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Luminess Silk Review 2021: Is It Worth The Price?

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Skye Rhodes

Have you recently read Luminess silk reviews?

Are you planning on getting the best airbrush makeup kit?

Look no further then, as this post is for you.

Everyone loves looking natural and beautiful amongst people.

The beautiful complexion and flawless skin usually come about by putting on makeup.

Nowadays, we have so many makeup brands that you can quickly get confused when trying to choose what to use.

One of the most popular makeup brands is the Luminess silk airbrush makeup kit.

Once you start using the Luminess silk airbrush makeup kit, you will notice that Luminess Silk enhances your beauty in a way that you desire.


Luminess Silk Reviewed

In this article, we will discuss the Luminess Silk makeup kit and see whether it’s worth the price.

Let’s get started.

Quick specs

  • Brand name: Luminess Silk foundation
  • Type: Foundation
  • Different shades: Yes
  • Air compressor: 1
  • Airbrush wand: 1
  • Hose: 1
  • Air compressor voltage: 12v
  • Ac adaptor: 1
  • Instructional video: Yes
  • Highlighter: Yes
  • Blush: yes

After unpacking

Luminess Silk comes in a lovely package that you can even use when traveling.

It has a beautiful texture, which makes it easy when applying makeup.

The consistency is smooth, thus just a little amount of Luminess Silk to get the final touch.

It comes with an airbrush gun, which is more convenient to use than sponges.

Luminess Silk makeup has an incredible finish, which requires little or no touch-ups.

The shades too are incredible as it has a wide range of color to help you choose the best for your skin tone.


Luminess Silk makeup kit has a straightforward application process as compared to other airbrush makeup kits.

The fascinating thing is that it offers full coverage to blemishes or broken skin.


The foundation has 12 different shades to suit all skin tones.

You will not have to mix foundations to get the color that matches your skin tone.

This is wonderful.

I thought so too.

Water-based foundation

Luminess Silk makeup kit has a water-based formulation oil-free; therefore, you can rest assured that your skin will not clog in any way.

The makeup is water-based, so if you have sensitive skin, this is the best makeup for you to use as it will not cause any irritations whatsoever.

It’s light on your face and does not bring your skin down, that’s why many people choose to have this kind of makeup.

The foundation included in this kit contains no harmful ingredients as it is water-based.

It means that after applying the Luminess Silk makeup, it will dry down quickly to a natural-looking coverage without the bulky feel of some silicone-based airbrush foundations.

Many people usually like to have a natural look on their faces, that’s why they prefer Luminess Silk makeup kit to the rest of the brands.

Doesn’t come with a moisturizer

For you to have a perfect finish, you need to hydrate your face with a moisturizer.

Luminess Silk makeup kit does not come with a moisturizer.

But this should not deter you from not getting yourself the kit, because you can quickly get it from cosmetic shops around you.

It’s a significant point to consider so that you don’t end up with broken skin or blemishes.


1. Lasts all day long

Are you having a wedding soon and still not sure of which makeup to use?

Worry not as you are in the right place.

Sometimes it’s challenging getting the best makeup that suits your skin tone and lasts longer.

Having your makeup on for a whole day is what you could wish to have, but unfortunately, some brands do disappoint.

That is not the case with the Luminess Silk makeup system as it gives a perfect finish.

The Luminess Silk foundation is lightweight on the skin and, when you apply, it gives you a natural finish.

Many professionals have preferred using this makeup kit because it’s sweat-proof and does not come off.

You might ask, ‘How long does it last?’

Luminess Silk makeup lasts for more than 12 hours which, gives you more confidence in your day.

What do you think?

Isn’t it great?

It’s what every woman will desire, having their big day to feel beautiful and magnificent all through the day.

The good thing about Luminess Silk makeup is that it doesn’t build up so fast, so you retain your natural look.

Withstands weather and tears.

Luminess Silk makeup has formulations that make it waterproof.

It means that, even if it rains or becomes too hot during the day, you will not have to worry about makeup as it’s already in place.

The makeup withstands all weather conditions and tears, which is an outstanding feature that makes it more convenient than other airbrush makeup kits.

The makeup will only come out after you wash it with soap and water.

I have personally liked it so far.

I should get one for this reason.

What do you think?


That’s fine with me,

Let’s continue to elaborate on other advantages.

Read on.

2. Tutorials and guidelines

Is this your first time trying to apply makeup, and you are not sure how it will come out?

Is that a yes?

Worry not as am here to inform you adequately.

Luminess Silk makeup is one of the best airbrush makeups recommended by professionals to their clients.

Once you purchase the kit, you find a tutorial guide to help you step by step on how to apply the makeup and how the system works.

You can also get access to their many videos that will help you as a beginner.

