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10 Best Korean Beauty YouTubers

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Want to know who are the top Korean beauty YouTubers?

When it comes to your beauty routine, finding the right products can be a trial and error process.

Nowadays, many people look for inspiration online to find what products are the right ones for their skin problem.

Fortunately, the internet is full of influencers and Korean beauty YouTubers that have already tested hundreds of beauty products.

And their purpose is to share their opinions with the rest of the world.


Why Use Youtube?

In particular, YouTube is a great online platform that allows users to share their reviews of many beauty products and to interact with thousands of other people.

This article will not just talk about the beauty routines of famous bloggers and YouTubers in general.

More particularly, it will address the top 10 Korean beauty YouTubers / bloggers that share their skincare routines with the rest of the world.

Everyone knows that Korean skincare products are one of the best and sought after in the world.

You can’t ignore that there is something about Korean skincare brands.

If you are looking for inspiration to boost your skincare routine or if you want to learn from the best beauty bloggers in the world, keep reading!

This article will present the most popular top 10 Korean beauty influencers on YouTube, who can recommend great products for your concerns.

Included here are some links to the vloggers’ video, so please feel free to check them out for extra inspiration.

Get ready for a great and exciting read, and let’s start with our number 1 on the list.

1. Pony

She is one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the world, with over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She has earned the title of “beauty guru” and has built a massive following across all continents.

A large percentage of her followers are from her native Asia.

Pony is very well known mainly for her colorful looks, for which she uses a mix of bright and vivid colors.

Are you bored with your current makeup routine, and are you looking to add a splash of color to your days?

You can be sure that Pony has the answers to these questions.

These bright looks match her brightly-died hard, which has become her signature look.

Pony has quite an impressive background, being in charge of CL’s makeup, which increases her reputation as a beauty blogger.

Another significant accomplishment of Pony is the recent launch of her cosmetic line titled “The Pony Effect.”

These fantastic achievements recommend her as a great makeup artist and a great source of inspiration when it comes to colorful looks.

This beauty line includes a wide range of hues that are meant to suit everyone’s needs.


Are you looking for some inspiration for some outstanding and colorful looks?

Then check out our second beauty blogger on our list!

The second beauty blogger on our list is no one but the great SSIN.

She is very well known for her dramatic make-up looks that are inspired by anime and K-pop idols.

SSIN posts 10-minutes video clips in which she recreates famous looks inspired by recent media.

Some of these looks include cartoon characters like Elsa from the movie Frozen and other famous divas such as CL.

Doesn’t this sound amazing?

You can create these great looks from great movies in simple steps that you can follow from SSIN.

She explains her looks in great detail, and even if you are a beginner when it comes to make-up, be sure that you will pick up her tips to turn your make-up into a beautiful glam look.

She can change her looks dramatically, turning into K-pop stars like EXO and Big Bang, as well as other characters such as unicorns and zombies.

The YouTuber is not afraid of criticism and negative feedback from her users, making her YouTube channel a tremendous communicative and interactive space for other users.

This approach has helped her build a secure connection with her audience because she is open to the opinion of her users and is not afraid to receive any comments on her work.

This is not a quality that you would find in any typical vlogger, because most people only prefer positive feedback.

For this reason, SSIN deserves even more great appreciation.

This makes an excellent source for product recommendations and beauty looks that won’t go unnoticed.

If you want to check out her work, you can click the link below.

3. Risabae

Do you have a celebrity look in mind that you want to recreate and don’t know where to start?

Then check out the third YouTuber on our list who can help you with precisely that.

She is a former make-up artist from the groups AOA and EXID.

Risabae is an expert beauty artist who creates celebrity make-up looks and shows you the exact steps to follow to achieve the most dramatic looks.

Her tutorials are suitable for beginners of K-beauty, and they show you exactly what you need to do to learn the basics of make-up.

The vlogger’s make-up also enhances your natural beauty and also offers tutorials for daily, simple make-up looks that anyone can create at home.

She also offers useful beauty tips that can help with a perfect and simple skincare routine.

She recommends products that she has tested for her skin type and concerns, which can be very useful for users with the same skin problems.

For example, if you are looking for a product for acne-prone skin, you can see what she has used before trying it out on yourself as well.

She is a source of inspiration, and you can tell that her approach is real and genuine.

