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10 Best Korean Bridal Makeup Products Reviewed (Updated 2021)

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Skye Rhodes

Your wedding day is your dream day just like any girl who has been waiting like a fairy-tale princess, here we have some of the best Korean bridal makeup products reviewed for you, to help you achieve the look of your dreams.

You spend most of your time thinking to look most beautiful as the day is approaching.

You want to shine perfect for my sweet-heart.

Make-up is of supreme importance in your bridal attire so when make-up is ok the things turn into wow!

There is nothing more beautiful than a natural-looking, long-lasting make-up that helps you stand the most beautiful.

Korean bridal makeup products are matchless when we talk about cruelty-free, beautiful appearance.


10 Best Korean Bridal Makeup Products Reviewed

As the researches show that in the year 2018, 32.4 percent of Americans appreciated Korean cosmetics.

Therefore, I’ve selected a range of bridal make-up products following my K-beauty craze.

And I’m sharing the list of the best Korean bridal makeup products to help you get a natural and inspiring impression too.

1. Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer

Can you imagine your wedding day make up with the skin that shows a lot of open pores, stuffed with compact powder and foundation?

No makeup starts apart from even, pores-free and radiant skin. 

Using the most suitable primer helps your make-up to stay longer, with maximum beauty.

It closes your pores, vanishes the fine lines, and prepares your skin for the procedure.

Pore Belm Primer by Touch In Sol No is matchless from K-beauty products.

Get a half pump of the liquid and apply it to have an ideal skin.

It helps you to get flawless skin that will have long-lasting make-up.

It has hygienic packaging which makes it reliable to use.

This Korean product by Touch In Sol is suitable for all skin types.

Whether you’ve dry skin, combination skin, or oily skin, it’s for you.

Korean cosmetics focus on the formulation of beauty products using natural ingredients.

So, this primer has green tea extracts that make your skin glow.

The primer has no paraben, phthalate, or aluminum, which makes it 100% safe for your skin.

Thus, it is safe even if you’ve sensitive skin.

This bridal make-up product contains soluble collagen which will fill your pores and provide elasticity to your skin so that you may get soft skin.

With its unique formula, it regulates the moisture of your skin to help the makeup stay for a long time.

The jelly-like silky substance reaches every pore of your skin and works the best.

It holds up on your skin for up to 10 hours which gets you a fresh make-up look on your wedding day.

To give you a pleasant feeling, it has a floral scent, which is what you’ll like on your wedding day.

2. Touch In Sol Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation 

Nothing is better than a perfect pair, just like you with your dream personality!

So, Touch In Sol from Korea has introduced a pair of primers and foundations to kick start your ideal make-up look.

After preparing your skin for makeup, the next product on our list is Advanced Real Moisture Liquid foundation by Touch In Sol again.

The foundation is available in 5 different shades so you can choose which you want for your skin.

Since the product is Korean it generally offers shades for fair to medium skin tones.

This foundation certainly gives full coverage to all your dark spots and blemishes.

Besides offering full coverage, this foundation by Touch In Sol stays around a full day so the bridal makeup lasts much longer.

It is better to apply this foundation in very little quantity through tapping and spreading thoroughly on your face. 

The product is lightweight and keeps your skin hydrated.

Though the foundation fits for the dry skin as well, still, you must use a primer as it dries out soon.

You’ll feel very comfortable with your skin as a bride because The Advanced Real Moisture Foundation is not sticky or greasy on your skin.

The foundation has SPF 30 to allow your skin to enjoy protection against the sun.

As far as the fragrance of the product matters, it has a little bit of a strong smell that might not suit you, having so many fragrances as a bride.

Hence, choosing The Advanced Real Moisture Foundation will be a better choice to get a superb bridal make-over.

I think if you want to go for a foundation that gives you matte coverage, while you also have dry skin, use a moisturizer.

3. Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

 Are you looking for prime coverage with a foundation merely! 

It sounds funny and unprofessional.

When it comes to the skin, there is a lot to do with scars, blemishes, and dark circles. 

So you must use a corrector or concealer if you have some stuff on your skin, to cover. 

Out of my K-beauty craze, I’ve found a perfect concealer that will hide those dark circles under my eyes to make me look amazing on my wedding day.

If you’ve to use concealer, it comes next to the primer before applying the foundation.

Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer by Clio is going to do its job nicely for your skin.

The concealer is water-resistant along with full coverage.

The packaging is in a tube with a lipstick applicator which makes it easier to apply and adjust with your skin in no time.

While using the concealer rush not to apply everywhere, do it step by step because it dries out in a moment.

You must also use it in a small quantity to avoid cake up.

You may also blend it with moisturizer before applying it to your skin.

Although it is a thick fluid, on your skin, you’ll feel light if you use it properly.

The concealer finalizes your skin, giving a matte finish, so it’s also for oily skin, or in summers.

Clio has made it in a limited shades range: only 4.

You must select your shade or go for a blend.

