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10 Best Korean Face Moisturizers & Their Reviews For 2021

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Let’s talk about Korean face moisturizer, moisturizers are one of the essential skincare products. 

Korea is known to produce the best products worldwide using high-quality ingredients that work well for different skin types.

People from different parts of the world prefer Korean products as they are made of high-quality ingredients and do not harm their skins.

Choosing the perfect Korean moisturizer can be challenging, especially when you haven’t used them before. 

Better products are getting their way into the market and you may be left wondering which one would work perfectly for you.

People have different types of skins and they all require different products.

Below is a list of the best Korean face moisturizers that will rejuvenate and nourish your skin while hydrating it and leaving you feeling better for long hours.


1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Based Korean Moisturizer

Aloe Vera Based Korean Moisturizer
The nature republic aloe vera based Korean moisturizer forms a protective layer on the skin. 

Its main ingredient is aloe Vera that soothes the skin and heals various skin conditions such as soreness.

The cream will leave your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours, you will not have to keep on reapplying it after some time.

It’s made of Polynesia lagoon water and plant extracts which keeps the skin radiant and healthy.

The moisturizer refreshes the skin and is easily absorbed.

You don’t have to buy different moisturizers for different parts of the body since you can apply it on the face, hair, arms, and other parts of the body.

The moisturizer also has vitamins E and C that improves the health of the skin.

It stays for long on the skin while protecting it from harmful rays and works effectively on any skin type whether it’s dry, oily, or sensitive.

The moisturizer also gets rid of rashes and acne on the skin.

The nature republic aloe vera based moisturizer also contains glycerin that absorbs water from the surroundings making the skin more hydrated.

It has a sweet, aloe vera scent that leaves one smelling nice and will not leave your skin feeling sticky.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It stays for several hours on the skin
  • Has vitamins that promote skin health
  • Can be applied together with make up
  • Aloe vera extracts heal the skin from soreness and redness
  • It does not leave residues on the skin
  • Has a sweet aroma

2. Skin Food Royal Honey

Skin Food Royal Honey
The skin food royal honey is the perfect moisturizer for people with susceptible skin.

Honey is one of the ingredients in the moisturizer and it helps hydrate the skin and prevent acne development.

Have you been struggling with dark spots and no product seems to be working for you?

Worry no more.

The skin food royal honey will get rid of them within a short period of usage.

You only need to apply a little amount of the moisturizer and your skin will remain hydrated for the rest of the day.

If you thought you’d had enough of this product, you’re mistaken.

It has been clinically tested and proven to be effective.

It also nourishes the skin and does not clog the pores.

It’s gentle and ideal for all skin types. 

The combination of honey and mango seed butter makes the skin glow and remain hydrated for long.

If you have problems with scented moisturizers, then here is a scentless one for you.

It does not leave annoying residues on your face; it comes with a unique texture and gets absorbed into the skin much quicker.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is scentless, hence suitable for people with susceptible skins or allergic to strong scents
  • Has been clinically tested
  • Does not cause pore-clogging
  • Has honey with impressive healing properties

3. Mizon All In One Snail Cream

All In One Snail Cream
Mizon is another excellent Korean moisturizer.

It is made of snail mucus and plant extracts. The cream will moisturize the skin all day long.

The lightweight Mizon black all in one snail repair cream is ideal for all skin types.

If you prefer scentless products for your skin, then here is something for you.

It also works well on dark spots, scars, and other skin problems and leaves it flawless.

It has several antioxidants such as mushroom, cocoa, garlic, and grape extracts that protect the skin from harmful elements.

Its adenosine and niacinamide compositions make the skin brighter.

It also comes in a well-packaged container that is adorable.

I doubt you will want to throw away even after you finish up the moisturizer.

Apart from skin hydration, the Mizan all in one cream also helps tighten it.

It also has vitamins that leave the skin spotless and youthful and leaves a soothing effect on the surface.

The moisturizer also protects the skin from harmful environmental damages.

Snail mucus, the primary ingredient of the cream, usually contains peptides that increase the production of collagen.

It also has Cetearyl olivate, an olive oil derivative with high moisturizing capabilities, and helps in moisture retention.

It also has wolf bane’s extract that that restores damaged and dry skin.

Say goodbye to the irritating skin spots by applying the Mizon all in one cream and experience great transformation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is scentless, therefore suitable for people with allergies
  • Contains antioxidants that protect the skin from damages
  • Does not cause pore-clogging
  • Deals with several skin problems

4. Ladykin Affinitic Snail Cream

Affinitic Snail Cream
Snail mucus is widely used in making Korean beauty products for a good reason.

The ladykin affinitic snail cream is made of 80% snail mucus.

The mucus boosts the elasticity of the skin, moisturizes, and soothes it.

It also hydrates and keeps the skin fresh for long.

The moisturizer also has healing and anti-aging properties and a sweet floral scent that does not irritate.

If you taste beautiful things, this is the moisturizer for you as it comes in a perfectly designed container.

What’s even better about it?

