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Style Korean Review 2021: The Entire Shopping Experience

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Skye Rhodes

Style Korean is a Korea based E-commerce website that was previously known as Honest skin.

They have been selling Korean cosmetics internationally since 2012 and carry more than 3,000 different kinds of products from various well-known Korean beauty brands.

With a great reputation as a big cosmetic distributor in Korea Domestic, Stylekorean has a direct supply channel with the brand factories or its representatives so with a hundred percent of their customer’s trust, every single product that Stylekorean ships are an authentic and original product.

Style Korean ships to various countries around the globe, all the parcels from StyleKorean are shipped from Korea and the shipping cost is calculated based on the distance from Korea to the destination country.

Here’s the happy news! – They also offer free shipping on a purchase of a certain amount from their website which is mostly $100 but in many counties like Singapore and Thailand, it goes as low as $50!

This website also facilitates refund policies that personally impressed me, but that only happens if the customer owns proof that shows the problem with the order received.


Style Korean Reviewed

I always heard mixed reviews about this website but decided to give it a try after all so here’s a whole detailed review of my shopping experience with Style Korean!

Quick Spec

  • They sell products from most of the well-known Korean beauty brands
  • They ship to various countries all over the world
  • They have great offers
  • The products on this website are usually considerably cheaper than other websites selling the same products
  • They also offer free shipping after a certain amount of purchase
  • They have the option of a refund in case a wrong or damaged product is received by the customer
  • They also have certain courier partners that help avoid customs charges
  • They also sell products from small Korean brands that are usually not available for sale internationally
  • Their products come in a sturdy and well package box
  • They have an active customer care service
  • They also deal in wholesale of their products

The Unpacking Experience

The product took longer than I expected to get to my country and then finally to my doorstep but considering it came from another country I guess that’s forgivable, well let’s see if it’s worth the wait.

Talking about the outer packaging of the products, they came in a sturdy good quality box that I believe took no effect during the whole shipping process which is great as it ensures that my products are safe in there.

As I opened the box, what surprised me was a pouch full of sample products lying in there which Style Korean sent as a complimentary gift, even though those are little tiny miniature pieces of products but it is a nice gesture of Style Korean to send this in the first place.

What’s even more amazing is that the pouch in which the samples arrived is reusable too so I just got an addition to travel time lifesavers.

Looking further in the box the packaging impressed me big time, I finally find the products I ordered in a very protective packaging wrapped with lots of bubble wraps and other supporters.

I ordered a Thank You Farmer Sun Protect Shimmer Sun Essence SPF30 PA++ from Style Korea.

What Did The Product Look Like?

It came in a good condition and the product was exactly the same as the one I ordered which relieved me big time as I heard they sometimes send out wrong or damaged products and then you have to go through all the return and refund trouble but in my case, I didn’t have to face that.

Now here’s a quick overview of the products I received.

Thank You Farmer Sun Protect Shimmer Sun Essence SPF30 PA++ 15ml (deluxe size) $8.5.

This comes in an elegant and cute little tube of a satin light pink/rose gold shade.

It is a pink shimmer sun essence that gives a stunning radiance with a clarity of a spring that shines beautifully under the sunshine.

It’s a shimmers/sunblock/make-up base that workes as a strobe, sunscreen, and primer at the same time.

Its main ingredients are:

  • Capric Triglyceride is an ingredient that provides excellent skin penetration and has an outstanding application
  • Pytho-Oligo is an ingredient that is extracted from Aloe and Hollyhock Roots which help in skin calming and gives a soothing moisturizing effect
  • Tocopheryl Acetate is a natural Vitamin E that helps to maintain healthy glowing skin and increase skin moisture while completely hydrating it
  • African Walnut Oil protects the skin and helps prevent moisture evaporation

I picked this product just because I had never tried this brand before and had heard a lot of great things about it.

And since when you buy this product you can also get one freebie from Thank You Farmer product I had to get this one, because why not? – Everyone loves free stuff!

Here’s What I Got For Free

Thank You, Farmer, Be Beautiful Luminous CC Cream SPF30 PA++ 40ml.

This comes in a very classy cylindrical see-through bottle. 

It is a radiance-filled CC Cream that enhances skin brilliance and brightness with the elegance of subtle sunshine that shines through chiffon curtains.

It gives a dewy, glowy natural healthy finish to the skin that looks stunning throughout the day!

There are three different Thank You Farmer free products to choose from as your gift but I chose this CC cream because it has beautiful packaging and had great reviews so I was automatically attracted to it, yup, I’m a sucker for fancy packagings.

