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10 Best Korean Eyeliners & Their Reviews For 2021

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Eyeliner, not to mention Korean eyeliners have become an integral part of girls’ everyday makeup.

Whether they go with the cat-eye wing or with a more dramatic look, ladies choose it for all kinds of occasions.

Eyeliner is preferred by many, not only because it looks great, but because it’s made to suit everyone’s faces.

No matter your eye shape, the various types of eyeliner wings allow you to go with the best one.

Even though it’s a struggle applying this makeup product for the first time, different types of Korean eyeliners make things much more manageable.


1. CLIO Waterproof Pen Liquid Eye Liner

Waterproof Pen Liquid Eye Liner
Undoubtedly, the first one in this list is CLIO Waterproof Pen Liquid Eye Liner.

CLIO Cosmetics is one of the leading Korean cosmetic companies.

They offer a great selection of high-quality makeup products that are loved not only by professionals but also by novices.

You can forget about smudged makeup because of blinking or slightly rubbing your eyes.

The waterproof pen liquid eyeliner is easy to use thanks to its soft tip which makes applying it works like a charm.

Another great advantage is that it dries quickly and you won’t have to worry about smearing it all the time.

With the new Ink Tank technology used by the company, you will be able to draw impeccable wings without any skipping.

The smooth ink and the thin applicator allow you to use your imagination and create any look you like – from thin lines to more bold and dramatic wings.

Customers are absolutely in love with this product because it stays on their eyes throughout the day, but it is easily removed with micellar water.

Not only that, but you can choose between six different high-pigmented colors!

The eyeliner comes in black, brown, cacao brown, maroon brown, pink-brown, and grey-brown.

The matte black eyeliner doesn’t reflect the light which makes your makeup looks even better.

This cosmetic product is of such high-quality that some customers compare it to Kat Von D’s well-known tattoo eyeliner.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in six different colors
  • New Ink technology allows you to create a myriad of looks

2. TONYMOLY Gel Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner
Gel Eyeliners are one of the best options for more advanced makeup artists.

This is because it’s usually a bit harder to apply gel eyeliners than pencil eyeliners.

However, it’s not the same case with TONYMOLY Gel Eyeliner.

TONYMOLY’s gel formula is smooth, silky, and pigmented, and the applicator it comes with is small and soft which makes applying the eyeliner so much easier.

This makeup product is loved by many because of its long-lasting and water-resistant formula.

Once it’s dry, the eyeliner won’t smudge, and you won’t have to worry about fixing your makeup every 15 minutes.

Whether you have oily or dry skin, this eyeliner is the one for you.

The smooth formula that is not waxy at all won’t irritate your eyelids and won’t pull the skin around your eyes.

Another benefit is that a little goes a long way meaning that you won’t have to worry about buying a new eyeliner every week.

The creamy and sleek gel eyeliner is excellent for lining the eye, but it’s not the best choice to go for a cat-eye.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Smooth and pigmented gel formula
  • A little goes a long way
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Comes with its applicator

3. MISSHA Natural Fix Brush Pen Liner

Fix Brush Pen Liner
MISSHA is one of the most prominent Korean Cosmetics brands at the moment.

Many Korean women choose MISSHA’s skincare and makeup products for glowing skin and impeccable makeup look.

One of the best things about this brand is that they use only natural ingredients to make their products.

The MISSHA Natural Fix Brush Pen Liner is perhaps one of the most high-quality and budget-friendly Korean eyeliners in the cosmetic industry.

With its innovative hybrid formula, this product is guaranteed to give you a long-lasting, flawless makeup look.

Also, you won’t have to worry about incomplete eyeliner wings and irritated eyes.

This is thanks to the soft brush with a narrow tip which ensures easy application without any smudging and harsh pressing on your eyelids.

You can create delicate lines or more bolded ones with ease.

Whether you choose a brown or black color, you won’t be disappointed because both are super-rich.

Many customers are satisfied with this makeup product because of its long-lasting effect and pigmented color.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-quality and budget-friendly product
  • A soft brush with a narrow tip that doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin of the eyes
  • Long-lasting hybrid formula
  • Highly pigmented color that is easily applied to the skin

4. [3CE] Super Slim Waterproof Eyeliner

Super Slim Waterproof Eyeliner
[3CE] or 3 Concept Eyes is one of the most colorful Korean makeup brands.

Their prices go a bit higher than those of the previously listed products, but the quality is outstanding.

Their Super Slim Waterproof Eyeliner is one of their most prominent eye makeup products.

The slim pencil eyeliner is perfect for both professionals and beginners because it enables you to apply the product precisely and flawlessly.

With this eyeliner, you can go for any makeup look you want – from a thin eye line to a bold, dark wing.

The extra slim nib makes this product great for beginners who want to become better at doing makeup.

It allows you do draw perfect thin and delicate lines on your eyelids and then fill them thoroughly without any hassle.

The best thing about this product is that it is sweat and waterproof.

This means that you can now go to the gym with makeup on without worrying about panda eyes.