It’s getting interesting.


In case it is your very first-time using airbrush makeup, then you need not worry.

You know why?

Luminess has got you covered.

After purchasing, you will get a guidebook that will be of considerable significance to you.

Lumpiness does hold very informative webinars that will help you the basics and advanced airbrush techniques.

Do you know of any makeup company that offers tutorials to their clients?


Luminess Silk makeup is one of the brands that do exactly that.

It’s easy to learn.

With Luminess Silk makeup, you can become very proficient in the airbrush makeup system within a week.

The first few days after airbrushing, your look will not feel natural, and you may not get the result you want.

You should not let yourself get discouraged because, as we all know, practice makes perfect.

The first times are usually tricky and hard, but with practice and watching the tutorials provided by Luminess Silk company, you will gain confidence and be better as days go by each day.

It has made work easier for those people who do not have professional makeup artists.

It’s because they get to train every day on their own until you get the perfect finish that you desire.

That is a goal that many people love to achieve in the long run.

Keep reading.

3. Has a variety of shades

When you have a wide range of colors to choose from, it’s even easier to make a decision fast, unlike when the shades are limited.

Luminess Silk makeup system offers you a color match system.

Have you ever heard of that?


Let’s get it simplified here right now.

If you get into a cosmetic shop to purchase the Luminess Silk foundation and are not sure of your exact shade, don’t worry as you will have an expert to help you out.


All you need to do is upload your photograph under natural lighting, and the makeup expert will advise you on the shade that suits you.

I know that sounds great.

Yes, technology has made everything easy and possible.

If you are that person who has difficulty selecting your perfect shades, Luminess Silk is the one to purchase.

Different skin tones

We have different skin types and tones, so you have to be careful when selecting makeup for your skin.

Because Luminess Silk makeup has different shades, it is much easier and more convenient than other makeup brands.

With all the colors, you can’t miss one that suits your skin tone.

It’s essential to have a variety of colors to choose from so that you don’t end up mixing foundations to get the desired brightness for your skin tone.

Having limited shades will also limit product purchase.

I think I have made myself clear.

Is it becoming easy?


Those are my thoughts too.

4. It comes with a carrying case that’s convenient for travel

How do you feel when you can’t seem to find your makeup in place?

I know it’s so frustrating.

Sometimes you keep your different makeups in someplace, but the next minute you find them scattered everywhere.

Because of this, you can lose your makeup quite quickly, and this won’t be the best feeling ever.

The Luminess Silk makeup kit, it’s a whole new experience as it packaged in an excellent way to keep your makeup intact.

If you need to use your makeup, it’s easy to find them, and this saves time a lot.

The package is very tiny and will fit in your travel bags and dressing tables without taking up much space.

It has a long hose, which is electrical; this gives you an easy time when you are traveling, such that you park the entire Luminess Silk makeup package in your carrying case without much struggle.

The Luminess Silk makeup bag consists of 4 types of shades of the foundation, one primer, one blush, and one skin brightener.


I like this.

How about you?


Read on.

It’s of high quality

It is always vital to value quality over quantity.

Because, if you have a quality product like Luminess Silk, to tend to use it sparingly and, in the end, lasts you for a more extended period.

A product can be small but cost-effective, in that it lasts for a more extended time.

Do not let the size deceive you; choose a product with quality, and get incredible results.

Luminess Silk makeup is high in quality because it is recognized worldwide by professionals and individuals who use the product.

You can attain whichever finish you wish, be it medium or full coverage.

It gives you a perfectly natural finish without using large amounts of the product.

Professionals have perfected their skills in using this product to bring out the best from the client.

Just by applying little, you get the desired results of excellent coverage.

Beautiful it is, right?

There is a saying that suggests cheap is expensive, which is very real.

Even if a product is expensive in a way, that should not be the reason for you not purchasing it.

You need to have value for your money.

Get something that will serve you the purpose for a longer time.

It will last you for a more extended period compared to the other types of makeup.

Because with Luminess Silk, you just use a little bit of the product, and you achieve your desired look.

I’m sure that is what most people wish to happen.

6. Available in different sizes

When it comes to budget, we are not the same pocket-wise.

Some can work with a bigger budget, and others only manage a smaller budget.

Luminess Silk accommodates every person, that is why they have different sizes for different people.

For instance, a professional makeup artist will go for a bigger size, but using Luminess for personal use will require a smaller quantity.

Most professional makeup artists prefer Luminess Silk makeup because of the power of quality it has.

It’s one of the fantastic products to work with as there is an assurance of excellent results after that.

People from all walks of life can get this product considering their available budget.

Wow, this is interesting.


Are you still there?

We are almost through.

Hold on a little bit.


Airbrush gun clogging every product in the market has its advantages and problems when you look at it from a different perspective.