4. Pro Touch Powder Pact by Missha

By now, you have done well with your make-up base.

So, this is the time to choose the best Korean compact powder to get all set from your foundation on your skin.

This powder by Missha acts as an oil control on your face and prevents your skin from looking shiny.

Although it’s compact power, yet you’ll not find much powder as it sets on your foundation nicely.

I’ve found it hard to get a compact powder that doesn’t break my foundation layer.

This compact power by Missha makes your makeup last longer, causing no cracks on your base.

The color of the power is light, almost translucent, so you can easily wear it without a heavy, cakey look.

You might think it contains talc as an ingredient and you’ll have a ghost type appearance.

But the combination of all ingredients with talc, creates no overly white or fainting look.

It has an average strength of the fragrance that is pretty tolerable.

This make-up product has SPF25 PA++ which means that it offers medium protection against ultraviolet rays.

As the name of the product delivers a sense of choice of professionals, it meets your expectations creating a filter type effect.

I advise you to apply it in a small quantity.

Don’t keep on tapping on your skin a puff full of powder.

Ultimately, the compact powder by Missha ends in silky and soft finishing.

5. Too Cool for School Art Class, Bronzer By Rodin Shading

How does a plain, flawless face appears like when no facial features are visible?

Offensively, I’ll call your entire make-up a serving of foundation only!

When you’re all done with preparing your face, it’s time to define the features on your face: some are to cover and others to disclose.

As a bride, with natural make-up, focus on facial details: beautiful eyes, standing nose, shaped jawline, and cheeks, etc.

I’ll recommend you avoid highlighting when you contour your face.

Going for one: either contouring or highlighting elevates your natural look as a bride.

Bronzer by Rodin Shading is superb when you need to show those beautiful details on your face.

This Too Cool for School Art Class bronzer is available in 3 colors under the same palette.

So, you’ve blending options also, to get your desired color to contour and highlight your face.

The bronzer is so soft that it spreads and blends easily.

There isn’t any drama of colors in this bronzer palette which helps you to gain a natural tone.

As a result, you don’t get harsh lines of the colors.

Being soft, you need to pick only a little of it, since it may fall out unnecessarily.

The shades in the palette are equally suitable for all skin tones.

The fragrance of this bronzer is also soft to compliment your bridal make-up.

6. Blush on option: Iope Air Cushion Blusher SPF30/PA++

A beautiful bridal make-up comes with a blush: a delicate and naive appearance.

Applying the right blush on gives you beautiful cheeks.

In k-Beauty products, blush on by Iope is a cushion blusher.

It’s ideal for you when you want generous natural beauty.

Researches tell that your facial skin is most prone to receive damage by ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Therefore, it’s better to use an SPF blusher besides other makeup products.

For SPF30 PA++, it gives medium protection against harmful rays of the sun.

As it is a Korean makeup product, it doesn’t have dark shades of pink or red.

Thus, your bridal makeup gets natural shades of pink, peach& sharbat, and rose pink.

I’ll advise you to apply this blusher through gentle tapping or stroke of the brush.

There isn’t any need to rub it or try strong blending strokes.

This air blusher contains 30% Mineral water XP that makes your skin soft and moisturized.

It’s creamy and powder type hence it is set on your skin without extra effort.

But you’ll never get an annoying glossy finishing, except a shiny one.

Another plus is that your blush will not blow away after some time. 

As I bride, if I had to color my cheeks, I’ll prefer a lighter shade.

So, if you like a comparatively darker shade on your cheeks you must apply extra from the cushion blusher.

But I advise focusing on looking naturally beautiful because Korean make-up is not about drama.

7. NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette

You need to apply the eyeshadow to beautify your eyes.

Korean make up focuses on beauty with simplicity.

Here is the best Korean Vegan eyeshadow that will last longer in your bridal makeup.

It’s NYX Professional Makeup’s Ultimate Shadow Palette.

The eyeshadow palette has four main ranges.

You may choose any: warm neutrals, smoky and highlights, cool neutrals, and brights.

The eyeshadow palette by NYX offers you a variety of colors: 16 colors.

So, you may collect as per your desired eyes-look for your wedding.

There is also a mix of colors, for example, satin, matte, and metallic.

Which satisfies your sense of makeup well.

You may use an eyeshadow primer to get the colors better style on your eyelids.

As NYX has PETA certification, this eye make-up product is cruelty-free.

This color palette is safe for your eyes, meeting all the standards of Korean beauty.

By using this product in your bridal make-up, you’ll enjoy the maximum play of colors because of high pigments.

The texture of the colors is soft.

They blend easily without causing hard pulls on eyelids.

The life of the colors on your eyes is up to 6 hours if you apply without primer.

Adding a primer will help the colors stay longer.

The fragrance of this eyeshadow palette is mild: unnoticeable.

My Advice About Ahe Eyeshadow

The palette is available in different sizes.

The sizes depend on the weight that you want for you.

If you wear a little on your eyelids, I recommend you to buy the smaller one.

