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How To Get Anime Eyes | 10-Step Definitive Guide For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Thinking about how to get anime eyes?

If you want to get anime eyes and still don’t know how to go about it, worry not as this post is for you.

You can achieve the anime look on faces where the appearances are exaggerated using bright colors to bring out the animation character.

From the time animation came to light, it has made many people want to have that look too.

You can achieve the anime eyes quite easily if you are determined because the resources used to make the best results are readily available.

Although some people love getting the anime look by getting contact lenses, this is not advisable as it needs a doctor’s recommendation to avoid damaging your eyes.


10-Step Definitive Guide On How To Get Anime Eyes

Here is a 10-step definitive guide on how to get anime eyes.

The How

You can easily use makeup to come up with an anime look, and you will look different and unique, but the only thing you need to do to achieve that is to get your eyes to look full.

You need to know that you can characterize the anime eyes with an overall eye shape by having a full pupil.

If you are that person who loves to have anime characters, this article will be of much help to you until you achieve the Halloween look that you always desire.

In this article, we will give you a 10-step guide on how to get anime eyes look, and I believe it will be of great benefit to you.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Placing of Contact Lenses

As the primary step, it’s far quite simple and easy.

You simply want to place your contact lenses earlier before you begin your make up.

It is not a must for one to have contact lenses; however, they could positively add a perfect look for your inner eye giving it a more significant anime appearance.

That’s what everybody hopes for, having the right anime look.

Remember that using colored contact lenses makes a big statement and makes you outstanding before people.

It would be best if you put on your contact lenses should be put on before starting to wear makeup.

We need to keep in mind that you should not wear contact lenses before getting eye specialists’ advice.

It’s essential because you will avoid damaging your eyes to get the anime eye.

They play a very significant role in getting you that anime appearance that you always desire.

Have you ever had contact lenses?

How did it go?

It is essential to be very careful when putting them on to avoid further damage to the eyes.

Anime eye identifies you as an anime character mostly, and it’s embraced during the Halloween season and also can be used in movies to enhance and highlight the beauty of the eye.

We are just beginning on stipulating the insights and steps to follow so that you achieve the anime eye.

Let’s continue and follow this together.

Step 2: Apply Concealer and Foundation

You can use this merchandise around your eyes.

The type of foundation that you ought to use should be lighter than your skin tone.

They are used to cover and cowl darkish patches below the eyes, giving them an excellent skin tone to do makeup using it.

Many people have dark spots below their eyes, and for you to get the perfect anime eye, you can hide the dark patches by a foundation or concealer.

It’s one thing that you should strive to do so that the anime eye can come up very attractively and lovely. You will stand out before people.

Who wouldn’t want to achieve this dramatic and vibrant look?

Do you know how you can enlarge your eyes to get anime look?


If you want to achieve an anime look, you should enlarge your eyes using a concealer and foundation.

You need to apply them under the eyes to conceal the circles under your eyes that can be dark.

First of all, you should have an idea of what a concealer can do when you apply it under your eyes, in that they make the eyes look refreshing.

The most advantageous thing is that it covers the dark circle that can be available under the eyes to enhance the eyes’ enlargement.

On the other hand, the foundation gives you full coverage and helps brighten your eyes at any given circumstances.

Also, it helps in the situation where you experience hyperpigmentation in the areas under the eyes.

If you are bright than other places, the foundation comes in and benefits in a big way to reduce that appearance.

Have you ever experienced hyperpigmentation?


What did you do about it?

Applying a foundation can be the best solution for you to get an excellent appearing face.

Step 3: Apply an Eye Primer

Eye primer adds that you are capable of preserving and keeping your makeup in place.

You can put it out across your eyes; it could assist in making the makeup last longer.

An eye primer is the essential makeup product in any woman’s makeup kit, and no one wants to do it without it.

Well, also in getting the anime eye, an eye primer is an asset for you to put your makeup in place all day long.

Do you the advantage of using an eye primer on your eyes?


After applying the foundation and concealer, you need to have your makeup stay put all day long.

That’s why it’s essential to get an eye primer to apply on your eyes to make your makeup last longer as you expected.

You should note that the primer will make your look stay for a longer time, but you should apply it to the eyebrows level.

Don’t apply it above the eyebrows because it will jeopardize the outcome of the anime eye look.

Because we want to achieve the anime look, if you have deep-set eyes, using an eye primer will be significant at that particular moment.

Anime look requires a systematic way of applying your makeup in order so that so don’t get disappointed after the whole process.

Make sure you use quality products that give a look that you desire by all means.

How about that?