The creamy, blendable formula makes applying the eyeliner super easy and pain-free because it won’t irritate your eyes.

This eyeliner is specially designed to be suitable for all kinds of skin – from dry, to normal, to oily.

The sleek formula creates a beautiful and natural look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Waterproof formula
  • Allows you to do any makeup you want
  • Creamy, blendable formula
  • Precise application thanks to the slim pencil eyeliner

5. Etude House All Day Fix Pen Liner

All Day Fix Pen Liner
Another famous Korean Cosmetics brand is Etude House.

Their products are of high-quality, but the prices are meager which makes them super affordable.

The budget-friendly Etude House All Day Fix Pen Liner is makeup lovers’ favorite choice when it comes to buying quality yet cheap eyeliner.

The creamy high-pigmented formula of this product adheres to the skin and could last all day long.

Because of the flexible liner, you can forget about all the smudging and smearing.

Applying eyeliner has never been so easy before.

Thanks to the multi nib tip, you can create any look you want with perfect precision.

Carefully draw a fine line from the inner to the outer corner of your eye.

If you choose the black color, you are guaranteed to have present deep eyeliner that will give you a complete makeup look during the whole day.

But if you prefer bright, natural, and soft lines, then the brown option is the one for you.

All Day Fix Pen Liner is excellent for all kinds of winged eyeliners.

Not only this, but this eyeliner is also water, sebum, and sweat-proof which makes it the perfect everyday eye makeup product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Water, sebum, and sweat-proof eyeliner
  • Multi nib tip which makes application super easy
  • Long-lasting high-pigmented formula
  • Cheap and quality product

6. Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Koji Dolly’s cute colorful product design immediately grasps the attention of the customers.

Even though the price is low, the quality of this product is topnotch.

With this eyeliner, you won’t have to worry about smudge makeup and uneven and incomplete wings.

The thin and soft tip helps you create a precise magnificent look that will last for a very long time.

It is soft enough not to damage your skin but firm enough to enable you to draw a perfect wing without any skipping.

With its highly pigmented formula and intense color, this eyeliner is a perfect choice for people who have oily skin, since the application is effortless.

Another great benefit is that, similar to some of the previous products enumerated above. This eyeliner is sweat and waterproof.

Not only is it water-resistant, but it also doesn’t smudge when you rub your eyes.

The liquid formula and fine tip allow you to do any eyeliner makeup you wish – you can go with thin, delicate lines, cat-eye wings, bold wings, etc.

However, if you want to remove your makeup with warm water, it will be as easy as ABC.

The Koji Dolly eyeliner comes in two different colors – you can choose between deep black and dark brown.

No matter which one you choose, you will get a long-lasting, high-quality eye makeup product that you will love!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cute product design
  • Liquid formula suitable for oily skin
  • Low price and high-quality product
  • Comes in two different colors

7. Innisfree Powerproof Brush Liner

Powerproof Brush Liner
Innisfree Powerproof Brush Liner is another excellent example of a high-quality product that anyone can afford to buy.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly eyeliner that will also satisfy your makeup needs, then this eyeliner is the right one for you.

The highly pigmented formula of this product lets you apply it to your eyelids without any trouble.

You can create any look you want – from sharp lines to bold wings to a super dramatic look perfect for a night out.

The design of the brush pen is particular.

The brush is elastic and flexible which will help you draw smooth lines on both of your eyelids.

Your makeup will be impeccable throughout the day.

Even though this liner formula is super long-lasting removing it from the skin with lukewarm water is entirely painless and effortless.

In particular, this eyeliner is suitable for people with dry skin because of its more liquid formula.

It will help you apply the makeup painlessly and you won’t have to go harsh on your skin.

Another advantage of this product is that it is cost-effective.

With just a little product, you can create your favorite look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly pigmented color
  • Long-lasting product
  • Suitable for dry skin
  • Cheap and high-quality product

8. IOPE Perfect Defining Eyeliner

Perfect Defining Eyeliner
IOPE is a South Korean cosmetics company that offers a significant number of high-quality beauty products.

IOPE Perfect Defining Eyeliner is one of their best eye makeup products.

It’s a bit more expensive eyeliner option compared to the rest of the products, listed here but it’s worth the price you’re paying.

The product comes in two colors – brown and black.

Both colors are vibrant and highly-pigmented and will ensure you a long-lasting look without any smudging or smearing throughout the day.

What makes IOPE Perfect Defining Eyeliner so unique is that its brush is soft, delicate, and elastic.

This brush allows you to create different makeup looks without any difficulty.

Depending on the occasion or your mood, you can go with something natural and feminine or you can stimulate your creativity and create an edgy and dark makeup look.

The formula of this product is quick-dry and long-lasting – essential features for a high-quality eyeliner.

After you carefully apply the eyeliner, all you need to do is wait a few seconds.

Once the makeup is dry, you are good to go.

