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10 Best Korean Lip Makeup Products Reviewed For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Are you obsessed with Korean lip makeup and is the term Korean makeup everything you can hear nowadays?

So are we, and that’s why we’ve compiled this review of the 10 best Korean lip makeup products.

Do you want to have soft lips like your favorite K-idols, but you’re not sure which products to buy to achieve that effect?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then this article will help you choose what suits you and how you can come to the wanted result.

K-beauty has become a huge hit around the world and you’ve probably noticed how every makeup store is abundant with Korean makeup products.

You’re probably following some of the top Korean influencers on Instagram, and you ask yourself how they achieve the perfect stained lips effect, or how their lips get to look so soft and smooth at all times.

You’ve probably already tried to accomplish that but without success, hence you just ended up disappointed and frustrated, but you shouldn’t and you certainly don’t need makeup artists and expensive products.



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10 Best Korean Lip Makeup Products Reviewed

Below, we have made a list of the best Korean lip makeup products that will help you decide what suits your needs.


If you want to accomplish that tint effect for perfectly-stained lips, this product is your answer.

This lip tint will give light color to your lips with a moisturizing and creamy effect.

It comes in ten different colors and it lasts for several hours.

With whatever color you choose to go you can be sure to expect a natural look of your lips.

The blend of jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, and marine collagen will never leave your lips dry and you can be secure of your look for a long time.

The creamy, light formula glides smoothly giving the perfect way of adhesion and makes the gradation easy.

The mix of ingredients will keep your lips soft and it will give velvety, vibrant color to your lips that will last for hours.

The formula is undetectable and so smooth, that you will forget that you are wearing lipstick at all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Vast choice of colors
  • Soft lips for hours
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Easy and smooth adhesion

2. Tonymoly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar

TONYMOLY Petit Bunny Gloss Bar, 04 Juicy Cherry
1,239 Reviews
TONYMOLY Petit Bunny Gloss Bar, 04 Juicy Cherry
  • Cranberry Extract, Strawberry Extract, Raspberry Extract, Blueberry Extract - Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and...
  • Tinted balm-type formula leaves lips hydrated and gives off a natural flush of color for soft, healthy lips.
  • Adorable bunny stick is travel-friendly and perfect to display.

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Are you one of those people who can’t resist the shiny and glossy stuff and always goes for a look that sparkles?

If this is true for you, then you shouldn’t have second thoughts about buying TONYMOLY’s Petit Bunny Gloss Bar.

This lip gloss is perfect for those who like to have shiny lips but don’t want to use lipsticks.

The Bunny Gloss bar will give a subtle effect on your lips and on top of that, it comes in an adorable package.

The lipgloss is moisturizing, gives a smooth feeling on the lips and it’s not sticky.

That means you can give all the kisses you want because this lip gloss will not make anyone sticky and uncomfortable.

It contains Vitamin E which will soften your lips, nourish them and make you feel comfortable at all times.

The scent will give you a fruity taste and your lips will have natural color with a shiny finish.

The powerful effect of the lip gloss will contribute to your natural daily look and you can use it as your only makeup for the day.

This product will make your lips irresistible and the most noticeable feature of your face so there will be no need for full makeup when you have some lazy days.

You will have moisturized shiny lips for the whole day and a cute, bunny face in your bag.

Also, this can be a great gift idea for your friends or family members since the package is so cute and adorable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Not sticky
  • Smooth and soft effect
  • Natural color
  • High-quality ingredients

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3. I'm Me I'm TicToc Tint Lip Cashmere

I'M MEME I'M Tictoc Tint Lip Cashmere | Soft Matte Finish Lipstick | 008 Muddy Red | K-Beauty |...
  • 💗 WEIGHTLESS CASHMERE TEXTURE: The I'M Tictoc Tint Lip Cashmere's velvety lightweight formula and cushion tip...
  • 💗 SOFT COLORS WITH NATURAL PIGMENTATION: The lip tint comes in 15 soft shades with natural pigmentation that can...
  • 💗 CUSHION TIP APPLICATOR & UNIQUE BUTTON-TYPE: The cushion-type lip tint helps you control the amount of product...
  • 💗NOTICE ON EXPIRATION DATE* Please be aware that dates are written in different orders across countries. I DEW...
  • 💗 WHO IS I'M MEME: Express Yourself, Anytime, Anywhere. I’M MEME is ultra-portable, ultra-wearable makeup for...

