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10 Best Oval Makeup Brushes & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

What’s the difference when you use an oval makeup brush?

Just think about it, beautiful and lovely women are beginning to tap into the wealth of opportunity for makeup with oval makeup brushes.

If you’re familiar with any kind of makeup work or you’re a beauty addict or love seeing beauty blogger videos, you will know that having a good set of brushes and the right brushes for a particular product application is vital.

Oval makeup brushes have more hair than a traditional makeup brush, so you will find them denser while using them.

Second, this gives more coverage than traditional brushes, so if you’re looking for full coverage then, you’ll love it.

Third, they are becoming cheaper and more accessible compared to traditional brushes.



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10 Best Oval Makeup Brushes Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. Yoseng Oval Foundation Brush - Large Toothbrush Makeup Brushes

Yoseng Oval Foundation Brush Large Toothbrush makeup brushes Fast Flawless Application Liquid Cream...
  • The most popular “toothbrush shaped” makeup brush tool with the latest fashionable design.
  • Use on the face to apply,blend or contour multiple mediums.
  • High quality synthetic hair provides perfect ablity for holding liquids, powders or creams etc.,also oval shape...
  • Superfine soft and high density synthetic fiber hair enable you a smooth silky-soft make up journey with a sense of...
  • Suitable for Professional use or Home use

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A gorgeous and attractive brush that is going to let you do the bulk of your makeover work.

It comes neatly packed in a box, and the durable rose-gold handles, along with soft and dense fibers for smooth and uniform blending.

It comprises 1 piece essential set: oval#1 (total length 17.5 cm with brush length 5 cm, width 2.2″ and depth 1.2″).

In this brush, you’ll get everything in one place, e.g., you can use this brush as a foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush, blushes, and so on.

This brush is also suitable for a fast, flawless liquid cream powder foundation and a liquid cream contour.

Its design and grip are beautiful, ergonomic, angled back handle which shape to fit perfectly on your hand.

There’s a flexible neck that will fit your face perfectly while applying makeup on your face and is very easy to use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of premium cruelty-free synthetic fibers
  • Soft and densely packed fibers for even blending
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Anti-slip, comfortable grip for utmost precision and seamless blending

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2. Duorime New(7pcs) Black Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set

Duorime New 7pcs Black Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set Cream Contour Powder Concealer Foundation...
  • 💖【YOUR PERFECT PAIR】 --For every need & application: Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Powder, BB Cream,...
  • 💖【IDEAL FOR GIFT】---Remarkable brushes at a remarkable price.Upgraded Handle, Durable and not easy to break
  • 💖【VERSATILE FUNCTION】---The hightest quality are truly more silky soft and fine density.High quality...
  • 💖【NO SHEDDING】---The bristles stay intact and there are no hair fragments to pick off face after using the...
  • 💖【STYLISH DESIGN】Perfectly shaped brush heads,Incredibly easy to clean,if you don't like them,pls contact us...

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A set of broad brushes that will cover many things you will likely do with any typical brush set.

These brushes are a bunch of 7 pcs of different brushes that will cover different things in the eye makeup and face makeup.

It comes neatly packed in a black and pink box, along with the most significant brush head size (length – 1.9 inch and width – 1.5 inch), which will make your makeup work easier.

These brushes use Teflon hair fibers, a high-quality bristle fiber that should be very durable and comfortable, and they should bend up to 90 degrees to provide further stability and better application without breaking.

You can use these brushes as a powder brush, blusher brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, contour brush.

Toothbrush shape for convenient grip, seven sizes for different blender brushes for crafts can make every place and corner perfect, easy application for all water-based ink, and some handy and attractive features.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to use these brushes, you’ll be familiar with these brushes and get a professional finish with a bit of practice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The quality of the bristles is very good for all types of skin
  • It’ll give you decent coverage for both eye makeup as well as face makeup
  • They’re easy to handle and use with their comfortable design
  • It’s also suitable for beginners
  • Dense bristles are super soft and shedding even after washing

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If you’re craving for the desired look, you must know and have every brush you need.

We’re here with the best BS-MALL 6 pcs oval makeup brushes at a very reasonable price, which includes five-piece essential big kabuki makeup brushes and nine-piece precise eye makeup brushes.

The makeup brush set comes in different shapes and sizes to cover., it would help if you did makeup on different areas of the face, and it’s fit for all face shapes.

The unique brush set can meet all your needs, show your natural beauty, and leave flawless makeup.

The handles of makeup brushes are made of high-end alloy and wood material, easy to grab, and durable for long-term use.

The bristles of the makeup brush set are made of durable synthetic fiber, soft and silky nylon.

This master set of makeup brushes are ideal for liquids, powders, or cream to produce face makeup.

