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10 Best Makeup Tutorials For Acne With Step-By-Step Guides

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Skye Rhodes

Are you looking for makeup tutorials for acne?

Struggling with acne is deeply disheartening because it messes up self-esteem, and can be very painful and hard to get rid of completely.

Acne is most common among teens in their adolescent stage, but it’s evident that it affects people across all ages and without limits.

Having acne can be very stressful at times, whereby you get uncomfortable around people and feel that everybody is looking at you, making you feel out of place.

The worst thing about it is that acne appears on the face where everyone gets to see you first and not anywhere else, which is demoralizing because you can’t hide your face.


10 Best Makeup Tutorials For Acne With Step-By-Step Guides

Here are the 10 best makeup tutorials for acne with step-by-step guides that you can follow.

Let’s Face It

You can agree with me that almost everyone has had a bad day on their faces, but people who have acne on their skin have to deal with this every day, which is sometimes disheartening.

Acne can make you lose your self-confidence and self-esteem, which sometimes makes you hide from your friends and colleagues due to skin breakouts.

You having acne is not the end of the world as there are products available in the market nowadays that you can use to cover your face and all your blemishes will not be noticeable at all.

In this article, we will give you the 10 best acne tutorials with a step-by-step guide to cover your acne with makeup.

I believe if you follow it to the core, you will get the desired results.

Let’s get started.

Step One: Start with a Clean Skin

Before you start doing anything else on your skin, ensure that your face is clean.

Most people are unaware that, if you don’t wash your face thoroughly with the right products, it can lead to skin breakouts and acne because the pores will clog.

It’s essential to wash your face with soap and clean water then pat it dry before applying any makeup.

When washing the skin, ensure you don’t use hard abrasives because it can lead to skin damage and lead to more skin breakouts.

After washing your face, use a moisturizer on your face so that your skin will feel hydrated, and as a result, after applying makeup, it will ensure it doesn’t break out.

What you need to know is that even people will oily skin use moisturizers to hydrate their skin, and some products are available that you can use on your oily skin to reduce acne.

The products used for oily skin with acne, which is oil-free, usually absorb excess oil, leaving your face fresh and less shiny.

A moisturizer will leave your face smooth by reducing the appearance of blemishes available on your face.

Because you have acne, you don’t want to damage your face more, that’s why it’s essential to apply a moisturizer on your face before applying any makeup to act like a layer that protects you from any dirt arising.

That way, you will keep your face clean and prevent it from getting dirt that will result in acne.

Have you ever used a moisturizer?


How was the experience?

I know it must have been a smooth experience.

We are just beginning with the guide on how to cover skin with acne with makeup; let’s do this together.

Keep reading.

Step Two: Use a Primer

The second step to follow is for you to use a primer on your face after a moisturizer.

Do you know why it’s essential to use a primer on your skin?

Well, it’s because it prepares the skin for makeup, and you can be sure that it will settle well without noticing any acne or blemishes.

A primer is essential at this moment because it usually acts as a base for your makeup, in that it ensures you have a smooth base for you to start applying your makeup.

By having a smooth base, then you are sure that your makeup will not have any creases but rather give you a smooth and flawless finish.

Use your fingertips while applying primer to get to the surface of the skin well without a struggle.

You can choose to apply it in a circular motion to get to every place of the part of the skin you are about to apply makeup.

A primer will ensure that the pores look much smaller than usual with acne skin, and it will reduce the shiny and oily appearing face.

Acne can be uncomfortable, but you can make sure that you hide them under makeup, it’s very much possible if you follow the right steps and guidance and get the best results.

Who wouldn’t want to have flawless skin after makeup?

I guess no one, that’s why people choose to apply makeup to hide the blemishes, and they can’t get noticed at all.

After using a moisturizer, make sure you use a primer to set a smooth base for your makeup to settle well.

We will discuss the third step, the one that follows after the primer’s application.

Let’s continue.

Step Three: Apply Concealer

Step three is applying the concealer after using the primer.

In most cases, makeup artists prefer using concealer after applying a foundation so that you can know the much you can use on your face to cover the acne.

But that is not the case, as you can also use a concealer before applying a foundation first so that you limit some colors on your face.

You can use a concealer brush for the best results because it plays a significant role in making the concealer blend well on the skin.

You need to use a concealer depending on how your acne appears on your skin; if it is too much, you need to apply a more considerable amount of the concealer to get full coverage.

