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10 Most Expensive Makeup Products In The World In 2021

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Skye Rhodes

The definition of makeup has drastically changed over the past few decades so today we will talk about the 10 most expensive makeup products in the world in 2021.

Looking back at the early ‘90s, makeup was considered as a tool to hide flaws or as a mere necessity for being in front of the camera.

But now people see makeup as a way of expressing themselves and their creativity.

Makeup brands have been focusing on a specific gender, as their consumers, for a very long time but now more gender-neutral brands are emerging on the market.

This has helped in normalizing men wearing makeup and not being stereotyped.

There is no denying the fact that the makeup industry is growing rapidly and has opened doors of opportunities for a lot of people but this rapid upward trajectory of the makeup industry has resulted in the sad reality that most makeup brands can be heavy on the pockets.


10 Most Expensive Makeup Products In The World

2020 has proven to be an absurd year and God knows what more this year has in store for us but while we are on the topic of absurdism let’s talk about the 10 most expensive makeup products in the world.

1. Couture Beauty Diamond Mascara

Couture is a luxury brand and its products are extremely high-end and expensive.

This ridiculously expensive mascara had to be on top of the list.

This mascara comes with lipstick and originally the cost of mascara was 589$ and the lipstick was 150$.

The mascara had an 18 karat gold top and was adorned with Swarovski crystals. 

The Crazy, Rich Las Vegas Lady Story

This combo caught the eyes of a rich woman from Las Vegas and she contacted the owner of the brand to get her customized order. 

She wanted diamonds instead of crystals.

So the new customized set had a mascara that was embellished with blue diamonds and lipstick with pink diamonds. 

This resulted in a very high price of the combo i.e 14 million dollars.

Yes, you heard that right!! A mascara, lipstick combo worth 14 million dollars!! 

This price tag also includes unlimited refills and 24/7 concierge service. 

Despite these services and incentives, 14 million dollars is still a huge amount for just mascara and lipstick and can cost a fortune to anyone who might be interested in buying this combo. 

2. Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish

Models Own is a UK brand and they have nail polish that retails for $130,000!

As crazy as this might sound, this is entirely true that nail polish can cost you more than a million. 

It takes some people a lifetime to earn such an amount of money whereas some people have more than a million just lying around to be spent on luxuries like these.

On a lighter note, the bottle of nail polish is one of a kind.

It is encrusted with more than thousands of diamonds.

The bottle is so remarkably beautiful that it will enhance the beauty of your vanity. 

The brand claims that this nail polish is made of real gold and it will make your nails shine like a diamond and will leave them as smooth as butter. 

One could not miss such a nail paint that sparkles like tiny diamonds. 

They also have a normal version, without the fancy diamonds, that costs around 7$ and is 14ml. 

This version can be bought from Amazon Model owns nail polish

A Few Words About The Brand

This British beauty brand is quite an affordable brand and most of its products have reasonable prices.

They also have more than 700 products which give customers a variety of products to choose from.

The brand is mostly known for its nail polishes and the wide range they have including bright as well as pastel colors to cater needs of every type of customer.

The brand also has a line of glittery nail polishes that they created in a collaboration with Had Kandi

This nail polish brand was sold to Fawaz Alhokair who is a Saudi based retailer. 

He plans on opening more than 100 stores in the UK, which will create thousands of jobs.

3. Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

Leaving behind the ‘models own gold rush nail polish’, this nail polish by azure secures first place on the list of most expensive nail polishes in the world.

Well, I guess encrusting thousands of diamonds on a nail polish bottle wasn’t enough so Azature decided to create a nail polish consisting of 267 karats of the black diamond. 

That’s right! A nail polish infused with diamonds and that too not just some ordinary diamonds but black diamonds. 

This is the only nail polish in the whole world that has black diamonds in it to date. 

The black diamond nail polish collection has 7 different shades including black, red, champagne, blue, etc. 

Each bottle contains a hand full of black diamonds and is made in the USA. 

These nail polishes have been worn by well-known celebrities like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. 

Now the cost of this nail polish might be equivalent to the price of your house or maybe even more.

Any guesses?

$250,000! Yes, a quarter of a million dollars.

How insane is that!? 

The fact that the money someone saves for their child’s college education is equal to the money someone spends on a 15 ml bottle of nail polish, is beyond belief.

The Story Behind The Creation Of The 250,000$ Nail Polish

Azature, also known as The Prince of Darkness, is a well known black-diamond-focused designer. 

He has worked with celebrities like Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, and Kim Kardashian West. 

He describes himself as the ‘King of Diamonds’ and according to him, black diamond is the ‘ultimate fine jewel’. 

In one of the interviews, Azature said that he wanted to showcase his unique style on nails and hence decided to create the ‘Black Diamond Nail Polish’. 