The eye brushes made of premium synthetic fibers materials with wooden handles provide an incredible touch and feel.

This master set of eye brushes are ideal for liquids, powders, or cream to produce a beautiful eye and face makeup application.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Covering all and shape of brushes to create a variety of face makeup and eye makeup
  • SOFT and SILKY to the touch, the brushes are dense and shaped well
  • Soft but firm to apply makeup, the bristles also don’t fall out during the makeup application process
  • No cruelty, skin-friendly

4. Royal & Langnickel MODA Full Size Face Perfecting 4pc Oval Makeup Brush Set

MODA Full Size Face Perfecting 4pc Oval Makeup Brush Set, Includes - Foundation, Contour, Detail...
  • COMPLETE 4 PIECE FULL SIZE MAKEUP BRUSH SET - This set has all the essentials to create your perfect full face...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Featuring our durable waterproof handles that allows for a maximum grip for an effortless...
  • VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE - Incredibly soft, high-quality, proprietary synthetic filament blend that picks up powders,...
  • OPTIMAL DESIGN - Designed with you in mind. Our unique oval design was created to fit the contours of your face for...
  • WARRANTY - We continually strive to provide premium quality makeup brushes. MODA brushes have a 2-year Limited...

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If you’re looking for a variety of premium brushes, you’re in the right place.

This set has a complete four-piece full-size makeup brush set with all the essentials to create your perfect full-face look.

Set includes the following brushes – foundation, contour, detail contour, and concealer.

Its flexible handle is designed to maneuver the brush over the contours of your face comfortably, assures an even coverage and blending of creams, powders, and liquids.

Its unique oval design is to fit the contours of your face for optimal blending while staying on current makeup brush trends.

In this set, the smaller brush is perfect for precisely applying concealer, blending makeup under your eyes, or for contouring your nose or other small areas of the face.

On the other hand, the giant brush is used for all over cream or liquid foundation application.

The second-largest brush is ideal for blush or bronzer application for a stunning glow.

The third creates a flawlessly blended contour under your cheekbones along your jawline or at the hairline.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% synthetic and cruelty-free
  • Unique brush design makes application simple, giving you a flawless complexion
  • Excellent for creams, liquids, and powders
  • Sturdy aluminum ferrule
  • Two-year warranty

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5. Dolovemk Oval Makeup Brush Set 10 Pieces Blending Brush

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If you’re looking for a stylish and professional oval toothbrush makeup brush, your search is completed.

It comprises ten pieces of luxury makeup set: makeup brush, foundation brush, contour brush, blush brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush, rose beauty sponge blender, bring you a new makeup experience to meet all your daily makeup needs.

Its beautiful and attractive packaging gives you a luxurious shopping experience, a perfect gift box also provides your makeup brush extra protection for everyday storage.

It’s soft and thick bristles, can be used with any foundation, BB cream, powder, moisturizer, primer, blush, etc.

Handles are a bit flimsy, but If this is your first time using sideways brushes, you can’t go wrong with this as a starter set.

The brush is bent to 90° for a perfect fit on your face, with an ergonomic handle design for more excellent stability and better results.

Pros & Benefits:

  • These brushes feel incredibly soft on the skin and apply makeup beautifully
  • Good quality for price, dense bristles, and smooth application
  • High softness and comfort for sensitive skin
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Deep cleaning without skin irritation

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6. JOSALINAS Oval Makeup Brush Set (Upgraded 3pcs Fast Flawless Application Toothbrush)

JOSALINAS Oval Makeup Brush Set Upgraded 3pcs Fast Flawless Application Toothbrush Foundation...
  • UPGRADED HANDLE - The bendable handle are easily to hold and bend up to 90° to provide greater stability and...
  • EASY MAKEUP - Silky and soft fine density synthetic brush bristles offer streak-free,flawless coverage and pleasing...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Compatible with your any type of cream,concealer,liquid foundation and powder
  • LEVEL-UP DESIGN - Loved by lots of beauty enthusiasts, and have been well tested by many make-up artists and...
  • 3PCS ESSENTIAL SET - Oval #1,Oval #2 and Oval 4 are the most essential and practical size for you

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If you’re a beauty enthusiast, makeup artist, or product designer, you’ll fall in love with this master set.

It comprises 3 pieces essential set: oval#1 (total length 6.5″ with brush length 1.9″), oval# 2 (total length 6.2″ with brush length 1.75″) and oval#3 (total length 5.9″ with brush length 1.25″).

With tightly packed bristles, these makeup brushes will reduce fallout from powders while quickly creating a natural-looking level of coverage on your angel face.

Oval brush 1 is the largest oval-shaped brush in this set and can be used to apply foundation cream, liquid foundation, cream foundation, powders for creating effects.

