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10 Best Makeup Consultant Jobs & How To Get Them

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Skye Rhodes

Looking for makeup consultant jobs? – Then keep reading our review of the 10 best makeup consultant jobs.

Are you passionate, assertive, and an expert about all things makeup? – Well, you came to the right place.

The process of job searching can generally be intimidating, confusing, and demanding.

But as a makeup consultant, you have different fields that you could look into to get yourself a well-paying job.

As a makeup consultant, you can either work in retail or in the comfort of your home.


10 Best Makeup Consultant Jobs And How To Get Them

In this article, we take you through the 10 best makeup consulting jobs and tips on securing them.

Take out your notebook and let’s get started with consultant jobs ready for you as a makeup specialist.

1. Retail Sales Consultant

Do you posse’s excellent customer service and selling skills?

Then this is the job for you.

In this particular field, you interact with clients with different makeup styles.

So, you must know and be up to date with makeup products.

As an expert, you explain the advantages and benefits of products.

You are also required to answer any questions and resolve problems that may arise.

You also demonstrate how to apply makeup, show how products work, and inform clients on currently available makeup products.

Other duties may include ensuring stock is up to date and adequate.

Pricing products, taking inventory and preparing the display and the retail outlet is also your duty.

For you to work efficiently as a retail specialist, skills are essential.

Some of the skills you need to poses include effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Communication is essential as you are interacting with clients and team members day in and day out.

You also need to be persuasive and persistent while selling.

These are vital skills required in attaining targets.

An education certificate might also be required depending on the employer.

Is it easy now?

I thought so.

Read on.

2. Blog Content Writer

Are you that writer who is passionate, engaging, and intriguing about makeup?


Then, this is the best job for you.

By writing, you will enjoy what you do and get clients for your work.

You will have a deep dive and read on different topics for you to get factual points.

Personal knowledge and experience from makeup consultancy jobs are a requirement.

Additionally, researching for new information about everything makeup is an added advantage for you.

Do you know why?

Keep reading.

It is because it helps you be fluent and accurate when developing content.

Most importantly, you need to be internet and trends savvy.

Are you getting the point now?


We still have got a lot more in store for you.

Keep reading.

3. Beauty Consultant

In every makeup consultant organization, a beauty consultant is very significant.

A beauty consultant is the one that welcomes the client to the premises.

They have their roles and responsibilities too. 

With your excellent communication skills, you should give a unique customer experience to encourage them to come again.

You demonstrate the proper use of skin care products and makeup.

You should be able to cross-sell products whenever required.

What are the requirements?

You must have experience from a previous job.

Also, having excellent communication and interpersonal skills is critical.

You should know about beauty consultancy.

A beauty consult should be flexible.

You should be able to promote beauty products.

You should have an excellent customer care experience from a previous workplace.

How about that?

Let’s continue.

We still have more for you.

4. Social Influencer Marketing Consultants

The purpose of the job is to create awareness through social media.

As a social influencer marketing consultant, you help strategize on creating content, planning, and implementing your campaign’s success.

Your main job is to create brand awareness out of your products.

Also, you are required to communicate effectively to the consumers when need be.

Like any other job, experience is vital and should be at the top of the list.

You must be a professional in making brand awareness on social media platforms quickly.

You should have the experience of operating more than one online platform.

Creating ideas for your brands should be done as quickly as possible.

Future trends in digital technologies should be grasped and acted upon to avoid problems.

Your writing skills and communication skills should not be compromised but rather excellent.

You should be able to set clear objectives on may be client retention, brand awareness, or lead increase.

You should have the ability to build and maintain a relationship easily without struggle and give it a priority.

Having a good command of English in writing and verbal is vital to communicate efficiently to clients.

You should be able to get back to your clients for responses and identify the areas to improve on.

In case you have a campaign, make sure it is delivered on time to avoid inconveniences.

You should be able to work with clients using the right approach for you to achieve set targets.

5. Freelance Makeup Artist

Have you ever heard of a freelance makeup artist?



Now, we are on the right track.

Let’s continue.

There are different settings with freelancing as a makeup artist.

You have to be assertive in this field, network, and sell your work.

You need to approach photographers, models, events, and wedding planners, just to name but a few.

Another way is by using your online platforms to advertise your work.

Practicing, taking pictures, and collaborating with different people to showcase your work goes a long way.

You have to put your work and name out there for potential clients to see and possibly make appointments with you.

A deep understanding of beauty culture, a robust online presence, and understanding trends are also vital.