At this point, your acne now is not noticeable, but you need to continue with the other steps so that you get full coverage.

You need to use an oil-free concealer, which absorbs excess oil to avoid looking shiny and oily after a short period.

A concealer is significant at this juncture because, together with a foundation on the face, it will bring about full coverage, and you will not have any blemishes on your face.

It also helps in camouflaging the pigmentation together with dark circles on the skin.

The most important thing a concealer does to the skin is that it prevents the skin from getting harmful rays from the sun and because your face might be having acne, getting harmful rays will only make it worse and even lead to other skin diseases.

Even though you have acne, don’t despair, it’s always important to take care of your face from further damage.

Isn’t it becoming easy?



I thought so too.

Keep reading.

Step Four: Apply Foundation

If you have acne, it’s essential to choose a foundation that helps in covering any skin blemishes and also one that doesn’t make your pores clog.

As much as covering acne is essential, ensure that you use the right products for your face so that you don’t damage the skin further.

You can choose to use a liquid foundation on your face but ensure you use the one that will help in absorbing excess oil from the front.

If you use some other types of liquid foundations that are not oil-free, your face might turn greasy after a short period; this can result in pores clogging and causing more acne appearance.

Mostly, the powder foundation is the best to use on an acne face because it doesn’t clog the skin, unlike the liquid powder.

Apply the foundation with a sponge in a circular motion until it’s smooth; see whether all places have the foundation.

Foundations are essential in improving a person’s appearance; for instance, if you have acne, it will play a significant role in hiding the blemishes and acne, resulting in a naturally flawless appearance.

You can’t quickly notice that you have acne with a foundation because it builds up very fast, giving you full coverage with smooth skin.

If you have acne, ensure you get the foundation that is suitable for your skin type and also one that is oil-free to help you reduce excess oil from the face and reduce shininess.

Step Five: Wipe your Face

The next step is significant; after applying the foundation, you might have had too much of it already on your face.

You should, therefore, get a tissue and wipe off any excess foundation on you.

You should not necessarily wipe it, but instead, just press the tissue a bit on the skin so that it can absorb the excess makeup.

It’s essential because you will have a perfect and flawless finish without any blemishes.

If you put on so much makeup, then your face will be cakey, and we don’t want this to happen in this scenario.

All you want to acquire is a perfectly smooth, natural, and flawless finish.

If you don’t remove the excess makeup, then you will notice creases on your face and am quite sure you will not like that at all, so make it a routine to wipe off excess makeup for the best final finish.

Read on.

Step Six: Use Loose Powder

After removing excess foundation from your skin, it’s time to let your makeup settle for a few minutes; then you apply loose powder.

You can use pressed powder, but you should note that it has more oil than loose powder, and you know that too much oil will most probably clog your pores resulting in more acne.

It’s one of the annoying things that you have to deal with, but with your well-applied makeup, no one even notices that you have acne on your face.

The most exciting thing about the loose powder is that it doesn’t have oil, and it can make your makeup stay put for a longer time without making your face oily and shiny.

The loose powder has oil-absorbing ingredients, which makes a face appear less shiny and oily, and that is what you require on an acne face.

As mentioned earlier, you can make your acne worse by getting the wrong products for your face, but in this case, you should get oil-free products that favor your skin and have oil-absorbing ingredients for the best results.

With this powder on your face, you are sure of having a flawless and natural look all day because it will give you full day coverage without a doubt.

You will not only like the results but love them.

Step Seven: Use a Finishing Spray

Do you have a setting spray at home for use?


Then you are missing out on something very essential in your makeup kit.

Setting sprays are very important when applying makeup, and the good thing about it is that it’s suitable for all skin types regardless of whether it’s oily, healthy, dry, or sensitive skin.

It works in a beautiful way leaving your face with a fresh, natural appearance that everyone admires.

Now, because the face has acne, it’s probably oily, so you need to be very keen on which type of spray you are going to use.

The oil-free spray ensures that your face is not shiny by reducing the oily appearance.

With the spray-on, your face will feel hydrated all day long, remember even oily skin needs hydration so that the pores can open up for a smooth appearance.

The setting spray will ensure that your makeup stays longer on your face like a whole day without doing touch-ups; this is what most people need.

So, if you have an event to grace for a whole day, you shouldn’t worry if you have your setting spaying with you as it will last your makeup until you decide to wash it off after 24 hours.

It’s getting interesting.


We are almost there,

Keep reading.