You would be delighted to watch her delightful interaction with her users, and her charming smile will uplift your mood.

4. Sunny 

You would not believe how talented a 19-year old YouTuber can be.

Sunny lives in New York City and is very well-known on her YouTube channel for her celebrity makeup looks and simple to follow tutorials for teenagers.

She has covered more than 20 K-pop star’s makeup looks in her work.

She also transformed into EXID’s Honey in one of her videos that have gained over 3.6 million views.

Sunny also presents themed makeup tutorials, such as “Lemon Guava” or “Grapefruit,” in which she shows teenagers how to complete these colorful makeup looks.

Her channel is not just makeup and glam.

She also presents her daily life through “Sunny’s no jam vlog,” where she shows snippets of her normal life.

This helps her build a more personal approach with her viewers.

Not everyone is interested in makeup tutorials and hairstyles.

Some people want to see how a vlogger goes through a typical day.

I believe this is an entertaining thing to watch.

It makes you realize that even if someone is trendy on social media, they still have regular days and are confronted with similar problems.

This approach helps her create a more meaningful connection with her YouTube audience.

This beauty YouTuber is not one to be missed.

See her videos on YouTube, and you will see for yourself what I am talking about over here.

5. Calary Girl

Although she introduces herself as “just a normal office girl,” Calary Girl is not ordinary.

Her YouTube channel has over 1 million followers, and her videos have thousands of views.

She is best known for her extraordinary make-up challenges that astonish her viewers.

For example, her known videos are “Doing make-up underwater” or “Putting a 24K gold mask pack on the face”.

These have gained the admiration of a broad audience through their out-of-the-box approach.

You haven’t seen a lot of people doing their make-up under the water, am I right?

This is quite unusual and extraordinary.

For this reason, her audience appreciates her for her creativity and out of the box thinking.

Her unique approach well-portrays the look of her channel.

You can find videos such as the usual Make-up tutorial or more strange looks such as “Costume-play make-up” or “World’s most expensive beauty products.

Calary Girl fluently speaks both Japanese and English, and she even runs another channel, “Office Worker J,” which aims to target Japanese viewers in particular.

Is she interested already? You have to check her stunning looks on her youtube channel.

6. Lena’s Pocket Beauty

Lena gives off a positive vibe and attitude that has attracted over 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

She is also one of the most famous beauty bloggers in Korea.

Lena is well-known for her make-up tutorials, as well as her hairstyle tutorials.

I know sometimes it can be very tricky to look for new ideas on how to style your hair.

Sometimes we get bored with our daily looks, and for this reason, it is so useful to have beauty vloggers that can inspire us and provide us with fresh and glam ideas.

Moreover, Lena also posts numerous reviews of cosmetic products that attract many viewers.

So she is one to check out if you are a skincare addict or if you want to see an honest opinion before buying a new product that you are not so sure about.

Her notable collaboration is with beauty brands such as “Misha” or “Glossydays.”

If you want to vamp up your skincare routine and find an excellent opinion on a new product, check out her YouTube channel where she reviews cosmetic products.

You can also see her content for her make-up ideas or hairstyles that would add extra glam to your daily look.

7. Lamuqe

Are you looking to create natural looks that enhance your youthful look?

Then you might find Lamuqe’s content very useful.

She teaches her followers to achieve youthful and smooth skin, even without makeup.

She not only talks about skincare tips and routine, but she also creates makeup tutorials that enhance natural beauty.

She breaks down what you should know about a skincare routine and how to achieve its look.

Lamuqe also covers hair and fashion.

She displays hairstyles and fashion tips that any girl in her 20 or 30 would benefit from.

For this reason, her audience is made up of women mainly of this age.

Women across the world appreciate her because she relates to so many different types of people.

She is versatile and creative and never runs out of ideas regarding fashion, makeup, or hairstyle.

She covers all these topics in great detail, so she is an excellent source of inspiration for beauty and fashion.

She joined YouTube in November 2011, and since then, she has gained more than 880,000 subscribers.

Feel free to check out her YouTube channel and let yourself inspired by all her tips and info.

8. Yeondukong

Are you looking for easy-to-follow daily make-up tutorials?

Then you got to the right point of the article!

This great YouTuber is the right person to follow on her channel.

