup items here.

I am talking about the technique.

Let me explain that to you.

The first point is going for that thick winged liner look is a no for you.

Since that will push your eyes more into your eye sockets.

And you don’t want that right?

Yes, you don’t!

Because your wings will look fine as long as your eyes are closed but when you will open them, yikes! It will be a disaster.

You will get that weird tick like look then you will not like it at all! ‘Cause I don’t!

So let me tell you the remedy for this winged liner ailment of yours.

What you have to do is to forget the general rule of applying the eyeliner aligning to the lower lashline.

We will go a few degrees on the flatter side.

Since the crease of people with deep-set eyes comes more towards the edges of your eyes than normal people, you are going to create a wing that goes a little farther away from the crease.

And then start merging the end of the line you just drew, using your eyeliner, with the end of your crease.

So, you are going to create your wings from where your crease ends.

You can make your wing as big as you want, to get the right amount of dramatic effect you are looking for, or make it as small as you want, or maybe you might not a wing at all!

After you have joined it to your crease endpoint, you have to now join it with your lash line.

 Now complete your liner withdrawing a thin line along your lash line. 

Do not make it thick.

You are going for that thin liner look for your deep-set eyes.

Be especially careful in the inner corners of your eyes. Keep it thinner than the outer lashline.

Now your liner looks decent even when your eyes are open!

Don’t forget to connect your big wing with your lower lash line, it will give you an illusion of a straighter wing.

  • Always use waterproof mascara

Things can get messy for people with deep-set eyes when dealing with mascara.

Since the lashes forever seem to be grazing the lids.

You will need a mascara that doesn’t get smudged easily to avoid that messy eye look which will ruin the entire hard work you put in making your deep-set eyes go popping.

 So, always look for curling, waterproof which is also smudge-proof mascara!

Don’t forget the falsies, please.

They might be a beautifying tool for others but trust me they are the holy grail for people like you with deep-set eyes!

They are so important to you! – Trust me.

Falsies can make your deep-set eyes stand out!

3. Dont’s For Deep Set Eye Makeup Look

Let me quickly mention some don’ts that you better avoid while trying to make your deep-set eyes stand out:

  • Applying darker shade on your crease can be a disaster, it will make your eyes appear more sunken than they are
  • The same goes for the lighter shadow above your crease
  • Trying to add more and more unwanted and unnecessary glow to your brow bone, if you do that then I must say you are the greatest enemy of your poor beautiful but sunken eyes
  • Those protruding brow bones already have too much spotlight you know
  • Don’t over pluck your pretty eyebrows, the thinner or overplucked eyebrows add to the sunken appearance and make your eyes look smaller

Final Thoughts

When it comes to pulling together eye makeup look for deep-set eyes that will not make you look like you have been punched right in your eyes.

It does not require extra still but maybe a little extra care and few techniques that I tried my best to explain in as simple words as I could.

But it is not necessary to stick to what I told you.

You can always do your innovations.

Do what works for you!

And show off those popping gorgeous eyes of yours and your crafty makeup skills with the best makeup tips for deep set eyes.

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