The main ingredients in this product are:

  • Niacinamide – This ingredient provides an instant whitening effect, making it look fairer and more radiant
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – Is an ingredient that is a natural Vitamin E that helps maintain healthy skin and increase skin moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and nourished for a long time
  • Shea Butter – This ingredient gives the skin that elasticity effect and prevents the moisture evaporation effect
  • Adenosine -This ingredient helps in getting rid of those wrinkles, fine lines, and all those aging problems
  • Portulaca Extract – This one is an excellent moisture provider and provides a cleaning effect for your dry skin


The whole shopping experience on the website was quite impressive.

The website is well designed and easy to surf and look for the products you want to buy.

There is a huge variety in every single category and the thing that attracted me the most was the incredible offers!

This site legit sells a lot of incredible products from many very well known Korean brands at such a reasonable price, I don’t know how they do it but the prices they offer are unmatched!

The whole process of going through their products and then opening them to find all the details, descriptions, and reviews of the product right there making it easy for me to decide whether or not I want to buy the product.

After adding the product to the cart, the rest of the procedure was quite simple, pretty much like every other e-commerce website.

The only issue I faced was there weren’t many payment options available, they only accepted Paypal from non-Korean buyers which made me think what if somebody doesn’t have a Paypal account but in my case, it wasn’t much of an issue.


Buying products from Style Korean was honestly an amazing experience and I definitely would love to shop again!

Throughout my experience here at Style Korean, I noticed quite a lot of positive points that I believe you need to know before you pick a product from this website, I would gladly like to share them here in my review.

Here are a few advantages that I noticed that Style Korea has over other e-commerce websites.

1. They Have An Amazing Range Of Products

One of the biggest advantages that I found of shopping with Style Korean was the incredibly wide range of choices they offer!

I was completely shaken at the fact they had it all starting from the biggest brand in Korea to the small new brands that aren’t quite famous outside Korea, Style Korean legit has them all!

The best thing about this is I believe that they are selling such small brands that are comparatively a lot cheaper than the hyped well-known brand products, they also have a wide range and one on one offers!

Another amazing thing about this e-commerce website is that these amazing products from this not so known brands aren’t easily available outside Korea but we can easily get them from this website.

Usually, when shopping for products from other countries, the shipping charges are so much that it eventually makes you give up on the thought of buying them in the first place. 

What I loved the most about this website is that after a certain amount of purchase they offer you free shipping! That instantly made me want to try buying products from this website.

2. They Have Jaw-Dropping Offers

Where do I even start with the offers this website provides?

What’s better than finding the best products from incredibly hyped Korean brands at a lot cheaper rates?

They legit offer massive discounts on the price of all items making you go wow when you open their websites and want to shop everything off it.

They also have ongoing website offers like the one I grabbed, which is giving out free beauty items with every product you purchase! I got a whole full-size cc cream free which is unbelievable but true.

I was excited when I saw the offer, for a second I thought my eyes read it wrong but after receiving the order I can say I’m way more than just satisfied.

Apart from that, the website also accepts coupon codes that end up giving even more discounts.

If that wasn’t enough, they also offer free shipping!

This website is a great cost-efficient shopping spot and I believe everyone should give it a go even for once. 


Apart from all the amazing deals and advantages, this website offers as every good thing has a bad side to it, not everything about this website does the job for you.

They have many disappointed customers who tend to have had a sort of problem while shopping from this website.

As hard as it is to say but here are a few disadvantages of shopping at Style Korean that disappointed me big time.

1. They Have Ridiculously High Shipping Charge

I know I’ve previously raved about how amazing the fact is that they offer free shipping, but that only happens when you shop for a certain amount.

That certain amount in most countries is about $100 and let’s be real not all of us are willing to spend so much in one go for some beauty products.

This results in us having to pay the unbelievable shipping charges! 

Style Korean has almost the lowest prices I’ve ever seen but the shipping price isn’t fantastic, making this store quite expensive to shop at. If I was to purchase anything from Style Korean, it should be something that is so ridiculously low (from the clearance section or weekly discount) so that it counteracts their high shipping price.

Here are a few comparisons of the price of the same product with shipping on two different e-commerce websites apart from Style Korean:

  • Style Korean

Cookie Blusher $4.44 + Shipping $5.95 = $10.39

  • Roseroseshop

Cookie Blusher $4.00 + Shipping $4.17 = $8.17

  • Cosmetic Love

Cookie Blusher $5.90 + Shipping $0.00 = $5.90

This shows how high the shipping charge is on this website, it makes me disappointed as I believed I would find zero bad points in this experience. 

2.  They Unfortunately Have a Bad Reputation

Style Korean rebranded from a website named Healthy Skin which unfortunately had a whole lot of mishaps happen to them.

