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How Much Makeup Is Too Much? | Find Out The Facts

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Skye Rhodes

Well, first, let’s do a brief history of why we even wear makeup in the first place to understand when it’s too much makeup.

Makeup made the first documented appearance over 10,000 years ago when women used burnt matches to darken their eyes to create an almond-shaped look.

Barry sustained their lips and cheeks and finally copper minerals to give themselves color and definition, whether they knew it back then or not, the look they were creating wasn’t designed to make them look pretty but instead horny and fertile, but over the years, makeup has evolved.

I think if you’re refining that your makeup takes up a majority of your day, yeah this is what’s up, or if you like a lot of face makeup, and that’s when you know how much makeup is too much makeup.


How Much Makeup Is Too Much?

If you put on too much, it can cause a lot of acne, and things like that it’s not too great for your skin.

Read on to find out the facts about how much makeup is too much.

Evolution And Creativity

Now I discovered that makeup today has a lot less to do with attraction and looking pretty and a whole lot more to do with just the overall art of it.

Every era has a new makeup routine and every country has its sense of doing makeup.

The New Age makeup revolution shows how many think about a couple of things.

Number one, although a lot of makeup is fabulous, is it, in fact, attractive and second to that now that makeup is so accessible and overexposed so I did a small social experiment by going through three different levels of makeup then I asked my social media followers to rate which look they preferred the most.

And that’s to help me create the looks for this experiment, I use vanity planets cruelty-free makeup brush set, now this brush set comes with 15 pieces my favorite being this unique lipstick applicator love it also comes with a beautiful roll out a case.

This is perfect for me and my life of traveling now these are synthetic brushes that are soft with Birchwood handles.

I washed them a couple of times already and I had no issue whatsoever with shedding, now we all want to look polished and poised.

I moisturize and brush my eyebrows, and you know popped in a ponytail extension because I want to be natural but not looking crazy so, sue me guys, I couldn’t go all the way for you but this is pretty close to me being natural mean for my light to very little look.

The Me So Horny Look

I needed a little bit of assistance, I began with black eyeliner to give the effect of dilated pupils, then I took the foundation brush and applied it to discolored areas under my eyes, around my nose, and mouth, and on top of my nose my skin looks even and healthy.

Then I took the crease brush and found a warm neutral beige on my Chloe Morello London palette that I loved and went to town on the triangle at the end of my eyes, to give it that almond bedroom eye effect.

Then I took the angled brow brush and filled in the gaps on my brows look oh luxurious healthy and amazing.

Next, I took the angled big brush and use it along with a natural bronzer to contour and give my face a healthy fertile glow.

Now I’m grabbing the blush brush and doing a natural coral, so I look flushed and you know that and bothered and stuff which you guys look at that you are so sexy you’ remaking me blush uh-huh and that was terrible I’m sorry.

Moving on, I applied darker than nude lipstick to give the appearance that blood had rushed to my aroused lips okay so finally I took the highlight brush and lightly dusted just above my cheekbones and voila, this is my back to basics my so horny makeup look.

My Wham! Glam! Thank You, Ma’am! Look

I got into things, I began by cleaning off the previous makeup then took the foundation brush and applied the foundation.

Now, I’m missing my usual contour stick so I had to improvise, I then took another brush and blended the contour then went back to my foundation brush and blended DAP onto the eyes.

I followed that up with the flat eyeshadow applicator and packed on a punchy purple fun fact purple mix green pop which is why I like it for heavier looks.

I then went back for my crease brush and got an even heavier eggplant purple and blended that in the triangle now we add a little line of eyeliner, this eyelash primer by Smash box is my everything I’ve been buying it for 10 years straight.

I always recommend it and I will never stop going back to the palette.

I grabbed another fine brush to apply a highlight below my eyebrows, now it’s on to blush this time a little heavier and a little less neutral.

We highlight to the gods honey to emphasize that bone and finally, I am always born with these I used kabuki dust and powder over the top of her thing so it’s all nice and blended or as Maya would say, blend trick blend.

One more thing, I promise is I used a matte plum color with a new favorite lipstick application tools to complete this look, and here she is ready for a turn-up or Tuesday depending on your style, of course, the way I’m glad to thank you ma’am look.

Effects Of Wearing Makeup In One’s Daily Life

A recent article featured on the news wanted to find out if how much makeup a woman wears to work and any effect on her job performance.

And looks like it does, because a study was done by Boston University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute found that women who wore a more professional look to the office were considered more capable than those who went all-natural.

However, they suggest that you should still wear your makeup in a way that makes you feel proud and confident because at the end of the day those attributes will help you perform your job, so do you think women should accept this study, or should they blush it off?

What do you think when it comes to wearing makeup at work?

Makeup Gives The Presentable Look Or Not

Well, I think we have to be sensible.

