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10 Best Korean Wedding Makeup Products Reviewed For 2021

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Are you planning the dream wedding of your life? – Look no further as we list the 10 best Korean wedding makeup products that will help you achieve the bride look you desire.

Before anything else, make sure you know how to make yourself not just a head-turner at the event but also the most stunning bride ever!

And to achieve that, it’s best to turn your face south! Yeah! South Korea!

Now known as the Kingdom of beauty products, they make the world go crazy not just because of their affordability but with top-notch quality!

Known for their clear skin and unorthodox beauty regimen, South Koreans are making a fuss in the beauty industry, making the young generation crave the same beauty they have. 

And most of all brides-to-be are the number one fans nowadays!


10 Best Korean Wedding Makeup Products Reviewed

So ladies, here are the top 10 best Korean wedding makeup products for 2021!

1. 3CE Sparkling Liquid Pigment

3CE or 3 Concept Eyes was launched by a fashion brand where models and fresh color schemes match its brand identity.

And they come up with not just your ordinary liquid eyeshadow, but the watery formula smoothly sticks to eyelids and has a multidimensional effect that gives a luxurious and gorgeous shade!

It’s a perfect mixture of sparkling glitters for captivating eyes and creates a sultry eye look with a luminous glow!

Exclusively Unique

Flecks of chunky glitter sparkle from every angle will make you look gorgeous from any direction.

It perfectly blends with any matte eyeshadows!

With shimmering pearly pigments, you can be assured to have that glimmer in your face throughout the day!

Long-Lasting Formula

The watery based gel smoothly glides over skin without fallout, creating a crease-free finish.

It resists oil and sweet, keeping your makeup looking fresh and clean all day!

Best to wear on your wedding day to keep your look naturally shimmering from start to finish!

2. CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP Foundation

Known as MAC-of Korea, Clio has made it through the beauty industry for almost two decades now.

They are well-known as a brand full of quality, highly pigmented, and creative SKUs!

One of the most popular and the first-of-its-kind combinations of cushions known as the liquid foundation is the Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP Foundation.

Your face can achieve a seamlessly flawless and refined texture and finish with the added benefit of UV protection of SPF50+.

Also comes with hydrating ingredients recharging skin’s moisture levels.

It can cover the entire face with a tiny amount and give you a dewy natural look.

Minimal Oxidation

Nothing to worry about the changing color on you.

Felt great on the skin and the finish is very natural.

It has a longer staying power.

Better to apply on a good skin day so make sure to have one before your wedding day and it will show your best natural look ever!

Easy Application

This product is a no-brainer.

Anyone can use it perfectly without the hassle.

Women on-the-go can just put this in their pocket and apply it to her face in no time!

Easy to use and apply.

You literally can bring it anywhere.

No need for a sponge or brush, unlike other liquid foundations.

While the hybrid clear powder absorbs sweat and sebum to keep makeup looking fresh and feel beautiful all day.

3. Peri Pera Sugar Twinkle Shadow

Known as Korea’s favorite lip tint brand, Peri Pera, an offshoot of the popular road shop brand Clio, don’t just stop there.

Another affordable but high-quality product is taking the scene.

Introducing, Peri Pera Sugar Twinkle Shadow.

Made with dazzling and unrivaled glitter, this eye shadow is moist and soft and perfectly adheres without the fallout.

High-quality eye shadows that are highly rich in color and stay put on the lids that will truly give your eyes that “K-pop” aura you are looking for!

Amazingly Affordable

It’s almost half the price of other high-end eye shadows, but this makes you look more amazing with a long-lasting shine without the hurt in your pocket.

You are smart enough to buy quality over quantity.

But this time, quality speaks more than the price!

No Flaking

Some eye shadows tend to flake after a long time and that’s the least that we expect from any brand of beauty product.

But this one is an exception, as long as you don’t rub your eyes and just stay focused on looking good.

It also comes off easily and doesn’t require much scrubbing.

You can use any kind of makeup removal that you prefer.

4. Missha Triple Shadow

Missha has created quality Korean products that make impeccable impressions.

Like this Triple Shadow.

Now, it’s not at all too difficult to achieve a gradient and shining look using this easy to apply tri-tone color with just a sweep of a finger!

In just less than a minute you are sure to have that shimmering look you always wanted. 

Colors In Trio

Each cute square packet comes with a different three-color combination that you can easily mix and match.

You will find more color combinations that suit your taste and achieve that gradient effect!

The more colors the more vibrant your look will be!

Perfect Texture

With its soft and silky texture, it’s almost perfect with every skin type!