Even though her name means beans, Yeondukong has a friendly approach towards her viewers that cheers them up and lifts their spirits.

She also has funny video narratives that entertain you while you watch her lovely tutorials.

Her make-up is for “Before part-time job” and “Caught-up in mid-terms.”

She has widened her themes to encompassing topics such as lifestyle, books, and even movie recommendations.

You do not see these topics in every beauty blogger, so this makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If you want a new book recommendation, you know where to go now!

Since she joined her channel in May 2014, she has earned more than 650,000 viewers in less than three years.

She is the go-to person if you are looking for daily inspiration, and not just for make-up tips, but also general lifestyle tricks.

9. Kimdax

We are approaching the end of our list, but stay tuned because we have more exciting bloggers coming up.

Number 9 on our list is Kimdax.

You probably have heard about this fantastic beauty creator.

She showcases numerous looks that include, among many others, names such as Suzy, HyunA, and Irene of Red velvet.

Besides this, she also has incredible content on the stories that you can check out.

A significant accomplishment of Kimdax is her collaboration with Disney, for which she created the well-known fairy tale called the “Fairytale in Life.”

She also covered the make-up looks of the Disney princesses.

This is a great vlogger to watch if you are interested in this type of looks (or if you attend a princess party, you never know!).

Followers from all over the world view her channel.

One of her most excellent records is that her videos have been viewed for more than 35 million times.

She has around 522 k subscribers.

With this broad audience, you can be sure that her content is worth watching.

10. Daisy

And the last one on our top 10 Korean beauty bloggers list is.

No one else but Daisy!

She is a beauty and fitness creator who emphases her inner beauty and encourages her viewers to do the same.

Do you know what her main motto is?

She claims that “Self-management is beauty“.

How can you not follow someone that has such beautiful principles?

In her context, she also gives from head to toe.

For example, she makes videos on skincare, daily exercises, and also includes how to improve your eating habits.

She is a great person to give such advice because she has lost 9 kilograms, after which she created the weight-loss camp named “Mida Camp.”

In this program, she advises people on how to get the best in shape and gives exercise and nutrition information.

She even invited her followers to join this camp!

But even if you are not interested in health and fitness, she has even more valuable content she shares.

For example, she reviews various beauty products that she tries and then decides whether those products are worth the money.

This is very useful if you are looking to expand the products that you are using but do not want to waste your money on bad ones.

Check out the products that she tested and see for yourself.

You will not regret it.

Why Should You Follow Korean Beauty YouTubers Or Bloggers?

Stores are full of skincare and make-up products these days.

Am I right?

We all have been in a position where we couldn’t decide if we should invest our money in a new product or do some more research on the internet.

Finding the right product worth investing requires time and patience (and also a lot of money).

Thus, it is a great idea to look up to people who have already tried and tested many products and who can give their honest opinion on the quality of those products.

I am not saying that you should buy every single cream or foundation that these bloggers recommend.

But you can consider their advice.

Because, let’s be honest, if more than ten people claim that a product is terrible and you should not buy it, why would you take the chance to invest your money in it?

In this respect, YouTube is a great place to seek out this kind of information.

It is diverse, and you can find make-up artists specializing in different looks so that you never run out of ideas on how to dress for a specific event.

Furthermore, these accounts are free.

You do not have to pay anything to gain access to their content, and you can even watch their videos while you are doing something else (in the case where you are running out of time!).

We know Korean skincare is admired and looked up to by people and especially girls from all over the world.

There is something about Asian beauty that attracts millions of consumers when it comes to make-up and beauty products.

Maybe it’s their natural beauty or their flawless skin.

Or perhaps it’s the quality of the products they use that makes them look so beautiful.

Either way, the point is that you cannot just ignore Korean beauty.

Final Thoughts

Maybe this is why Korea has many beauty bloggers that share their tips and content on this topic.

Korean beauty YouTubers genuinely have a lot to say, and their information is highly valuable.

The list below is made up of the most popular and most viewed current YouTube bloggers, who receive the appreciation and following of millions of users worldwide.

Take your time to check out the content that interests you, according to your beauty goals and personal needs.

This list is varied, and you can find real and natural looks and more eccentric and glam looks.

It just depends on what you need and what interests you.

I hope reading this was highly entertaining, and please do not forget to click on the videos inserted in the article.

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