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10 Best Korean Cushion Foundations & Their Reviews For 2021

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Korean cushion foundation is gaining recognition nowadays.

The Korean beauty regime is one of the most effective going by the immaculate appearance of celebrities and public figures hailing from the East Asian country.

In the past years, South Korea established itself as a brand leader in quality beauty products that have found their way into markets outside Korea such as the USA and the UK.

One of the fastest moving beauty products is the Korean cushion foundation which contains a BB cream fortified with skin-friendly beneficial formulas that offer extra benefits like anti-aging, sun protection, and hydration.

Korean Cushion foundations from generate a lot of hype from the beauty and fashion industry with many users heaping dozens of great reviews on the products in various platforms.

Here is a detailed review of the latest Korean cushion foundations in the market from matte to dewy to help you make an informed selection for your skin-care regime.


1. Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion

Evenfair Perfecting Cushion
This product is for those looking for a perfect foundation to create picture-perfect skin with a healthy, glossy radiance.

It is packed in a 15g case with a 15g refill to allow the user to enjoy the benefits longer.

A mix of Korean herbs and apricot seed is infused to provide moisturization responsible for the skin’s glossy appearance while promoting collagen production for improved elasticity.

The Sulwhasoo Evenfair perfecting cushion is enhanced with an SPF 50 to give protection from damaging UV rays from the sun.

Owing to its hydrating qualities, it improves elasticity and slows down wrinkle appearances for younger-looking skin.

This foundation applies evenly on a light tap for a smooth, non-cakey finish while leaving the skin to breathe.

Dab a modest amount on the cushion sponge and gently apply it over your face while focusing on the chin and cheeks area for a youthful effect.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting, can last up to 12 hours
  • Perfectly conceals wrinkles and blemishes for a youthful look
  • Natural mix of herbs produces a moisturizing effect for radiant skin
  • Offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays that damage skin
  • Encourages the collagen formation process on the skin for improved elasticity
  • Easy application puff provided

2. MISSHA M Magic Cushion

Magic Cushion
If you are looking for an excellent dewy appearance, this is the product for you as it is enriched with bamboo and baobab plant extracts promote hydration for a clean even effect on the skin.

SPF 50 is included to offer protection against the damaging effects of exposure to UV rays like free radical damage that accelerates aging signs.

Powdered silica beads are incorporated to prevent lumping in the compact storage while controlling excess oil and sweat.

Users have four colors to choose from; honey beige, natural light beige, warm beige, and natural medium beige to cater to a broader range of skin tones.

MISSHA M Magic cushion covers blemishes and dark spots well for a perfect, lighter appearance.

People that have dry skin will find this product beneficial due to its excellent moisturizing properties.

Its classy miniature package is convenient for carrying even in small purses for that quick street touch-up.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting even layer with perfect adherence 
  • Provides moisturization for a radiant glow 
  • Plant extracts prevent drying out of the skin for a supple look
  • Comes in four shades to cater for various skin tones
  • Lightweight for easy application
  • The sponge does not harden after use

3. 3CE Blush Cushion

Blush Cushion
As the name suggests, this foundation is perfect for use on the cheeks’ apples for that fresh look.

It is a liquid blush in a compact form in an attractive package that fits in just about the smallest of purses for easy portability and application.

It can still be applied to the rest of the face using the compact sponge for a longer-lasting effect.

A proper application will create a glossy radiance and a perfect contour.

Customers can select a wide range of colors, six colors that complement their skin tone.

Aloe vera leaf extract gives the product hydrating properties that allow the blush to set well for a fresh appeal.

The blight has a light feel and you need one light tap with the puff for a fresh flush on the cheeks to last all day.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to apply 
  • Feels light and comfortable on the skin
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Easily portable for use anywhere
  • Gives a natural flush to the cheeks
  • Just a little dab is enough to show

4. AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion

Color Control Cushion
This product is for anyone looking for a perfect foundation for concealing uneven skin tones while preventing product build-up.

AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion foundation is infused with SPF 50 to protect the skin against damaging UV rays.

When applied correctly, this product blends into beautiful even layers for a flawless appearance.

By incorporating natural botanical ingredients like red ginseng, green tea, and bamboo sap, this product delivers antioxidant benefits for a radiant face.

The plant extracts also add to the hydration quality for a fresh look and improved elasticity.

Its puff applicator is excellent for even, light coverage, and does not require any skills to achieve flawless appearance.