Step Eight: Compliment with Lipstick and Eyeshadow

After having done all this makeup, you will need to apply a bold lipstick on your lips so that even if there is a noticeable blemish, no one will notice that, instead they will first see the lips.

The lipstick comes in a wide range of colors, and the most important thing is for you to choose the one the suits your skin tone.

In this case, getting a bold lipstick will be essential and moisturize your lips, preventing them from cracking.

Another thing is that you should get your eyeshadow on too, ensure that you also put on a primer eyeshadow to set the base for the eyeshadow.

Choose the eyeshadow that will match your skin tone and make people notice you from a distance.

By doing this, no one will be looking at the blemishes on your face but rather the beautiful eyeshadow and lipstick on your face.

You can bear witness that with all the makeup on your face, add lipstick and eyeshadow, and no one will be able to notice any remaining blemishes on your face because your face will be glowing naturally.

What do you think?

Isn’t it essential?



I thought so too.

We are getting to our last step now.

Read on.

Step Nine: Look Yourself in the Mirror

It’s essential always to look at yourself in the mirror and see whether you have attained the required results or not.

You know, sometimes, you can apply makeup, and when you finish, you find that it’s too much, or it has not given you the coverage you needed most.

Now, what to do?

You check yourself in the mirror; if you don’t have the best results yet, you can repeatedly redo the makeup session until you get the desired natural finish.

There some instances where too much makeup can make you look artificial and am sure you are not ready for this, right?

Ensure that everything is in place, and with the right measures, you can have a flawless and smooth finish.

If you follow the above guide, you will get the perfect results that you want to hide your acne for the day.

But remember, after the long day, you need to wash your face with soap and water so that your face remains clean and can breathe.

That way, even acne will reduce, resulting in smooth skin after some time.

What do you think?

I know the process is easy now, don’t just stay with acne, we have ways to cover them.

Isn’t it?


What Causes Acne?

As mentioned earlier, acne mostly occurs among teens who are in their adolescence stage.

But have you ever asked yourself what causes acne to appear on teens’ faces mostly?


Many factors can cause acne, but one that mostly affects teenagers is the excess hormone activity in their bodies.

Hormones such as androgens are the ones their levels increase among teenagers, making the sebaceous glands enlarge, therefore producing more sebum.

Another factor that causes acne not only to teenagers but to everyone across all ages is the production of excess oil on the skin.

You find that there are those people with oily faces that produce excess oil, making their faces shine.

If you don’t use oil-free products on your skin, then the pores on your skin will clog, making it prone to skin breakouts and acne appearance.

You should also be very careful not to leave your face with makeup after a long day; instead, you should wash it clean with soap and water before going to bed so that your skin breaths.

Failure to do this, your pores will clog, and your skin will have more skin blemishes, acne, and pimples.

You also need to watch what you eat so that you don’t make your acne worse, and this is because certain types of food cause acne to be worse, so you need to be very careful about your diet.

There are certain drugs that, when you use them, make acne worse, for instance, medicines that contain corticosteroids can cause acne, or if you already have acne, it can be worse.

Above all things avoid stress because it’s also a causing factor.

When you realize you have acne, ensure you use the right products for your skin, especially the oil-free products, and your skin will respond well, and the acne will reduce if not cleared.

What do you think?

If you are not a teenager, I’m sure by now you know the factors that can cause acne to appear on your face, and it’s high time you avoid them to have smooth skin.

If you use the above step-by-step guide, you will get full coverage, which will help you hide all the acne on your skin, leaving you with no noticeable mark.

That’s what most people usually want, especially those struggling with acne, medium to full coverage will work for them correctly.

Final Thoughts

However, even though acne makes you uncomfortable and uneasy when around people, it’s usually advisable that you leave your face without makeup somedays to let it breathe and feel fresh.

Covering up with makeup can lead to clogging of your pores on your skin, which will cause more skin breakouts and further damage the surface.

That’s why you need not have makeup on all days to allow your skin to breathe and let the pores open up.

But if you feel that acne is limiting you to mingle with your friends, you can put on makeup with the help of the above guide to help you get a perfectly flawless finish that you will admire, and no one can notice any blemish.

If you are that person struggling to get rid of acne, note that it takes a long time to heal and treat the acne completely, but nowadays, we have options for you to use in covering up your breakouts.

Feel free to use the above makeup tutorials for acne, so that the final finish will be the perfect one and will give you a flawless and elegant look.

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