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If cashmere is your measure for softness, then you shouldn’t think even for a second about buying this lip tint.

Your needs will be completely satisfied and you could enjoy your soft lips all day long.

With its velvety, lightweight formula, this lipstick will give natural pigmentation to your lips.

The lipstick comes in fifteen different shades that you can use on whatever occasion you want.

It will make your lips as soft as cashmere and it will keep them hydrated for hours.

It’s easily applicable due to its unique cushion tip applicator which prevents over-application.

It’s one of the few lipsticks that gives you control while applying it, so you won’t waste time anymore in achieving the perfect lip makeup form.

The cushion tip applicator enables you to control the applying and gives you the exact amount needed for the whole lips.

Its silky texture will easily glide onto your lips and will enhance their shape, making them seem natural with subtle shades.

Its natural shades offer you the opportunity to use this lipstick whenever, i.e. no matter whether it’s day or night, or a normal day or a special occasion.

Also, the variety of natural color choices goes great with every color of clothes that you choose for the day.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ultra-portable
  • Great for daily and special occasions
  • Variety of color choices
  • Easy application

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4. Berrisom My Lip Tint The Original Lip Tattoo Korea

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This product is ideal for you if you are tired of applying lipstick many times throughout the day.

Most of us are searching for simpler solutions to makeup, especially when it comes to lip makeup.

The solution is here and it’s the simplest one!

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack lasts for whole 12 hours and it will keep your lips moisturized and soft all day long.

You have the opportunity to choose from eight different colors which will give your lips the natural look and you’ll be set for the whole day.

What’s more, it has a healing effect on the lips as it removes flakey dead skin cells.

The blend of deep seawater, hydrolyzed collagen, and fruit extracts will keep your lips nourished and fresh throughout the day.

It’s easily applicable as you only have to apply it evenly, let it dry for 15 minutes, and just peel it off slowly.

This lipstick is very convenient for long beach days during your summer vacation, so you won’t have to worry about your lips on the vacation photos!

So, just imagine – one step in the morning and you’re ready for the whole day!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lasting effect for 12 hours
  • Natural colors
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Easily applicable

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5. Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

Lip Gloss Mini Makeup Set, 6 Colors Lip Plumper Gloss Liquid Lipstick, Red Wine Lip Tint Stain Lip...
  • LONG LASTING SHINE - You can maintain a long lasting finish for up to 16 hours with the lip gloss liquid lipstick,...
  • WATERPROOF AND MOISTURIZING - This lip plumper gloss contains nourishing oils such as coconut oil and multivitamins...
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS - All of our lip oil set are made with the skin-friendly ingredients you need, they are...
  • RED WINE LIP TINT SET - We use wine as a source of inspiration to design a series of cute red wine bottle shaped...
  • BEST GIFT CHOICE - This lip gloss set is suitable for all ages and occasions, perfect for gift giving on holidays,...

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Wine lovers, this lip tint is a “must-have” for you.

If you are a wine lover you probably adore the taste of wines on your lips.

Now, you can have that taste all day long and on the plus side, without any wine stains on the teeth!

This product gives a natural color to the pale lips and lasts for a long time after applying.

Did you know that the wine extracts give strong moisturizing and covering effects on the lips?

Well, it’s time to treat yourself to a wine bottle-shaped lip tint and discover its miraculous benefits.

Currently, this is the best-selling product and it comes in a mini luxurious bottle of French wine.

We all know how fancy those French bottles are so without doubt you’ll love this “little heavens of pleasure” for the lips.

The tiny tubes are very convenient so you can carry more than one in your bag and have different colors on your lips in one day!

You can choose from six shades, i.e. six different smells, and avoid the bitter taste and dryness of the lips.

It’s the perfect combination of classy and modern so you’ll look quite fashionable in public!

Pros & Benefits:

  • A luxurious and unusual package
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Easy applicable
  • Stronger tinting effects

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6. Peripera Peri's Tink Ink

Peripera Peri's Tink Ink, Get The Eye, 8 Gram
  • Bold and intense color
  • Lightweight texture and non-drying
  • Waterproof and smudge proof
  • Bold and intense color
  • Lightweight texture and non-drying

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If you are getting ready for some summer days on the beach you need to be sure that you are all set and equipped.

The perfect summer look can’t be achieved without the perfect lipstick for those scorching days.