It is well-stabilized to prevent spill-offs allowing for portability and ease of application anywhere.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compact technology prevents spillage making it easily portable
  • Comes with an anti-microbial puff to protect the skin from infections and break-outs
  • Keeps skin hydrated for a fresh look
  • It’s perfectly light to create an even layer to blend in with the skin tone
  • Offers excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Provides for long-lasting coverage 

5. YG [Moonshot] Micro Settingfit Cushion

Micro Settingfit Cushion
This is the perfect cushion for hot weather and outdoor activities due to its anti-clumping properties that take care of excessive sweat and sebum.

It comes in two colors; ivory and beige; ivory for a brighter hue and beige for a more natural tone.

Aqualicia extract derived from acacia seeds is incorporated to provide natural hydrating benefits to the skin.

With an SPF 50, this product protects the skin from damage from the sun’s harmful rays that could bring about undesirable outcomes like pre-mature aging.

Blemishes and spots are easily concealed owing to its even coverage that leaves a matte-like effect.

This is product stays on for long hours without darkening for that bright radiance.

Its pointed puff applicator enables even application in hard-to-reach areas of the skin like folds and corners.

 Pros & Benefits:

  •  Lightweight, therefore, leaves no residue and feels natural on the skin
  • Special design sponge for seamless application on all parts of the face
  • Aqualica extract ensures the skin remains hydrated and provides a cooling effect during hot weather
  • Long-lasting matte finish
  • Comes in two shades 
  • Zero build-ups and clamping for a natural look

6. Clio Kill Cover Glow Cushion

Glow Cushion
This product has a texture that sits finely between uneven wrinkles and pores to create a perfect glow and beautiful skin.

Hyaluronic Acidto is natural collagen incorporated in this foundation to keep the skin moisturized and radiant for more extended hours while offering protection from sun damage.

It comes packaged in 15g, and a refill is provided to allow for more extended use before the next purchase.

Green tea water has also been infused in this product to enhance its amazing hydrating properties making it a perfect fit for dry skin.

This cushion is available in four shades lingerie, linen, ginger, and sand cater to a wider variance in skin tones.

Clio Kill Cover Glow Cushion provides great skin coverage with a tiny dab and leaves a glowing natural look.

To apply, take an adequate dab with your puff and cover all parts of your face evenly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Excellent hydration properties thanks to the addition of Hyaluronic Acidto and green tea
  • Covers for various skin tones as it is available in multiple shades
  • Perfectly hides blemishes and darkened sections of the skin
  • Protects the skin from damaging rays from the sun
  • Lightweight with a natural feel on the skin
  • Gives elasticity to mature, dry skin

7. BAE BAE Mountain Goat UV Cushion

Mountain Goat UV Cushion
This cushion foundation contains extracts from the milk of New Zealand.

Mountain goats rich in micronutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin A and fatty acids and have been used for ages in the beauty industry for a youthful appearance.

Goat milk extract rides on the benefits of lactic acid that purifies the skin while breaking up dead skin cells to provide a fresh glow.

This product based on goat milk extract has antibacterial properties that prevent and treat acne bacteria and other skin problems like eczema. 

Once applied, this foundation lasts for many hours while still maintaining a bright, even matte appearance.

It has an SPF 50+ to protect skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

With this foundation, you do not have to worry about smudging which is a good thing for nursing mothers as it ensures particles don’t get to the infant.

This product has been tested for safety and found safe with zero parabens and phthalate content.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Safe for nursing mothers use as it does not smudge off easily
  • Matte finish that lasts all day long
  • Keeps skin moisturized throughout the day
  • Has anti-aging benefits for a younger-looking skin
  • Offers protection from UV rays
  • Has antibacterial properties to protect the skin

8. IOPE New Perfect Cover Cushion No. 21

New Perfect Cover Cushion No. 21It’s a moisturizing, dewy compact filled with a foundation that is infused with essence.

Concealer cream texture coverage with micro filter mesh pact foundation

It makes your skin look brighter, smoother, and luminous, and also provides anti-wrinkle protection with 68 percent essence serum.

Its SPF 50 maximizes the sun’s damaging rays that are well documented as a precursor to diseases like skin cancer and unpleasant effects like premature aging.

Keeps your face moist with its hydrating effect, but not wet.

The product comes in a range of 3 colors: ivory, light beige, and natural beige.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gives protection from the sun’s UV radiation
  • Its smooth finish gives a natural appearance
  • Long-lasting moisture formula

9. Nesee Pretty Comy Mushroom Air Cushion

Mushroom Air Cushion
This product is excellent for those looking for moisturizing foundations. It is formulated to provide high levels of long-lasting hydration that keeps the skin smooth for long durations.

Its unique formula brings a balance to the skin’s sebum levels reducing the appearance of pimples, dryness, wrinkles, and skin irritation.

This foundation is waterproof and sweatproof enabling the application to last on the skin for the whole day.

Each cushion compact contains about 20g of the foundation that comes in two shades; ivory white and natural.