We are just starting the process, be patient as we continue to get these significant insights.

Just hold on.

Keep reading.

Step 4: Apply Eyeshadow

You can use any eyeshadow even though we recommend using softer and lighter eyeshadow as they create the maximum stunning look of the lady anime eyes.

It would be best if you brushed the eyeshadow around your eyes.

Ensure that the eyeshadow you choose for your anime eyes matches your contact lenses if you have them on to bring a different complexion to you.

That way, you will eventually have an anime eye so perfect like no other.

To achieve a good anime look, you need to keep in mind that using bright colors give perfect results.

What you need to do is to apply your color of choice of your eyeshadow around your eyes.

Eyeshadows come in very many different colors which you can choose according to your choice and preference.

Bright colors make the eyes stand out, and you can get noticed easily from afar.

As mentioned earlier, you can characterize anime eyes by significant and wide eyes.

So, when you apply eyeshadow to your eyes, the prominent your eyes dimension by making them look larger.

Prominent eyes are what you want to achieve, so eyeshadow plays a significant role in making sure that after your eye’s enlargement, they look attractive and beautiful from a distance.

Eyeshadow doesn’t give you the benefit of the doubt as it brings out the best of your eyes in the most vibrant way.

The most exciting part is that the bright eyeshadow will automatically create attention, and as mentioned earlier, you will get noticed without a struggle.

So, for you to get an anime look, bright eyeshadow should be on top of your list to attain the desired results as required.

Read on.

Step 5: Get a Shimmer Powder

Getting a shimmering powder is an optional step.

You might also want to have it on or to assume it out.

For you to have a shiny or glittery impact, apply eye shimmer powder across your eyes’ internal corners.

The glittery effect highlights your makeup and makes you stand out when you are around people.

When you are trying to get the perfect anime eye, applying a shimmer powder is very important for your eyes for people to notice you from a distance.

Shimmer powder comes in a wide range of colors, which naturally enhances your makeup.

In this case, the shimmer powder might be optional because it’s not a must you use anyway.

After all, you can achieve the anime look without necessarily having the shimmer powder.

The shimmer powder brings about the glittery effect to the eyes to make them look more beautiful and attractive.

But if you don’t have the shimmer powder with you, it’s still fine to continue with the rest of the steps as you will achieve the anime effect even without it.

The shimmer powder helps highlight the eyes; for this reason, they have been embraced by people worldwide to improve appearances.

Who wouldn’t love to have a different anime look?

To get that perfect and noticeable anime eye, try complimenting your eyeshadow with shimmer powder to attract attention.

There are still many steps to be followed so that you get to acquire the anime look finally.

It takes patient practice to achieve such fantastic results.

Let’s continue with the insights.

Keep reading.

Step 6: Put an Outline of the Inner Eye

To draw a v shape through your eyes’ tear duct location, you should use white or pale eyeliner.

Extend the outline softly to every eye; however, not more than 3/4 throughout your eyelid.

Paler outlines create a grand illusion of a more prominent item, and focusing at the inner corner makes your eyes appear closer together.

An eyelid’s waterline is the hairless area that touches the opposite eyelid while you close your eyes.

You can use an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner.

It’s important to note that the V shape in the inner corner near the tear duct of the eyes plays a significant role.

To get the best anime look, make sure your outline goes neat the waterline of your eyes, but keep in mind that it should not pass through the eyelids.

The most significant part of the outline is that it creates an image of larger objects; thus, when you mostly focus on your inner eye, you will most definitely make your eyes look more prominent and close.

Do you know where your waterline is?


Well, it’s that hairless part that touches the opposite eyelid when your eyes are closed.

To achieve this purpose, you can choose to use an eyeliner pencil or the liquid eyeliner, which is available to you.

But the most exciting part is that you can get specific makeup brands meant for making an anime look.

You can also start by applying a primer on the eyelids to get the desired look, mostly if the eyeshadow used is light.

Without a doubt, you get the desired results without any struggle in the final stages.

Keep reading.

Step 7: Outline with a Dark Eyeliner

The usage of this is to make your eye extra dramatic.

You practice very darkish eyeliner to the top and bottom waterlines of your eye.

Specialists recommend keeping away from the area with the white eyeliner.

Using black liner ideally liquid, outline your upper lid developing a cat eye and giving it a wing on end, it makes your eye seem bigger.

On the outer corner of the eye, expand the eyeliner beyond the waterline by 1-2 cm to make your eye seem barely large.

There is a choice of making a small wing at the corner.

Winged eyes usually appear larger and more dramatic.

For you to get a perfect anime eye, you need to make your outline darker.