We have the solution for you and it goes by the name Peri’s Tink Ink – the best from Peripera cosmetics.

This fruity lip tint is perfect for summer, flawless look.

The waterproof feature of this lip tint will ensure that your lips are moisturized and paleness while you spend the hot days at the poolside, on the beach, or just doing your ordinary activities during the day.

This product is the ideal choice for you if you are striving for a bold, rich, and intense color.

It’s available in four colors which are extremely bright and give only a slight shine on the lips.

It will look great on you following your combinations of summer clothes.

It’s perfect for both day and night time, and it’s especially convenient if you’re a busy person and don’t have the time to apply lipstick several times during the day since this lipstick will keep your lips pigmented the whole day.

With its lightweight texture, you can achieve the wanted, beautiful lips and you will feel secure and attractive and full of confidence.

It’s tiny and portable so you can carry it with you at all times.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Rich, intense colors
  • Hydration of the lips
  • Waterproof
  • Daytime/ Nightime usage

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7. Etude Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Gel Tint, Orange Red, 5 Count
210 Reviews
ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Gel Tint, Orange Red, 5 Count
  • One of the famous Korean cosmetics "Etude House"
  • It have lots of different kinds of makeup items.
  • It will be applied well on your lips. And it will not removed easily.

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Water gel-based lip tints are perfect to wear and their jelly-texture makes them easily applicable.

This water gel tint from the famous Korean cosmetics “Etude House” has a revolutionary effect on the lips and it isn’t easily removable, i.e. you can eat and drink the whole day, but your lipstick will still be on your lips.

If you’re in search of a more pigmented lip tint with a glossier effect, you can stop your search here because this is exactly what you need.

The “Dear Darling Water Gel Tint” comes in five colors, long-lasting effects, and on top of that, it has a reasonable price.

It’s not sticky and it has a nice smell and taste.

It’s good for every skin complexion, you don’t have to reapply it frequently and you can wear it wherever you are and whenever you want.

It will make your lips very soft and keep them smooth so you don’t have to worry about the hydration of your lips.

It’s perfect for both summer and winter so whenever you use it you won’t make a mistake.

This water-gel tint is everything you need if you want to achieve that famous lip-look that the K-icons have and it’ll make you look fabulous.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Not sticky
  • Nice smell and taste
  • Glossy effect
  • Reasonable price

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8. Double Color Lipstick

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We are all familiar with the ombre hairstyle and we all loved it in its popular days, but what do you say about ombre lips?

Now, as we got past the ombre hair, we can try making our lips in the ombre style with this double color lipstick.

This product is definitely for those who want to spice things up in their makeup routine and treat their lips with some nourishing ingredients and moisturizing.

The double color lipstick has become a huge hit and it’s a “must-have” for this year.

If you are one of those people who always wants to keep up with the new trends and styles, this is something that you should have in your makeup collection.

What is more, this lipstick will help you show your bold personality and make you look more confident.

Shouhengda’s double color lipstick is a unique combination of lip tint and lip balm which gives better hydration and elasticity to the lips, and on top of that, you can achieve gradient lips effect with one swipe and without spending time blending your lip tint.

The double lipstick comes in eight combinations of colors, it’s not sticky and will give your lips a silky smooth, and shiny effect.

It contains many vitamin ingredients and intense color pigments which make the lipstick last longer on the lips.

It’s waterproof and it’s great for every occasion.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Soft texture
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Nice taste and smell
  • Moisturizing

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9. 3CE Velvet Lip Tint

3CE New Velvet Lip Tint #ABSORBED Love long lasting matte finish
  • #ABSORBED : Pure rose pink color
  • Soft and Matte
  • Flower blending gradation
  • Long wear velvet tinted lip
  • 3CE SS Velvet Lip Tint Flower Garden Matte Texture

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If you are a fan of velvety lips, this lip tint by 3CE is the perfect choice for you.

This is a new product by 3CE cosmetics which will enable you to have a long-lasting lip look with a matte finish.

The matte finish is the most desirable feature of lipsticks nowadays but not all of them can satisfy the needs of your lips.

But, if you choose 3CE Velvet Lip Tint you will get that desire matte finish and you won’t regret your choice.

The oil-packed formula of the lip tint prevents the lips from drying out and gives extensive pigmentation to the lip area.

You probably know that oil-based lip makeup products are the most effective when it comes to dry and cracked lips, so you won’t need to think about buying this lipstick.