It is a lightweight product to allow for a smooth application for a brighter appearance while allowing the skin to breathe.

It provides adequate concealment for dark spots, marks, and other skin defects for a perfect appearance. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for concealing flaws on the skin for an even radiance
  • Keeps the skin properly hydrated and nourished
  • Perfect for oil control to prevent acne
  • Lightweight properties make it have a natural feel on the skin
  • Perfectly portable for use anywhere
  • Bomb sponge for easy application and cleaning

10. CLIO Big Aurora Glow Cushion

Aurora Glow Cushion
Clio Big Aurora Glow Cushion is the perfect product for anyone looking for rich hydration owing to its hyaluronic acid content.

This product incorporates Gynostemma Pentaphyllum leaf extract which contains antioxidants that help clarify skin, slow down aging, and form wrinkles.

A large pouch puff applicator is provided so that you don’t need to use your hands excessively and spend as little time as possible in the application process.

The product comes in three colors ginger, lingerie, and linen, all variations of beige to cater to various skin tones.

Fills in well along with pores, dry lines, and wrinkles due to its light coverage give an almost natural subtle radiance.

The foundation has an SPF 50 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun that are known to induce skin damage and aging.

It comes in a larger pack compared to the other cushion foundations in this list with 25g content, double the quantity of most cushions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Big puff significantly reduces application time and is excellent for a rush application
  • Enlarged mirror for better convenience when applying
  • Excellent hydration properties provided by hyaluronic acid
  • Anti-aging properties provided by Gynostemma Pentaphyllum extract
  • The big package ensures more content longer duration of use
  • Excellent protection from sun damage

Why Go For Korean Cushion Foundations?

These popular foundations live up to consumers’ expectations given by the growing demand and uptake from beauty shelves and stores.

The foundations come packaged in attractive, compact containers with stylish cushion applicators and are easily portable and applicable while on the move.

Picking the right foundation can be a headache considering the full range of products available in the market and the continuous production of newer improved variations each day.

Choosing A Cushion Foundation That Works for You

A perfect foundation is essential for an effective skin regimen and a canvas for flawless make-up application.

Getting the right type of foundation can be complicated, given the number of colors to choose from, and you might want to take your time before you splash that cash.

Here is a lead to help you pick a foundation that compliments your skin tone and inspires confidence.

Know Your Skin Type

Skin comes in all textures and appearance, consisting of four main types: oily or combination, sensitive, dry, and healthy.

What is your chief complaint about the foundation?

Various factors would make you avoid a particular brand, and they include duration attributes, appearance, feeling to the skin, and how the skin reacts to the product.

Decide On The Kind Of Look You Want To Achieve

Different foundations give different finishes, and you may want to choose from even, matte, natural or dewy finishes.

What would you like to conceal?

Establish the kind of imperfection you seek to hide.

Is it wrinkles, acne, brown spots, or redness?

Choosing A Foundation Based On Skin Type

  • Oily skin – oil-free foundations will not clog your pores; matte foundations go well with oily skin as they have a light feel
  • Dry skin – hydrating foundations with a dewy finish are the best for dry skin
  • Sensitive skin – go for foundations with mild components such as plant extracts and minerals that are gentle on the skin
  • Normal skin – this type of skin is problem-free and can go well with most foundations

Go for light coverage foundations for a natural look. 

Medium coverage foundations conceal medium blemishes while full coverage gives the most coverage with zero skin showing.

To conceal blemishes, start with a primer, then apply a full-coverage foundation, preferably one with thick texture for a better setting.

If you are looking for longer-lasting foundations, full- coverage non-clogging types provide the best options.

While foundation can significantly transform the appearance, it should always enhance already great skin and not be seen as a concealing mask for unhealthy skin.

Remember that you need to have a proper skin routine coupled with healthy diets and adequate hydration for your skin to be the perfect canvas for make-up application.

Technology has come a long way to help users find the appropriate foundation for various skin types just at the press of a button.

By entering a product you’ve used before in a search box, you can get recommendations of similar foundations from the internet.

Final Thoughts

In the quest for a perfect foundation, remember that you can always enlist a skilled make-up artist to select a suitable foundation based on your skin tone and other attributes of your skin like texture and elasticity.

Cushion foundations from Korea have been revolutionary in the beauty sector and have been tried and tested to ensure you get value for your hard-earned cash.

New Korean foundations enter the market every year and the sea of options is endless for anyone keen on finding the best-suited product for their usage.

Add oomph to your make-up collection by trying out any of the fantastic cushion foundations listed above and watch your skin reap from the benefits of wholesome nourishment.

Of course, this comes with a price, but you will find great satisfaction once your skin is transformed and you finally part with unhealthy skin for good.

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