Your eyes can be more expressive and dominating as you try to use them more often and keeps your confidence level up at all times!

5. Etude House Color My Brows Brow Mascara

Have you dreamt of having that princess’s brows?

Does it make you want to look like your favorite Korean telenovela star and achieve that sophisticated look?

Dream no more!

Etude House will never let you down!

Color My brows Brow Mascara is a must-have for the perfect wedding and princess look you want!

This long-wearing brow mascara that combs, tints, and sets your brows with a perfectly groomed pair that gives you a refined look you are dreaming of!

Never miss the chance to grab this one!

Look Natural

We always want that natural look whenever we put on some makeup.

And with this mascara, your eyebrows will look as natural as it is.

You wouldn’t have any problems with any excess product on the brush.

Set Your Mood

No time to do your brows?

What can be more attractive if we just woke up having nice looking brows especially when we are rushing for the day ahead?

Well, nothing to worry about at all!

This mascara will set you in the mood and will still keep you looking good!

Not all mascara would do the same thing exceptional thing!

Our mood sometimes depends on how our mascara works on our brows!

So it’s highly recommended for busy women like us!

6. Romand Juicy Lasting Tint

Romand always offers high-quality products that emphasize a woman’s natural beauty and create that everlasting impression.

Take it from Saerom Min, founder of Romand, known for her stunning and transformative makeup techniques.

It’s not just an ordinary lip tint that makes women crazy nowadays, this glossy and pigmented product from Romand has a sweet subtle scent that stays longer than any other lip tint in the market, not even in any American lip product has! 

Oh So Glossy

Before it was just lipstick or a balm in our small kit.

Now, it’s lip tint!

What makes us go crazy for certain lip tint is not just the color but how this juicy lasting tint offers a glossy effect that can last for a few hours.

That shines in our lips that never fade and felt like a lip balm that absorbs into our lips to keep it from drying and moisturize at the same time.

What a wonder lip tint!

Stained Gorgeously

This tint also leaves an even stain on your lip.

A kind of stain that we like to wear all day!

Giving our lips that gorgeous look.

Don’t be generous to over-apply it so you can achieve that perfect juicy gloss.

All colors would be matching for all beautiful skin tones.

7. Peach C -Peach Cotton Blusher

Peach C has proven its popularity nowadays.

From lip tints and other easy to carry makeup products, quality is never compromised.

This handy blusher is available in 6 peachy colors, ideal for everyday makeup and but makes perfect for a wedding look!

Naturally blushes your cheeks that bring youth to your face.

An on-the-go must-have for every perfect skin tone.

Infused With Antioxidants

Nothing beats having healthy-looking skin before getting married.

We all look for that extra ingredient that can offer us a beautiful look outside but also from within.

For an added health benefit, this blusher is infused with peach extract as an antioxidant.

Most blusher doesn’t have this kind of ingredient on it, which makes this one a standout! 

Fine Powder

Whether you’re pale looking or not, this blush will give you that light peachy blush with its finest powder that blends with your tone naturally and effortlessly.

You would never miss a photo op and shine bright like a diamond with this fine powder on your face all-day-long!

8. Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick

Innisfree is known for being a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand in Korea, where it emphasizes nature to its products making them eco-friendly too.

So it’s possible to incorporate the beauty of nature into humans themselves!

Take it to this Innisfree creamy tint lipstick!

This is the best lipstick to wear on your wedding day!

Giving you that nature aura in your face, the lipstick melts smoothly to color your beautiful lips all day long, making it look natural and luminous at the same time!

Texture Perfect

Its water-sliding, non-sticky texture cares for your lips as it keeps them hydrated most of the time.

Say goodbye to dry lips and hello to moisturizing, sweet and supple lips!

Contains sweet almond and sunflower oil to coat lips smoothly without dryness!

Lively Colors

This lipstick is great for a professional setting as it gives you that lively look with the ranges of colors available to choose from.

It’s subtle enough to comfortably shine and give you that provocative yet lovely pure lips!

9. Etude House Play 101 Pencil Liner

Who’s not in love with a pen for eyeshadow, eyeliner or eyebrow?

We all want to have that precise and easy control of the shape of our eyes.

And who does it best?

None other than Etude House again!

This makeup brand has never failed us to look astonishing than any other.

It’s Play 101 pencil liner comes with this great inexpensive eyeliner that we all should try and see for ourselves!

With a variety of colors to choose from, perfect for any wedding dress you choose to wear!