You must be asking yourself ‘Why?’

It is because your clients will look to hire an expert.

You also need to have excellent organizational skills, work ethic, and technological knowledge.

These skills are essential as it helps in developing a unique online culture.

Freelance at times can be overwhelming.

Therefore, you have to organize an appointment schedule to avoid burning out.

Be a professional with high customer service, patient, and true to your client at all times.

There are two necessary tools for freelance makeup artists.


You should have a stand-alone portfolio.

Your portfolio should be clear with the set objectives.

Professional Makeup Kit

Having a professional makeup kit is essential.

A makeup kit is a prized possession and does not come cheap.

Although it takes time to build, it’s worth the cause.

The makeup kit should be of quality and organized.

It is essential to have a range of products to gain experience with different products.

Products to consider are makeup brushes, shades of eyeshadows, foundation, lipstick, and many more.

6. Research Consultant

As mentioned earlier, research and doing background checks on products is very significant.

What does a research consultant do?

As a research consultant, you can involve yourself in conducting research by providing data and reports.

The reports you present are used in forecasting trends and testing new ideas in everything makeup.

Considering how digital the world has become, new makeup is developing every day.

As a researcher, you will be the supplier of data, insight, and research services for different makeup companies or clients.

The job can include identifying trends and shifts with makeup products.

Foreseeing product innovation and technology is also part of the job.

You are also required to define makeup ideas that can be launched and developed for validation processes.

You provide analysis and guidance on new trends and test makeup products for consumers.

Finally, you will be involved in developing strategies to beat the competition.

7. Business Analysts

Do you have the ability to see the bigger picture of achieving goals for organizations in the makeup field?

Look no further; this is perfect for you.

As a business analyst, you assist in identifying areas that need improvement.

It is essential to identify these areas to assist a makeup business in attaining goals based on facts, figures, and observation.

The skills required for this job would include excellent listening skills.

You should be able to multitask and learn to prioritize your work.

One also needs to be able to build profits and be open to change.

You should invest time and skills in rebuilding a makeup brand or business for better growth and improved income.

We are almost there.

Hang on.

8. Celebrity Makeup Stylist

It is a very competitive world.

There are many makeup stylists in all the different areas where celebrities are involved.

They might need you on film sets, interviews, or the famous and prestigious red carpets where celebrities need glam teams to look fabulous.

To be a celebrity makeup stylist, you need to have the tools of the trade.

You acquire these tools from taking a course where you can establish the right skill set.

Learn about makeup from experts in the industry.

That way, you will be able to sharpen your skills as a makeup artist.

Make those networks by offering assistance in setups where you can show off your work.

Most importantly, be ready to work under those who have been in the same field.

Do you know why?

It is because those are some contacts that may lead you to your next big client.

Stocking up your makeup kit at first can be very expensive when working with celebrities.

It’s because most celebrities prefer recognized products that might be a bit expensive for you at that time.

Save up and buy products gradually.

Professionalism is a golden rule in this trade as you can be very involved with celebrity lives.

For that reason, setting up boundaries is vital.

You should note that privacy is important for celebrities.

So, it is right to ask for consent before you post the celebrity you did makeup.

It is essential as it shows respect and professionalism.

9. QMS Implementation Consultant

Quality Management Systems assist in describing the concepts that concern quality management in an organization.

They ensure quality principals are ready to implement, keeping in mind the organization’s goal.

As a QMS implementation consultant in the makeup industry, there is a crucial issue to keep.

For instance, you should be able to advise and support your organization in identifying gaps in QMS.

Help the company to identify the correct documentation for effective planning and implementation.

10. Sales Consultant

An organization that has prospects, it must have sales consultants.

Have you ever worked as a sales consultant?


Then you should give it a shot.

It is one of the most challenging jobs, but with persons with excellent skills and knowledge.

Sales consultants are the type of people that give the organization confidence in the world.

It is because they employ credibility, show a degree of work ethics, and are aggressive.

Sales consultants are essential because they follow up on clients to renew their products.

You are also responsible for making sales for the organization for the return of investment.

You are required to excel in sales that bring about interest to the organization.

I know you already know what the best makeup consultant jobs require.

Are you up for the task?


Let’s now discuss how you are going to get these makeup consultant jobs.

How Do You Secure a Makeup Consultant Job?

After searching for jobs, the big task is how you will get that particular job.

I know you are already asking yourself that question.


Never mind, I’m here to give you tips on how you can find them.

Read on.