How will you achieve this?

It’s getting a darker eyeliner to work for you and give you that anime look.

Remember to apply it on both sides of the waterlines of the eyes, the reason being your eyes will look more vibrant and dramatic.

If you have an area that has a white eyeliner, make sure you don’t touch that area for better results.

It’s essential to extend the eyeliner across the waterline by at least 1-2 centimeters on the corner of the outer eye.

The importance of this is to ensure that your eyes get the enlargement feature best for an anime look.

Where possible, you are required to make a wing-like feature at the corner of the eye.

The wings will make your eyes look bigger without a doubt, but make sure it’s a small wing, avoid more massive wings.

When your eyes are closed, you can achieve the perfect look when you use the natural crease to increase the outline.

We are almost getting to our desired anime eye, with just a few more steps remaining.

Read on.

Step 8: Use Mascara

Makeup specialists also recommend the usage of shouting and lengthening mascara to make your eyelashes complete and lengthy.

In anime, generally, the outer lashes look thicker than the inner ones, so focus on that additionally as you place on the mascara.

Make sure you make them ultra-length and thick to get a doll-like look.

For a person who uses makeup, without mascara, your makeup is not complete.

Mascara plays a vital role in giving you an anime eye, whereby it creates attention due to its thickness on the eyelashes.

You get the best results when you apply with your eyes open, and remember to use it when you moisturize your eyelashes.

If you have an eyelash curler with you, then it would be best if you used it to enhance your eye beauty of the anime.

To avoid clumps, always remember to wipe off excess mascara on you.

Have you ever used mascara before?


In anime, the outer eyelashes are usually thick than the inner eyelashes.

For best results, ensure you apply more than one coat on the eyelashes to get a vibrant and dramatic look.

As you apply a coat after another, remember to give it time to dry before commencing on another so that it doesn’t clump.

Apply in the outer, middle, and inner parts of the eyelashes, and you are to repeat this process until you get your desired look.

Are you still there?


Step 9: Get Artificial Eyelashes

In case you aren’t satisfied with the very last look, you could put on a smile and put on false eyelashes to compliment the appearance.

Have you been trying to get an anime look?

I’m sure by now, your anime look has come into place.

But in any case, you feel dissatisfied; you can go ahead and put on artificial eyelashes.

How will you manage to achieve an anime look with artificial eyelashes?

It’s simple and straightforward, all you need to do is that when fixing them, ensure they are at least 2 millimeters apart.

That way, you will achieve your desired anime look by all means.

What more can you ask for at this juncture?

It’s all that you have wanted to achieve, so go out there with your anime look and let people admired your look.

That is the best part about getting the anime look in the most dramatic and vibrant ways.

In case you try this and don’t get the required results, don’t give up but rather continue working and practicing until you get the desired perfect anime look.

What do you think?

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, I thought so too.

We are almost finalizing the steps to follow in coming up with an anime look.

Let’s continue with the final insights for us to get the perfect required anime look.

Keep reading.

Step 10: Draw False Eyebrows

Sometimes drawing a false eyebrow is the best thing to do to achieve your goal of having an anime eye.

If you find it unsatisfactory with the above steps, do not hesitate to have artificial eyebrows that you can draw by yourself.

When you draw an arch that is high and thin, the eyebrows look animated than natural, and that is what you want to achieve.

Remember, you should pull it boldly and darkly for the best results.

Additionally, you can choose different colors, even if it means bright colors, so long as you achieve your desired goal of getting an anime eye.

What do you think? Isn’t that amazing?

I’m sure if you use all the above steps correctly, you will achieve the anime eye look very fast.

All that is needed is practice and patience.

Anime looks have been embraced by people worldwide because they want their faces to have an exaggerated look, such as having a full pupil and thick and full eyebrows.

The anime look usually uses bright colors to achieve the best results; in this case, you have to use makeup with bright colors.

Final thoughts

Getting the anime look has so many characteristics and also purposes as to why you want the appearance; for instance, during the Halloween season, anime is most done so that people can achieve the anime look.

It just needs practice and proper steps used to achieve the best, different, and unique character, by making sure that you use the right makeup products.

You should also keep in mind that if you have contact lenses, make sure you put them first before starting the makeup process.

The contact lenses enhance the anime look, uniquely if it’s colored; it gives the desired results, but we should never forget that we should never use contact lenses without getting approval from the eye specialists.

It’s the most attractive look for you to get and experience a whole new look with the rest of the people who have already embraced the anime look culture.

I believe the above 10-step guide on how to get anime eyes look will be of considerable significance to you as you try to get a different and unique look.

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