Azature is also offering a wallet-friendly, down-to-earth, department store version of the nail polish for 25$.

4. Essie Cosmetic ‘I Do’ Nail Polish

Speaking of expensive nail polishes, it wouldn’t be fair to leave this one behind. 

The ‘I do nail polish’ is a collaboration between Allure magazine, Essie Cosmetics, Platinum Gold International, Henry Dunay, and Johnson Matthey.

The bottle is no ordinary bottle. 

The company asked Henry Duray, who is a designer, to create a special bottle made of platinum. 

So the bottle is made of pure platinum, a rear metal, that gives it a sleek and shiny look and is manufactured by PGI.

The nail polish also contains a platinum powder which makes it so unique and expensive. 

The platinum bottle and platinum powder are responsible for the price that is $55,000. 

Looks like the chic packaging and unique style adds to the product’s steep price tag but, oh well, consider it vanity decor and nail polish in one.

Even an empty bottle of this ‘Platinum Nail Polish’ would have never seen the face of a trash can because no one in their right mind would throw this prized possession away. 

Essie is not a luxury brand it’s a drugstore brand and the price of their normal nail polishes is usually around $9.

Essie Cosmetics

Essie Cosmetics is a nail salon that was established in 1981 by Essie Weingarten.

They are known for their impeccable colors and whimsical names.

Essie is every girl’s go-to nail polish brand.

This brand has been around for more than 35 years and their commitment towards producing formulas that are chip-resistant and durable has made them an award-winning line of nail polishes.

Essie colors are designed to provide lightweight pastel shades on the nails that are nail-friendly and formaldehyde-free, too. 

These colors make your hands look chic and classy.

L’Oréal USA has signed an agreement to acquire Essie cosmetics to increase its share in the nail color and care market. 

5. La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation

La Prairie skin caviar concealer foundation is a foundation with concealer on the top lid and retails for $265.

It is by far the most expensive foundation in the world. 

The foundation has 15 shades that are not impressive at all considering a high-end brand like this should be more skin-shade inclusive and should have diverse color options.

As the foundation and concealer formulas are infused with caviar extracts, it gives skincare benefits as well as makeup coverage. 

The foundation also includes a sponge, concealer brush, and a magnifying mirror in the cap. 

What The Brand Claims

The brand claims that the bottle has everything you need for flawless skin and keeps the skin hydrated for an exquisite look and dewy finish. 

The formula supports firming with legendary caviar extracts and helps shield the skin from aging factors. 

It gives day-long coverage with SPF 15 protection.

Each bottle has 30 ml of foundation and 2 grams of concealer.

About The Brand

La Prairie is a luxury skincare brand known for its skincare products that fight against signs of aging. 

According to the brand, their mission statement is to become the leader in skincare and to give women the best gift of all, that is time.

Their products have set new benchmarks in terms of innovation and effectiveness.

They have been researching the segment of anti-aging skincare for four decades and their resulting products are remarkable.

6. Clé De Peau Peauté The Foundation

This foundation can be bought from the Clé De Peau Beauté official website and it retails for $250. 

Now, this brand is a luxurious brand and all their products are highly-priced and extravagant. 

The foundation comes in a nice gold box and is called The Foundation and also has an SPF 20 in it. 

Inside the box there is a little gold spatula; to get the foundation out, an acrylic looking clear plate; which serves as a stand for the foundation and spatula, and last but not the least, a 27 ml bottle of foundation. 

The packaging is 10/10.

It is very bougie and classy and the cap of the bottle is made of glass which makes it incredibly beautiful and also adds to the price of the product. 

It is something you wanna put on your vanity rather than hidden inside your drawers. 

This foundation is medium to full coverage that will leave your skin looking smooth and even-toned.

It contains radiance-boosting exclusive illuminating complex EX that helps rejuvenate the damaged skin and alongside makeup coverage also gives skincare benefits.

The exclusive illuminating complex ER is the proprietary complex that the brand has in its skincare. 

About The Brand

CLÉ DE PEAU means “The key to skin’s beauty” and is a Japanese brand. 

It was created in 1982 and is known for its remarkable line of lipsticks, body lotions, serums, anti-aging creams, foundations, and much more. 

All of their products have an impeccable finish and are not just pleasing to look at but are also very effective and do what they claim. 

Now products with such exquisite packaging, effective formula and a renowned brand label must come with a hefty price tag therefore each product is around $100 to $300.

While the label’s main focus has been skincare, their makeup products are undoubtedly up to marks and are second to none.

7. The Gold And Diamond Falsies By Kre At Beauty

Ever thought about how to make your eyes pop? Applying shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid could be one option or maybe putting some rhinestones near the tear duct? 

But nothing can compete with Falsies that have diamonds on them and will make your eyes shine bright like a diamond. 