Luminess Silk is not exceptional as it has its shortcomings too.

One of the most disadvantages of the Luminess Silk airbrush gun is that it can clog sometimes.

Clogging can sometimes waste time, especially if you are getting ready for an event, and you suddenly realize the airbrush gun has clogged.

It’s the most frustrating news you want to hear that your gun has clogged.

Meaning, when you want to use it, it does not come out as it’s supposed to.

The reason is maybe you have used it for quite some time without wiping it with its solution.

It will clog, and therefore you will be forced to unclog it with your bare fingers or use other means to unclog it.

It will cause so many inconveniences, such that when it’s clogged, you will need to spend a little bit of your time unclogging it so that it gives you the perfect results that you require.

It’s costly

Based on Luminess Silk reviews this makeup is way too much expensive that not everyone can afford.

It can be used by professional makeup artists to glam their clients.

Some believe that when a product is expensive, it’s when you get perfect results.

It’s not the case sometimes as you can get an expensive product and later disappoints you.

If you have not budgeted well for Luminess Silk makeup foundation, don’t attempt to purchase it as it will spoil your budget.

First of all, you are needed to pay $19.00 for 30 days meant for trial.

Then, you will need to pay $44.94 for three consecutive payments if the 30-day trial period elapses.

Luminess Silk has different speed models, and they both vary with their prices.

There is one that we recommend which has three different speed levels, and also there is one that has a high-speed level.

So, for you to have Luminess Silk with you, you need to have your wallet out ready to work for you.

What do you think of the price?

Is it much expensive than expected?

Even the professionals should have experience and need to have perfected their skill to get the perfect results required.

The decision lies in your own hands; make sure you get the best makeup to help you achieve your goal while being pocket friendly so that you don’t have to strain a lot.


Where are you going?

We still have not finished with the review.

Keep reading.

Does it work?

Are you planning on getting yourself a Luminess Silk makeup system?

Then look no further, as this post is for you.

Luminess Silk makeup system has all the advantages that will make you want to get yourself personally or professionally.

It’s because you have to use a little amount, and your face will look refreshed and natural.

The best thing about this makeup, even though it’s expensive, gives full coverage in a lighter touch and covers all the blemishes and cracked skin.

It allows you to look competent and confident on your special day, be it a wedding or an event.

That’s what the majority of us want.

I thought so too.

If you are that person who doesn’t like to stay in the mirror for a more extended period, then Luminess silk is the one for you.

You need to use the airbrush gun to point to your face, spray a little, and that’s it.

It saves you time.

But if you are that kind of a person who believes that applying much makeup for a longer time, this will not be ideal for you.

It’s more advantageous because it’s the most hygienic makeup, whereby it doesn’t have to touch your face to get the flawless look.

If it touches your face, the oil, dirt, and bacteria can pass onto your skin, and after that, you will start experiencing broken skin and irritations.

Luminess Silk makeup works best because it lasts all day long without getting off.

It’s what most women wish to have when in their events to feel beautiful and glamorous all day long.

Luminess Silk makeup works so well and gives a perfect finish that will make you glow and have a flawless look.

What are others saying?

As much as many people have embraced the use of Luminess Silk makeup, others have benefited from the doubt.

They claim that Luminess Silk is far much expensive, and it’s not worth the price.

Clients don’t get the best customer service experience that they require after purchasing expensive products like Luminess Silk.

If you file a complaint, it takes longer than expected.

On the other end, some recognize the beauty that Luminess Silk makeup brings to a person.

They appreciate the fact that it’s of high hygiene, and to top it up gives that natural finish that you desire.

Luminess Silk provides tutorials on how to use the kit so that you can perfect your skill.

Which other product does that?

Luminess Silk is one of a kind that you can’t try to avoid.

Hold on!

Why are you leaving?

We are through with the Luminess Silk reviews.

Are you in a position of knowing what is right for your skin?

I hope you can now make a wise decision about what you suit best.

It’s every woman’s dream to have her event a success when it comes to makeup.

Final Thoughts

The airbrush makeup has been embraced by women who value the natural look without lots of powder on the face, making them look cakey and heavy on their skin.

If you want something that is light on your face that will not necessarily make you artificial under natural light, then Luminess Silk is the way to go.

It’s essential to note your skin type and tone so that you can make the right colors for your skin.

To avoid skin irritations and blemishes, you must observe a daily routine of ensuring that your face is clean before applying another makeup.

It will help prevent your face pores from blocking, thus reduces irritations.

The decision now lies in your hands; you choose the makeup that is worth your price or gets one that you are being forced to take and will not use in the long run.

Get yourself a Luminess Silk makeup system and give it a try, it might work out best with you just like it has done to many people.

All the best.

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