Oval brush 2 is the 2nd largest oval-shaped brush in this set, with the help of this brush, you can easily create the edge line for your contour and then blend in it.

Oval brush 3 is the smallest oval-shaped brush in this set, to apply powder or foundation, this brush differs from the first brush in the way the head is narrower offering a little more access to hard to reach areas of your face.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for blending
  • Worth the money
  • Silky and soft fine density synthetic brush bristles offer streak-free, flawless coverage
  • Loved by makeup artist and product designer
  • Beautiful and attractive design

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7. Oval Brush Set of 10 pieces Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE

Oval Brush Set of 10 pieces Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE
  • High Quality Universal Oval Brush set of 10 pieces

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Oval brush set of 10 pieces

It comprises ten oval brush set that can apply an airbrush-like finish for a flawless look.

This Oval brush set comprises #3 large-sized makeup brushes to apply for foundation, blushes, and contour.

Medium size #4 makeup brushes for BB cream, powder brush, etc., and #3 small-sized makeup brushes as an eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush for eye, nose, and chin area have a classic style with an angled cut.

Foundation brush helps you layer on the product for a more opaque base and a full coverage finish.

Powder brush has a large plush head for sheer application and smooth, high-definition results.

Ultra-soft foundation brush creates a perfect, airbrushed complexion so that our skin looks and feels fantastic.

Its packaging is simple, but its design and color combination of brushes make it more beautiful and attractive.

If you use these brushes daily, wash them weekly with soft-soap warm water, lather the bristles with brush shampoo, and rinse under water until the water runs clear.

Try not to submerge the base of the bristles in the water thoroughly, or cruelty-free bristles may detach from the form.

After rinsing, smooth brush head back into the original form and lay flat to dry.

Let it dry overnight and wake up to a refreshed brush for your morning makeup.

I use these brushes and feel very confident and fabulous.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attractive, futuristic design
  • Makeup made easy!
  • With great quality
  • Don’t irritate sensitive skin
  • Affordable price

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8. DNHCLL 2 PCS Professional Oval Loose Powder Toothbrush Foundation Makeup Brushes

DNHCLL 2 PCS Professional Oval Loose Powder Toothbrush Foundation Makeup Brushes for Blending...
  • Material: plastic handle, high quality artificial fiber; Total Length: 15cm long ,Brush Hair Lebgth: 3.3cm
  • Soft and bushy bristles make it picks up and distributes makeups better, Fashion toothbrush shape makeup brush...
  • Circular arc brush head, fit the facial contour, resin handle, not easy to break, easy to make up
  • Dry and wet dual-purpose makeup is more convenient, not only applicable to liquid cream products such as liquid...
  • Multi-Application: Good flawless makeup for powder, liquid, concealer, cream, blush, concealer, foundation...

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Before you spend more money on another expensive foundation makeup brush, try this professional quality makeup brush, I assure you, you’ll thank me later.

The key to great makeup brushes is the bristles.

Its high-quality synthetic bristles are soft, yet just the right density to pick up and distribute liquid foundation evenly and cruelty-free.

Synthetic bristles use less product to meet the desired look.

You will find yourself asking, Where have you been all my life?

This brush is designed to conceal under-eye discoloration, fine lines and bags, and help blend around the nose and mouth.

Perfect for applying blush, the soft angle deposits just the right amount of pigment to the cheek for either a soft or dramatic look.

It’s firm enough for perfect blending without pulling.

Animal or cruelty-free brushes also help prevent any allergic or sensitive reaction one may have in using animal hair brushes.

Its soft and thick bristles are used for setting powder, with any foundation, moisturizer, primer, and blush.

It takes more time to dry in comparison to the regular brushes because of its denser bristles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Plastic handle, high-quality artificial fiber
  • Soft as a bunny
  • Makes blending foundation easier
  • High-quality synthetic hair bristles
  • Compatible with liquid blush, powder, and creams
  • Affordable price range

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9. TECKE (5 Pcs) Oval Makeup Brush Set

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There’s a perfect five-piece set that gives you everything you need for a foundation for your makeup.

The brushes come in a glossy black box, with brushes placed in descending order and a simple lock.

The brushes have straight necks, which mimic your finger shape.

The high quality, synthetic hair bristles hold creams, liquids, and even powders without absorbing too much of the product.

Excellent for beginners and makeup artists, this oval brush kit has brushes with a round design to cover more area with less work.

Ideally used in bb cream, foundation cream, liquid foundation, and other cosmetics use tools, can homogeneity of uniform open pigment.

It’s plastic handles, strong elasticity, and is not easy to break!

Fine brush, more smooth and comfortable.