The 3CE Velvet Lip Tint will give your lips ultra-smooth and soft power which will last the whole day.

It’s easily applicable since the lip tint melts on the lips, leaving you with a natural and gradient look.

It comes in several shades and it’s perfect for every day and every occasion so it definitely won’t disappoint you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Intense pigmentation
  • Prevents drying out of the lips
  • Easily applicable
  • Long-lasting effect

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10. Lippy Pal Lip Balm

Lip Smacker Lippy Pals Fox, Flavored Moisturizing & Smoothing Soft Shine Lip Balm, Hydrating &...
  • LIPPY PAL LIP BALM: Keep lips feeling soft & smooth with this adorable fox-shaped lip balm. Fruity green apple...
  • MOISTURIZING, SOFT SHINE: Our classic, conditioning formulas smooth & moisturize your lips. Lip Smackers help make...
  • HYDRATE & PROTECT: Lip Smackers flavored lip balms come in a wide variety of flavors to delight your senses & keep...
  • LIP SMACKIN': We've been your trusted choice for flavored lip balms & lip glosses since we introduced the first...
  • BEST FLAVOR FOREVER: Since 1973, we have put smiles on lips around the globe. We hope our authentic flavors,...

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Are you a foxy lady?

If you are, we have a surprise for you!

A new, adorable foxy-shaped lip balm that will make you fall in love with it at the same moment!

You know how important is to keep your lips moisturized especially during the summer so this product will help you achieve that.

Lippy Pal lip balm by Lip Smacker is perfect for those who don’t want to spend time blending lip tints, but they also want to keep their lips soft and moisturized at all times.

It comes in a cute fox-shaped package, with five different flavors to choose from and each giving a foxy shine to your lips.

Along with the sweet taste and smell, the Lippy Pal also offers your lips protection and heals cracked and chapped lips.

It’s also a very authentic accessory to wear in your bag, so along with the soft lips, you’ll have something that you can show off.

Its adorable package makes the lip balm suitable for gifts as well since everyone would like to have something foxy to carry with them.

The unique flavors and scents will make you and your lips happy and smooth.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Softness and smoothness of the lips
  • Protects the lips
  • Shiny effect
  • Adorable package

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Why Is The World Crazy About Korean Lip Makeup?

Korean cosmetics are a huge hit among those who are crazy about skincare and makeup.

People, especially teenagers and young adults are obsessed with Korean culture, fashion, and music, but the Korean makeup style holds the first place, especially the one that includes the lips.

Lip tints and lip products have become an essential part of every makeup collection and they are widely used among people both in the day and night time.

Most of the Instagram influencers and popular music or TV show icons are users of these lip products and that has changed the game in the makeup world.

The popularity and fame of these products come from their easy usage, proven long-lasting effects, amazing colors and pigments, and of course, their affordable prices.

When you discover your perfectly-suitable products there is no obstacle to making yourself look gorgeous and glamorous at all times.

The Korean makeup lip products have made the captivating and attractive look more approachable to people and they’ve provided choices for every taste.

Even though you may be a very busy person and you don’t have too much time to spend on your makeup, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look stunning on any occasion.

Although the perfectly-stained tint effect may seem difficult to be achieved, the Korean products have solved that problem for you so now nothing stops you from having silky-smooth lips every day of your life.

Along with the easy application of the lip tints and lipsticks comes their durability and that’s one more reason to buy Korean makeup lip products.

These reasons are probably enough to answer all the questions about the craziness over Korean lip makeup products and to explain why everywhere you go you hear about the amazing benefits that these cosmetics offer.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, care for your lips is of great importance and you have to take it seriously if you want to have irresistible lips like the influencers that you look at on your Instagram.

There’s a vast choice of lipsticks and lipsticks as well as the colors that come with them and all of them are available on the Internet with a delivery to your house, so nothing’s stopping you from ordering right now.

These lip products will make you happy and make your lips look gorgeous, you just have to decide what suits you and what will be needed to achieve your ideal look.

All of the products mentioned above offer you a great variety of choices and combinations and whichever choice you make, you probably won’t regret it.

Also, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to treat yourself to a classy lip look.

Besides the affordable prices, most of the best Korean lip makeup products come in cute and adorable packages, so along with lipstick, you’ll also buy yourself an accessory for every day.

Don’t wait anymore and order your favorite lipsticks!

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