The Power Of Versatility

With all the amazing colors available, it can be used not just as an eyeliner but also as a lip liner, blush, eyeshadow, and eyebrow pencil.

Also has its creamy effect that’s not so hard to use and goes on so easily and quickly.

This liner also knows how to multi-task and gives the beauty we always wanted!

Consistency Is The Key

The pigment of the pencils is truly amazing.

So rich and easy to blend and gives you that consistent look with a subtle pop that doesn’t leave harsh lines.

Worth trying for those who are curious to mix and match colors from the eyes down to your lips!

10. A’pieu Air Fit Makeup Foundation

A’pieu in French simply means basic and gives pure energy and vitality.

A makeup that offers skincare formulated for young women in their 20’s.

A’pieu uses mild ingredients that cater to sensitive skin, makes it perfect for women who wanted to have a healthy and glowing look with a foundation on!

No woman doesn’t want to have that younger-looking skin in her lifetime.

And this foundation will let us achieve that!

Dewy Finish

One must try to learn how to apply this foundation and blend it perfectly.

Gives you that dewy finish and good during cold weather but need to be careful while using it in some tropical or hot countries.

Nonetheless, it’s perfectly suitable for most skin types.

No Breakouts

This foundation is highly recommended for acne-prone skin.

It doesn’t cause or provoke any breakouts and will keep your face looking light and fair all day.

Also makes your skin look healthy and glowing inside and out!

Choosing a Product That Works For You

Given the variety of beauty products available in the market nowadays, it’s hard to choose what for works someone, especially for a woman preparing her look for her wedding day.

We must know how to balance quality and price.

Not all beauty products that are cheap are good for our skin, the same goes for the expensive ones.

What matters most is the makeup that makes you look good not just on the outside but also inside.

Not all products give us the beauty we need in a snap. 

Before buying some makeup products, make sure to check every single legitimate review from experts or famous users such as celebrities and the like.

But don’t just take their word from it, it’s your word against them.

Once you’ve tried the products that work perfectly or not on you, it’s your verdict!

Keeping your eyes open to criticism and opinions is also a good way to maintain the equilibrium of statements based on real-life reviews and stories compared to your experience.

Brand vs Quality

Beauty products before and even in this era are gauged based on who manufactured it, or should we say the brand itself.

We all love the top brand names of makeup products especially those that are promoted in every wedding magazine.

Not to mention famous endorsers such as celebrities, influencers, models, athletes to name a few.

Every woman wants to buy the same product thinking they would also look the same.

But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes brand promotion and advertising are getting too exaggerated, just to gain popularity and some pennies. 

Products are being endorsed wrongfully without even checking their quality.

We all have different skin types and tones.

Not all beauty products endorsed by a popular influencer will work for every woman on this planet.

Don’t forget we have the power to choose what works best for our skin.

No brand or endorser will say bad things about the makeup product they are selling or promoting.

It’s in our own hands to gather much information and check whether it’s good for us or not.

Giving these top brands the benefit of the doubt, it’s safe to always protect your benefit before anybody else.

At the end of the day, it is your skin that matters!

Korean Inspired Beauty

They are unstoppable!

From Korean food, music to telenovelas, movies, heartthrobs, and bachelorettes, now they’ve been taking the world into their hands.

Koreans are not just people who love kimchi, they are also the top inspiration for beauty regimens.

Most beauty products nowadays come from Korea and inspired by real-life Koreans themselves.

Even with not too famous endorsers, their makeup and beauty products are selling like hotcakes.

Not only in Asia but across the universe!

They are giving us the best beauty inspiration that we have been all looking for.

Their perfect fair looking moisturized skin, which any woman would envy is on the top list of every bride’s beauty agenda.

From the famous Koreanovela hot stars and music icons, it’s not just the millennials who are so into them.

Be it an ordinary housewife, a student, an office worker, or even a 1st grader who knows who Koreans are and how they invade the whole world by their charm and charisma.

Even Hollywood celebrities are aiming for such skin perfection these South Koreans have.

They love its quality, which almost the same as American brands. 

Final Thoughts

So these top 10 best Korean wedding makeup product reviews are just a basis of how a woman would like to choose some products that would suit her preference and style.

We all want to make a long-lasting impression to show, not only to our guests but also to our man, to be proud of us whether with or without wearing makeup.

But a wedding is a once in lifetime milestone for every woman that needs deeper attention so she can look at her best possible appearance ever.

Choosing quality over quantity is the top factor to consider.

At the end of the day, a bride needs to shine in the limelight and make it unforgettable for the rest of her life, either Korean makeup inspired or not.

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