Use them to apply primer, foundation, blusher, concealer, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, contour, highlights, and bronzer.

If you’re using these brushes daily, then wash them once a week(minimum), especially foundation and concealer brushes to prevent product build-up because of these brushes on your face.

However, brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month.

If you don’t wash them correctly and if your brushes are dirty, your application will be spotty, and blending will be intricate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Extra-wide handles
  • Blends better than standard brushes
  • Soft bristles
  • Highest professional quality
  • Gives you a flawless finish

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10. Artis Elite Mirror Finish Brush (Oval 8)

Artis Elite Collection Mirror Finish Brush, Oval 8
  • ARTIS ELITE MIRROR OVAL 8: The Artis Elite Mirror Oval 8 brush is ideal for foundation or skincare application on...
  • ORIGINAL OVAL SHAPED MAKEUP BRUSH: Artis designed CosmeFibre, a proprietary synthetic fibre that is so soft and...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Artis brushes are truly ergonomically designed, to be more comfortable and intuitive to use,...
  • WEIGHT-BALANCED HANDLE: Artis brushes are made from a metal alloy, similar to what is used in luxury car engines....

Last update on 2024-06-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This brush isn’t the most affordable out there, but its effectiveness makes it well worth the price.

This beautiful brush comes in a simple white box with proprietary synthetic fiber that is so soft and densely packed with thousands of threads that lead each other to a little tip.

This brush is ideal for foundation and skincare applications on the face or neck.

The handle is flexible, and therefore offers a very gentle application, and the ergonomic curved handle grip makes it very comfortable to hold.

It can also blend liquid, cream, and powder makeup, including foundation, blusher, concealer, bronzer, and contour.

If you seek the perfect sized brush to apply foundations, tinted moisturizer, BB creams, and CC creams, you’ll be tremendously impressed by this makeup brush.

The sleek mirror finish is elegant, and the minimalist modern design makes this a work of art.

Cleaning the brushes after using them, is an essential part of the makeup brushes (for long-lasting use).

Not only will it keep your makeup colors from getting mixed, but it will also help eliminate bacteria that can cause acne.

Clean this makeup brush, at least once a week with the help of lukewarm water, avoid getting water underneath the metal clasp of the handle as this will ruin the glue that holds the bristles together.

You can wash your brushes like this: foundation and powder brushes: once a week, eye makeup and concealer brushes: once in a two-week and other brushes: once in a month.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Attractive silver fiber handle
  • All quality available in a single brush
  • Animal-free, chemically resistant fibers
  • Patented cosmefiber provides superior application
  • Cruelty-free and skin-friendly

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How to use oval makeup brushes

Oval makeup brushes are great for a smooth makeup application and very easy to use.

If you don’t even know the ABC of the makeup brushes, you will feel very comfortable using them with a bit of practice.

They’ve more fibers than an ordinary makeup brush and blend better than other varieties.

You can use oval brushes for several applications, such as for a foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, contour, highlights, and so on.

These brushes will do all the work for you, so avoid using a lot of pressure when applying your makeup to your face.

Glide your makeup brush in circular motions over your face or skin for evenly blending.

Which is better between Oval makeup brushes and traditional makeup brushes?

Of course, oval brushes are better and more comfortable than traditional or ordinary makeup brushes.

The reason is very simple!

These brushes have very dense, soft bristles, with thousands of superfine fibers, so they pick up and apply makeup quickly, gently, and smoothly while feeling delicate.

With synthetic fibers, they don’t harbor bacteria.

Oval brushes are great brushes for liquid makeup or skincare products because they give more coverage without absorbing as much product as a blender.

On the other hand, traditional makeup brushes apply to other people.

Its bristles are very rigid and feel harsh on your skin during application.

With ordinary fibers, they do harbor bacteria.

How to clean oval makeup brushes

  • Wet the bristles with the lukewarm water
  • Place a drop of a soft-soap of choice into the palm of your clean hand
  • Gently rub the tips of the bristles
  • Rinse the bristles carefully
  • Let the brush dry with its bristles, use a fan or heater
  • Which allows it to dry in an earlier shape
  • Now, your oval brush is ready to reuse
  • If you use the brushes daily, then surely you should clean the makeup brushes once a week (foundation brushes) or once in two-week(other brushes)

Final Thoughts

There’s a wealth of choices available online, depending on what it is you want.

Above, I had mentioned the 10 best oval makeup brushes for you, of a different variety, in various color combinations and different price ranges.

If you’re a beauty addict, makeup artist, or a beginner and looking for the best oval brushes, you should go to the links that I have mentioned above.

Every woman wants to look more beautiful, gorgeous, and attractive.

These oval brushes will make you what you want.

Thank you.

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