  • Do a background check and know the information needed

For every job that you apply for, you must understand what the employers want to get from you.

Search on which kind of jobs are available and see whether you are eligible to apply or not.

Job seeking is one of the most devastating things one goes through because of the uncertainties that come with it.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

But we must keep our expectations high no matter the situation.

  • Do a proper search

For you to find available jobs, you must do a proper search to get positive results.

Use the right search engines, which will help you identify the available jobs for you to apply.

Most people fail to get these jobs because they key in uncertain words for a search.


Make sure you have the right words to use for the job search to be successful.

Do you know how to search for a job using the search engine?



Try it now and see.

Easy, right?

I thought so too.

Hand on there.

We are not yet through.

I still have a lot in store for you.

  • Know the requirements needed for the job

Most people just check on the job title but fail to see the requirements in the job posting.

Come on!

That is true, right?

As mentioned above, every job posting has requirements and responsibilities.

It’s very crucial to check and know the requirements the employer needs.

What if the employer needs a professional who has ten years of experience and you are barely one year?

Do you think the employer will consider you for the job?

That is why it is essential to read through the job description keenly before applying for that post.

  • Present yourself physically to an organization

It is another simple way of applying and getting a job.

Presenting yourself to an organization can be fruitful if you possess what the organization needs at the moment.

  • Showcase your expertise

Yes, I just said that.

When searching for a job, make sure you have what it takes to have the job.

You need to be hands-on in whatever position you have.

Your skills are the ones which can make you get employed or not.

As a makeup consultant, make sure you have a clear portfolio as this will reflect on the type of customers you will have.

  • Grow your skills

A person with great potential is one with the urge to learn and know more than he/she knows.

You know that, right?

It is crucial to note that your expertise can either make you get a job, retain it, or lose it.


Where are you going?

Come on!

I’m still here ready to give those significant points to know when looking for a makeup consultant job.

Keep reading.

As you do the job search, show that you have the interest to grow your skills.

It will help promote your career to higher levels.

You don’t have to remain on the same spot for all your career life.

Go out there, grow some wings, learn, explore, and implement everything you have seen.

It will work best for you and will be an added advantage to your makeup consultant job search.

  • Use available online platforms

Nowadays, social media is the center of everything.

The current world has embraced online platforms and has made work easy.

You might be asking yourself ‘Why do I need to use social media?’.

Social media is very significant when job searching because it increases job visibility and allows you to target the jobs you want.

Do you know why it has become crucial nowadays?

It is because many people are using it to reach a wide range of people.

If you are looking for a makeup consultant job through these platforms, it becomes easy for you to go through them.

All because of online advertising and marketing.

Is it guaranteed that you will get the job after applying?


Online platforms also have their disadvantages, which discredit them.

For instance, you are looking for a vacancy as a brand consultant manager.

Many people will cast their nets by applying to that vacancy.

It’s because they are using the same internet as you are doing.

It decreases your chances of getting that job as you anticipated.

  • Print advertisement

Are you the type of person who loves reading newspapers and pamphlets?

Is that a yes?

Then, we are on the right track.

You can get these makeup consultant jobs advertisement in newspapers.

It will have the job description well-illustrated for you to comprehend.

When you get such an advertisement, you might be stuck.

You may ask, ‘What next?’

At this moment and time, you should be thinking of how you will write and deliver your application to the advertised organization.

The advantage of print media is that it’s cheap, readily available, and can be kept for future reference.

That is why employers recommend you to check through print media for any available makeup consultant jobs.

  • Referrals

In the world we are, it dawned on everyone that having a friend is very vital.

The reason being, they can become a blessing in disguise.

For example, there is a vacancy for a makeup consultant, and your friend gets that information.

A friend can recommend you for that job considering your expertise and availability.

That is why it’s always important to do our work with passion and professionalism to get recommendations without much ado.

Have you ever thought about this?


Now you know.

It should be on the top of your list on how you can get a job quite quickly.

By now, I know you have an idea of how you can get these makeup consultant jobs more flexibly.


But who said we are through?

Hold on!

We are almost there.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, we have the 10 best makeup consultant jobs that people prefer having.

Just like any other job, makeup consultant jobs have their share of challenges.

Do we have a profession without challenges? – Not any that I know.

All fields of work have their ups and downs.

That’s the way business is, and we regard it that way.

If you are stuck, not knowing which makeup consultant jobs are best, worry not, as this is ideal for you.

The most exciting part is that I have also given you the tips you can use to get your dream job.

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