The cream fills up the container giving you real value for your money.

If you need a moisturizer that will make your skin glow, the lady affinitic snail cream is the perfect choice for you.

The moisturizer works perfectly for dry skins by hydrating it and leaving it rejuvenated.

It is absorbed into the skin fast and leaves a soothing effect.

It also has a firming effect that helps the skin remain elastic for long.

The moisturizer also has vitamins A, E, and C that protects the body from external irritants.

The mucin in the cream helps the skin retain moisture for long hours; you don’t have to keep on reapplying it.

The moisturizer also helps the skin retain moisture keeps it safe from irritants.

It’s lightweight and won’t leave residues on your skin.

It also has adenosine that keeps the skin elastic and prevents the development of wrinkles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes in a beautiful bottle
  • Does not feel heavy on the skin
  • Has a sweet floral scent
  • Has a skin repair property that treats damaged skins
  • Prevents the development of wrinkles

5. CORSRX Oil-Free Moisturizing Lotion

Oil-Free Moisturizing Lotion
If you haven’t tried the CORSRX oil-free moisturizing lotion, you are missing a lot.

What’s so special about it?

The CORSRX oil-free moisturizing lotion works perfectly on oily and sensitive skin.

It is also suitable for people with normal skins who prefer less creamy moisturizers.

It’s packed in a pump bottle that makes dispensing easy.

It has a birch sap that purifies and eases inflammation of the skin and its effectiveness has been tested and proven by dermatologists. 

When you apply it, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and reaches the pores quite fast.

The incorporation of vitamins in the lotion ensures that the skin remains healthy.

As its name suggests, it’s oil-free, meaning it won’t leave you feeling greasy, especially when your skin is oily.

It’s also excellent to get rid of acne and pimples.

One can use it on the face and the entire body more than once to achieve excellent results.

The moisturizer is made of the best anti-aging elements.

It also protects the skin from breakouts and will remain on it for long durations.

If you are looking for a skin texture enhancement product, it is also the ideal product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It will not leave your skin feeling oily
  • Comes in an easy to use pump bottle
  • Heals acne and pimples
  • Moisturizes the skin for long

6. L’ATURAJEU Cactus Moisturizer

Cactus Moisturizer
The L’ATURAJEU cactus moisturizer has a sweet aroma.

If you love a few sweet fragrances, you can never go wrong with it.

It also has manuka honey that reduces the development of acne on the skin and also has several skin healing properties.

It also contains anti-aging compounds that make one look younger than they are.

The cactus extract in the moisturizer will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

The extract also prevents moisture loss from your skin helping it remain hydrated all day long.

Cactus has a variety of vitamins that ensures your skin remains healthy.

One of the vitamins is vitamin C, an antioxidant with anti-aging properties.

L’ATURAJEU cactus moisturizer is smooth on the skin and will not leave it feeling thick or sticky.

You can apply it before applying makeup since it does not leave ugly residues on the skin.

It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is suitable for all skin types.

The Shea butter composition in the moisturizer prevents the loss of moisture from the skin.

It also has hyaluronic acid that protects the skin by ensuring a balance between oil and water content.

It also has a sweet floral scent that does not irritate even to people with susceptible skin.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a sweet floral scent
  • Suitable for any skin type
  • Has extra vitamins that protect the skin from harmful compounds
  • Heals acne
  • Has anti-aging properties that will make you look younger

7. Laneige Water-Based Moisturizing Cream

Water-Based Moisturizing Cream
The list cannot be complete if The Laneige water-based moisturizing cream is missing.

It is also an excellent water-based moisturizer that contains minerals like zinc and magnesium that rejuvenate dull skin and make it bright.

The incorporation of biogen technology in this product makes it keep the skin stay hydrated for long.

The moisturizer has a smooth texture which will not leave your skin feeling heavy.

If you wish to apply the moisturizer then apply makeup, it will leave your face glowing more.

It is suitable for all skin types but most preferable to people with dry skin.

It also has anti-aging properties that will leave you looking youthful for long.

It also has vitamins that promote the proper health of the skin.

The moisturizer also protects the skin from the harmful UV damage and acts as a skin detox which protects you from developing acne and wrinkles.

Its anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from irritation and breakouts.

If you have problems with your skin having uneven texture, looking dull, or having an uneven tone, the Laneige water bank works perfectly to get rid of the conditions.

It does not contain harmful chemicals that would cause damage to the skin.

The cream also has mineral water that not only moisturizes your skin but prevents loss of moisture.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Makes the skin look brighter and youthful
  • Has vitamins that promote the health of the skin
  • It brightens up dry skin and clears acne and black spots
  • Does not leave residues on the skin after application

8. Klairs Rich, Moist Soothing Cream

Moist Soothing Cream
Klairs is a Korean company widely known for the production of high-quality skincare products.

Klairs rich, moist soothing cream is also suitable for all skin types and does not cause any irritation.

It soothes red patches and redness on the skin and leaves it feeling moist.