Yes! That’s right.

Fake eyelashes with 0.2 karat diamonds do exist.

These eyelashes were designed by Taylor Chang Babaian and are the most expensive fake eyelashes in the entire world. 

These fake lashes are made with real diamonds along the lash line. 

‘The diamond’ lashes have 0.2 karat diamonds that were hand-set on 18 karat gold strips and have a price tag of $1,350.

‘The gold’ lashes have Artisan hand foiled 24k gold and have a price tag of $295. 

These lashes were exclusively made for Barneys in New York and are available there. 

If you have an extra thousand dollars lying around then you might consider investing in these rare beauties that will make you feel unique and become the center of attention wherever you go. 

With these eyelashes, no man or woman would be able to keep their eyes off of you. 

8. Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette

This palette by Natasha Denona is the most expensive eyeshadow palette in the world.

It is available in purple-blue and green-brown.

The palette has 28 shades and retails for $250 and can be bought from the official website Natasha Denona

The self-taught makeup artist created this palette to create breathtaking eye makeup looks. 

The shades are chosen very carefully in a way that they complement each other and can be easily paired together to create any look.

The palette contains both shimmer and matte shades and is a must-have for every makeup lover. 

About Natasha Denona And Her Brand

Natasha Denona is an award-winning makeup artist, entrepreneur and is known for her unique, never seen before formulas enriched with the highest quality ingredients.

She became a model at the age of 18 and learned a lot about makeup from the fashion industry. 

As her makeup skills evolved, she decided to step into the makeup industry and pursue her one true love and passion that is makeup.

It is true that when you invest your time and energy into something you love, you do exceptional work just like Natasha did.

Within a year she created a portfolio that helped her secure her place in the industry. 

Her portfolio caught the eyes of top photographers and soon she became the most wanted artist. 

9. La Prairie Skin Caviar Loose Setting Powder

We are all familiar with the importance of setting powder in a makeup routine. 

Now like with every other product there are drugstore setting powders that cost around $10 to $12, then there are setting powders by high-end brands that are around $40 to $60.

And then comes the over the top, ridiculously expensive setting powder by none other than the infamous La Prairie Skin Caviar.

This loose setting powder is for $220 and comes in three different shades. 

It has 1.41 ounces of product and weighs 40 grams.

The box has a full-size setting powder along with a travel-size one which also has some product in it. 

On opening the lid, there is a mirror inside and also a soft powder puff.

The powder tends to mattify the skin, refines the texture of the skin, and also minimizes the appearance of pores.

It has hyaluronic acid in it which keeps the skin hydrated, gives the skin a youthful glow, and also preserves the hydration level in the skin.

Why So Expensive?

Like mentioned before, everything that this brand sells is extremely expensive since they use caviar, which is fish cells, in their products to achieve skincare benefits.

No doubt that the products are expensive but they are loved and cherished by their consumers and have a very good rating and reviews. 

They have high standards that are maintained in every product they release and the brand never compromises on the quality of the products due to which, despite being an expensive brand, they have a wide consumer base. 

10. Sisley Paris Double Tensuer Instant And Long Term Lifting Primer

This primer by Sisley Paris is Jaclyn Hill’s, who is a makeup artist, favorite primer and she swears by it.

She says that it has the perfect amount of tackiness to make your makeup stick to it without making you feel greasy or oily.

It is considered to be the best primer in the world that makes your makeup last all day long, by many makeup gurus including Nikkie tutorials.

Sisley is an extremely luxurious brand known for its skincare and is highly raved about so obviously it comes with a steep price tag. 

This holy grail primer retails for $192 and is a fresh gel moisturizing formula that gives immediate and long term lifting and firming effects. 

It has lemon extracts and oat seed extracts which create a 3D mesh on the skin.

It also has cotton extracts that strengthen the dermal structure.

The packaging is very sleek and girly however the bottle is made out of plastic. 

The bottle has 1 ounce of product in it and is 30ml.

Final Thoughts

Makeup is used by people all over the world for different reasons.

Some might use it to show their artistic side, some are making a living out of it while others might use it to enhance their beauty or hide imperfections. 

Even though some people still have negative perceptions about makeup and labels anyone wearing makeup as insecure, what they don’t understand is the joy, happiness, and confidence it has brought to others.

To conclude all this, I just wanna say that luxury brands are not something everyone can afford but thankfully we have our drug store brands that are doing such a great job at producing quality products at reasonable prices.  

There was a time when buying from a drugstore brand meant sacrificing efficacy for affordability but now drug store brands have stepped up their game. 

Many makeup gurus and professional artists use drugstore makeup and they have nothing but good things to say about them. 

If you have savings, some extra cash or you are just thinking of buying someone a special present or Christmas gift, go for some of these 10 most expensive makeup products in the world. 

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