The liner can be easily removed from your eyes with lukewarm water which means you won’t have to go harsh on your skin to clean all the makeup.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Quick-dry and long-lasting formula
  • A fine and elastic brush that allows you to create any look you want
  • Super pigmented colors
  • Topnotch quality product

9. [It’s Skin] Top Professional Fix Gel Eyeliner

Fix Gel Eyeliner
Number 9 eyeliner on this list is [Its Skin] Top Professional Fix Gel Eyeliner.

As you can see from the name of the product, this is a gel-type eyeliner.

This eye makeup product is perfect for people who want their eyeliner to last throughout the day, no matter their activities.

The application of the makeup is a quick process that doesn’t damage the skin on your eyelids.

All it takes is one gentle stroke of the brush.

Once the eyeliner dries completely, it will stick on your eyelids like a tattoo.

Similar to the rest of the products, this eyeliner is also highly-pigmented.

The gel formula is soft and easy to use making the eyeliner application super easy.

If you love dark, deep, and vivid eye makeup, it’s better to choose the black eyeliner.

However, if you prefer a more delicate and natural look, then the brown color is the right one for you.

Many people think that gel eyeliners are harder to apply.

Still, this one, in particular, is a novice and learner-friendly because of its creamy consistency and its brush that is very easy to use.

A great benefit of this product is that it doesn’t crumble once applied to your eyelids.

Customers who have been using this product heartily recommend it because of its excellent quality and long-lasting effect.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extremely long-lasting formula
  • Effortless to apply
  • You can choose between two highly-pigmented colors – brown and black
  • A budget-friendly product that is also of high-quality

10. TheFaceShop Gold Collagen Marker Eyeliner

Collagen Marker Eyeliner
The Face Shop is a South Korean cosmetics brand offering several high-quality skin-care and makeup products.

What’s so unique about this brand is that they use only natural ingredients to make their goods.

However, the prices are affordable.

Their marker-type Gold Collagen Marker Eyeliner is perfect for girls who are not that good with doing makeup because the brush enables you to control the desired width of the wing.

This phenomenal eyeliner’s formula is enriched with essential nutrients that will help your eyelashes grow faster and durable.

Another fantastic benefit of using this product is that it contains Hydrolyzed Collagen that will hydrate and nourish the sensitive skin on your eyelids and give elasticity to your eyelashes.

Not only this, but the formula contains duckweed extract and panthenol essential for healthy skin around the eyes.

This eyeliner comes in different colors as well.

All colors are highly-pigmented which makes the product beginner-friendly because of the effortless application.

With just a single stroke, you can draw a defined line thanks to the intense-color marker.

Just shake the marker a few times before using and then carefully draw a line from the inner to the outer edges of your lash lines.

It’s that simple.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Formula enriched with collagen
  • Beginner-friendly product
  • A recipe that will benefit the growth of your eyelashes
  • Natural product with affordable price

11. Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24 Hr Eyeliner

Wonder Drawing 24hr EyelinerHolika Holika is one of the most prominent Korean cosmetics brands out there.

Its products are relatively affordable, but there are many more expensive products.

However, Wonder Drawing Eyeliner is not one of them.

The eyeliner is not expensive at all and anyone can afford it.

The waterproof eyeliner doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients that may harm the sensitive skin around your eyes.

The formula is enriched with Vitamin E and soybean oil that will leave your skin nourished and hydrated and protect your eyes.

The eye makeup can stay on your face for hours without smudging, but it comes off easily with warm water.

The eyeliner’s design lets you apply the makeup in a way that won’t irritate, stretch, or damage the skin on your eyelids.

The eyeliner comes in black, brown, and white.

All three colors are strongly pigmented and are easy to apply.

Unlike many other brown eyeliners, the color of Holika Holika one is pretty dark and rich.

Another great advantage of the pencil eyeliner is that you can create any look you want – you can quickly draw thin lines or go with a bold cat-eye wing without any trouble.

Your makeup is guaranteed to stay the same throughout the day because of the saturated pigments found in the product’s exclusive formula.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Vibrant color throughout the whole day
  • Special twist-type eyeliner design
  • Formula enriched with Vitamin E and soybean oil
  • No toxic ingredients

Kinds Of Eyeliner

The five options amongst you can choose a pencil, gel, liquid, kohl, and cream.

Almost all makeup learners prefer to start with using the pencil type of eyeliner because it is easier to use, and it allows for creating various types of eye makeup.

One of the most common problems with eyeliners is that many of them are low-quality and don’t last long.

Luckily, some awesome Korean eyeliners are here to save the day.

Final Thoughts

There are different kinds of Korean eyeliners on the market.

However, all customers look for two specific features: long-lasting effects and highly pigmented vibrant colors.

Whether you prefer gel-type, pencil, or marker eyeliners, you should be careful when buying one because many of the makeup industry products are of low quality.

Nonetheless, the products listed above are all great options and some of them are even water and sweat resistant, which makes them even better.

Some of them are even enriched with healthy nutrients and vitamins that will benefit the condition of the soft sensitive skin around the eyes.

In the past few years, Korean cosmetics has become known for its high-quality products and these eyeliners prove that their makeup products are worth buying.

Not only are they of excellent quality, but their prices are also super affordable.

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