Continuous usage of the cream forms a protective barrier on the skin that keeps it safe from external damage.

The lightweight cream is natural on the skin and will not leave it feeling greasy making it a great makeup primer.

It also has a formula that prevents skin irritation.

If you have dry skin, using the Klairs cream will provide a moisturizing effect and leave you feeling better all day long.

Using the vegan product continuously will help your skin develop a glowing radiance.

The cream also has yeast that helps in cell production.

It is not scented and does not contain harmful chemical products.

When the moisturizer was released, many people loved it.

Later it was further enhanced to make it even more effective by adding shea butter, ceramide three, and lipidure.

It also comes in an easy to use a tube for effective dispensing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Forms a protective barrier that protects the skin from damages
  • Promotes cell production
  • Is odorless, hence it is suitable for highly sensitive people
  • Treats various skin disorders such as redness and red patches
  • It is vegan
  • Does not contain any harmful product
  • It has further been enhanced with shea butter, ceramide three and lipidure

9. Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream

Orchid Intense Cream
The Innis free orchid intense cream contains hyaluronic acid with excellent anti-aging properties and is an ideal option for people seeking to achieve a younger look.

It also has an excellent texture that makes it hydrate the skin deeply without leaving residues.

The cream also contains Jeju orchids with antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful environmental.

The Jeju orchids extract also helps prevent premature aging of the skin.

It is also ideal for people with different skin types including sensitive skin.

Its moisture formula leaves the skin hydrated and regulates oil production making sure your face does not appear very oily or dry.

The cream comes in a beautiful purple tube with a plastic sheet and has a floral scent that is not too strong to cause any irritation.

It moisturizes the skin effectively and fixes dryness without making it feel sticky.

Its glycerin composition helps it to absorb water from the environment and uses it to hydrate your skin further.

Its orchid extracts provide protective and repair properties on the skin, hence it is suitable for people having skin disorders such as redness and irritation.

It is absorbed fast in the skin and does not leave it feeling greasy.

It also has squalane, powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful external elements.

Whether you have a dry, normal, oily, or a combination of these, the Innis-free orchid cream will work correctly.

It also has skin healing properties and improves its tone, elasticity, and manages wrinkles excellently pros.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has glycerin that further hydrates the skin
  • Has Jeju extracts that prevent premature aging
  • Has a sweet floral scent
  • Comes in a beautiful purple bottle
  • Suitable for all skin types

10. Meebak Cica Face Cream

Cica Face Cream
Meebak is a renowned company that produces Korean beauty products.

The cream contains Centella Asiatica that prevents several skin disorders.

The Centella Asiatica also forms a protective barrier on the skin that protects it from harmful external elements.

It also improves blood circulation on the skin and relieves inflammation.

It does not have harmful chemicals that may damage the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

The moisturizer also has retinol and niacinamide that improves skin texture by getting rid of spots and wrinkles.

The lightweight cream does not feel heavy on the skin, nor leave a greasy feeling on it, and you can apply it together with other makeup products.

It also has a sweet fragrance that can boost your mood and leave you feeling good for the rest of the day.

Meebak cica faces cream also contains retinol that makes the skin firm reducing premature aging and Dioscorea japonica extracts that provide more moisturizing effects on the skin.

It also has a peptide complex that enhances the elasticity of the skin preventing the development of wrinkles and is suitable for all skin types.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Reduces wrinkles, spots, and dark lines on the skin
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin
  • It prevents premature aging
  • Has a sweet fragrance
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin

Tips On How To Use A Moisturizer

You may get the perfect moisturizer and fail to achieve your desired results if you don’t use it accordingly.

Below are some tips on how to use moisturizers to get the best out of them.

Dispense a small amount of the moisturizer on your hands.

You don’t have to use large amounts to achieve excellent results.

You might end up having an ugly residue of unabsorbed moisturizer.

Rub it on the skin using circular movements.

Ensure you apply it on all parts of the face to achieve excellent results.

Apply the moisturizer regularly following a particular routine.

Many people prefer applying it twice a day to achieve great results.

Apply it in the morning so that your skin will remain hydrated for the rest of the day.

Use it at night, too, before going to bed.

Always wash the skin before applying the moisturizer and don’t dry it thoroughly.

They work best when applied on moist skin.

Don’t forget to apply it on the neck.

Skin problems affecting the face will always affect the neck.

Leaving it will create nonuniformity between the two areas.

Be gentle as you apply it to your skin.

Rubbing it hard on the skin may lead to various problems such as the sagginess and wrinkles’ development.

Final Thoughts

Various elements will leave your skin feeling dry.

Using a moisturizer should be your daily routine if you want to achieve flawless skin.

Apart from hydrating the skin, several moisturizers also provide healing properties and other benefits.

It can be hard to control what happens around you, but you can control the effects of your surrounding on your skin.

Choose the most suitable product for you by considering your skin type.

You may have to test various products before discovering the most suitable for you.

Fortunately, many Korean face moisturizers are suitable for all skin types making it easy for you to select the ideal product.

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