Healthy skin sadly got into a whole lot of scandal regarding their shipping process and customs which affected their reputation bigtime and detrimentally.

Due to this reason a lot of the customers fear shopping with them again even if they have rebranded as Style Korean and have most probably learned from their mistakes and are not doing it anymore.

Apart from that, style Korean also has a big issue with their payment options as international buys must have a PayPal account to place an order which I believe seems like a big disappointment.

People who do not have PayPal do not have many options left to pay from which sucks!

I believe like other international e-commerce websites they should have more payment options as well so that it’s easier for everyone from different countries to shop without any troubles or hassles!

These were a few disadvantages that I, unfortunately, happened to notice through my experience at Style Korean.

Why Pick Style Korean And Not Some Other Website?

Well, style Korean is that one website that will leave you shook at the prices they offer!

They sell high-quality Korean beauty products from various very well known Korean brands at unbelievable prices!

Apart from that, they have incredible offers going on on their website that’ll blow your mind.

This incredible ongoing website offers like the one I grabbed, which is giving out free beauty items with every product you purchase!

I got a whole full-size cc cream free which is unbelievable but true, I was excited when I saw the offer and for a second I thought my eyes read it wrong, but after receiving the order I can say I’m way more than just satisfied.

One of the most exciting things that I found in this Style Korean e-commerce website is that they have incredibly mind-blowing clearance sales that are such a steal deal!

What’s more? – Well, they send you free sample products with each purchase that comes in a stunning reusable pouch!

I believe that this website despite having a few little drawbacks is a holy grail for all beauty lovers out there!

What Others Are Saying

Others have a whole lot to say about Style Korean!

Most of them being the good ones, style Korean has a fandom of its own!

Still, I’ll discuss everything here in my blog.

Style Korean goes around by the title of “The website that sells unbelievingly cheap Korean beauty products!” which clearly shows the hype around Style Korean.

Before buying from this website I had a few friends recommend this to me asking me to try it because they offer quality Korean beauty products that are freaking cheap, cost-effective, and work wonders on your skin!

These are the most people who absolutely love style Korean and regularly shopping products from their e-commerce website but as everything that has lovers, lowkey has haters too, style Korean is still disliked by few.

Some people are still not willing to give style Korean a try due to their past reputation as Healthy skin before they rebranded into Style Korean.

Although some people (YouTubers) who took the risk and gave style Korean a try loved the experience and now are their regular customers!

List Of The Best Picks From Style Korean

1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Being one of the most hyped lip balms of all time, Leneige Lip sleeping mask is one of the best lip balms ever!

It deeply moisturizes your lips while getting rid of any dead cells on them leaving them as soft, plump, and healthy-looking luscious pair of lips!

2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, 92% Soothing And Moisture

This incredible aloe vera gel by Nature republic is your skin’s best mate!

It soothes, revitalizes the skin, and gives it that natural within the skin healthy glow that everyone loves!

3. Tonymoly Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner

This toner by Tonymoly is probably one of the best toners you’ll ever buy!

It cleanses and tightens your skin getting rid of those big open pores and provides a satisfying cooling effect that relaxes both your and your mind!

4. Mediheal Teatree Healing Solution Essential Mask

Looking for amazing face masks? – Well, these are probably the best ones you will ever find.

With the goodness of tea tree extracts this face mask works wonders on your skin, keeping it fresh, hydrated, glowing, and radiant!

5. Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream

Forget the product and look at that packaging!

These amazing hand creams by Tonymoly come in stunningly adorable packaging that’ll enhance the look of your vanity by hundreds!

Apart from the packaging, these hand creams are like a magic potion in a little pot!

They moisturize your skin so beautifully and leave them looking soft and healthy all the time!

6. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Enriched with snail mucus this power essence by COSRX needs zero explanations about how amazing it is for your skin!

It helps in revitalizing your skin while healing, smoothening, and soothing it at the same time!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel very satisfied with my first order from Style Korean, I simply love the idea of sending those samples and how they packed the products so carefully.

From surfing their website to placing an order, waiting for the shipment to finally getting the parcel safe and sound and in perfect shape, the entire process was really simple and an amazing experience!

It did take a lot of time for my order to reach me but it’s quite understandable considering the fact they are being shipped from an entirely different country!

Something that I do suggest is to consider adding dragon pay as one of their payment methods as I believe that for me it’s convenient to use it when paying in case you do not use PayPal.

This website might have a few little disadvantages to it but I believe they are forgivable considering the number of advantages it offers you, it just simply counters and overcomes the problem!

That’s all for this article, thanks for reading! I hope this review helps you.

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