Besides using Korean Bridal make-up products, if you want that much natural look, then I suggest you not to chose the bright color palette.

I also think that you should apply a mix of glitter and matte to get a perfect bridal look, eventually.

8. Docolor Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Black

 After applying eyeshadow, you must get eyeliner to define your eyes.

Choosing a perfect eyeliner is a challenge for a bride.

K-beauty has paid attention to develop a smudge-proof eyeliner, as the Koreans have hooded eyes.

Therefore, having an eyeliner from Korean makeup products can prevent your eyeliner from spreading or ruining your special day.

Docolor’s eyeliner is the best to help you enjoy happiness filled emotional day, because the eyeliner longs last around the day, being waterproof.

The color of the eyeliner is the Blackest black, so if you want to have some colorful eyeliner, it might not satisfy you.

But considering the quality of Docolor in this eyeliner, I’m sure that you won’t mind trying it.

Heading towards your signature eye look, Docolor makes you wear an eyeliner that is high quality.

You’ll like it because this eye-beauty product is paraben-free.

Since it is cruelty-free hence you come across no allergies or ailment.

Even if you use contact lenses, the eyeliner by Docolor will bring no worry for you.

The formula of the eyeliner contains castor oil to nourish the roots of your lashes.

It has high pigments, which deliver the best color.

The tip of the eyeliner is easy to move.

You haven’t struggle hard to get to reflect a precise shape for your eyes.

As a result, it doesn’t ruin your eyeshadow.

The eyeliner by Docolor dries out instantly with causing impatience for you.

There is another good news for you if you have dry eyes and use artificial tears, it will still stay with your bridal mak-up.

I suggest that you should shake your eyeliner before using it so that you may have complete saturation of the formula.

And don’t forget to clean the tip before getting the fluid out of the tube.

9. Peripera Ink Black Mascara 

After getting eyeliner on your eyes, the final touch comes with using mascara on your lashes.

I don’t prefer to go for falsified lashes.

Instead, by using the perfect mascara you can get better results for your natural look.

Collecting Korean beauty products for bridal makeup, I’ve got this Ink black Mascara by Paripera.

From the core of Korean beauty products, this mascara is intense black.

The lash make-up product does wonders for you when it curls your lashes.

It’s available in two ranges: long lash curling, volumize curling.

As it has the formula to create curls and hold them for a long time.

It volumizes and lengthens your lashes as much as you like.

The wand of the brush is easy to handle due to its ideal size.

The brush has micro blisters to attend every lash on your eyes.

It gets long, separate, soft lashes for you.

The mascara is great for typical short and straight Asian lashes.

So, you’ll enjoy the most having this one in your bridal makeup.

The mascara is smudge-proof and clump-free because the formula of the product absorbs sebum and oil.

Being smudge-proof, it stands best for the monolid or hooded eyes too.

It means that you need no worry for up to 10 hours when you apply this mascara.

10. Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Ice Cream

Jane was looking awesome on her grand day. 

Her bridal makeup was looking perfect.

Nobody knew there was a humorous episode waiting for them until Janes missed all her lipstick after the vows kiss.

You’ll never want this for you.

So, caring for your K-beauty craze, I’m sharing a perfect lipstick with you.

It is food proof and so is with the KISS.

This lip tint gives you smooth, satin lips going best with your bridal makeup.

This lip tint by Etude House is available in 5 different shades.

You can choose any of these which you like.

It is rich in minerals and vitamins to nourish your lips.

It accompanies you longer with its adhesive formula, but you should refresh it by the passing hours.

Thus, it provides moisture to your lips, giving a fresh look.

This lip make up product has jell like consistency, so it ends in an even application.

Scent and taste of lipstick matter a lot for you as a bride.

So, you’ll love its fragrance and taste.

Instead of giving an artificial glossy look, it brings matte finishing which is not a dry one.

Here, I suggest you apply more than one application if you want the real color.

My Korean Make Mp Collection is Expanding

When it comes to bridal makeup, you don’t end it by 10-12 items. 

You need setting spray, eyelashes, brow pencil, and many others. 

Therefore I’m looking for more make-up products.

I love to add these skin miracle cruelty-free Korean products to the rest of my collection too.

You may get your own, but keep in mind what I’ve shared is the best of mine, being a fan of Korean beauty products.

Besides getting my bridal make-up collection, I have got Korean beauty and skincare products for routine use as well.

I think you should also look for more Korean cosmetics to have flawless beauty.

Final Thoughts

With the evolution of the Korean cosmetics industry, we have got a different approach to make-up.

The best Korean Bridal Makeup Products have got worldwide fame of 42.6% of approval by the people around the globe.

There isn’t any need to use them occasionally because they are worth using every day.

For a bride, the wedding day is the most important.

To get superb beauty, she must go for a thorough procedure of beautifying herself. 

Any wrong choice can reckon her grand day.

Korean cosmetics are the safest to use, besides delivering the results they promise.

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