I think we’ve got to try to use a little bit of logic here, now we know the difference between coming in looking like you just rolled out of bed there’s still crust in your eyes and on your mouth, yeah that just not presentable I don’t have an issue with tons of makeup or no makeup at all.

Do you look presentable, do you look like you put some effort to look presentable, you look polished, you look clean and can you do your job well that’s what I care about?

I’ve seen girls that don’t wear makeup, pull their hair back, they look presentable, they look clean, they look ready to do their job.

I’ve also seen people that might want to wear foundation contour and three pairs of lashes and still look presentable.

They look clean they can do their job now we got to be honest, yeah there are extremes there is the extreme of you look like you didn’t even brush your teeth yeah or put a comb through your hair.

And then there’s the other extreme of glitter eyelashes and highlighter that’s neon and you know me alright maybe not for corporate set you just going to use yourself just a little bit of fun little common facts.

Sometimes those the competition comes between women because if you okay we okay.

Applying Makeup Or Not

Let’s be real, we say here at this table and I didn’t wear any makeup, no eyelashes and you are all like beat to the gods like you are always looking there would be an issue and that’s what we’re saying.

I think that the real issue is that women put pressure on themselves so you have women that will wear a bunch of makeup and they look nice.

It doesn’t have to be a ton of makeup, but they look nice so then you have the other woman that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but she’s natural and she gets judged by that and men don’t get judged by that.

I used to work in an engineering office and man would barely put moisturizer washed a face yeah put that on themselves you know there are some women lovemaking, of course, there is a double standard.

First of all, like men they don’t even notice if a man shaves or not you know so that’s a whole different situation it does such that women are put under pressure to look a certain way.

But I do agree that you got to look like you put some effort in to yourself, you got it looks like you woke up and you put some time into yourself.

Because it doesn’t look to me like you put time into it to get to work it looks like you care about yourself and if you care about yourself.

Wearing Too Much Makeup

You’re wearing too much makeup the school of thought when it comes to makeup nowadays is to look like you’re not wearing any.

Let’s get started, you’re always retouching throughout the day it’s normal for makeup to start fading, especially if the weather is warm and you’re outdoors and start to sweat a little it’s perfectly fine to head to the restroom a couple of times a day to do that occasional retouch.

But retouching every other hour and staying in the restroom longer than you’re at your work desk too much, your makeup routine always makes you late.

Some can get ready for work in 30 minutes tops that already includes a quick shower dressing up styling your hair and putting on makeup, but if it takes you 30 whole minutes or more just to put on makeup, it either means you’re putting onto much or you keep doing it wrong.

And have to keep removing and reapplying the stuff, so it’s either you wake up much earlier to give you that time to tend to your makeup, or better yet lessen the amount you put on so that you can use that time to sleep in a little bit longer.

Removing your makeup takes you over 15 minutes on the flip side if it takes you just as long to put on your makeup as it does to remove it.

Then it means you’re wearing too much, it usually takes around five minutes to remove makeup from your entire face using makeup remover gel for the face.

Then maybe a special eye makeup removal cream for the stuff around your eyes, but if it takes you over 15 minutes to go through those two steps before putting on your eye shadow eyeliner and mascara.

The problem is some people go overboard with the primaries, it’s able to effectively cover up those bags and dark circles but if you put too much on you’ll end up looking like you have white rings around your eyes.

This is not the most attractive sight and doesn’t do anything to enhance your eye makeup.

Your pillowcase is always dirty, some are too tired or maybe too drunk to remove their makeup at night so they just fall into bed and go to dreamland straight away.

Of course, they suffer the consequences the next morning, old makeup doesn’t just ruin your complexion it can soil your bedding too.

Amount Of Makeup You Should Wear

I know you’re going to care about your job and that make noise about makeup, yes now the second thing, though I do think, there’s a slippery slope if you put on makeup just to keep in line with the other men around.

If that’s not natural if you’re not the type to sit there and beat your face into an Instagram filter like, then don’t do that you can see through that.

And I also think that it’s healthy to mix it up with wearing makeup and not wearing makeup, because have you seen those people that wear a full beat every day to work and then when they don’t come you think something’s wrong.

You should be able to recognize me if I’d had to come here with not so much mix it up for an exam, I’m like yeah your work ID still going to match your face security person can’t be like I’m sorry this is not you.

I’m trying to think because I’m naturally a person who doesn’t like makeup but that doesn’t mean that I won’t look presentable.

I’ll put on some mascara, I’ll put on some lip gloss, and also I’m thinking of the moms at my kid’s school when they’re in their work clothes there are some nurses there are some police officers yeah they don’t have makeup on.

Maybe they feel like it’ll get in the way I don’t know and I’m not going to judge a person whether they have makeup on or not.

I’m going to judge how you do your job and how you feel if you feel good without makeup on and you’re going to kill your job, do you feel good with all the makeup on even with the little contract go do your thing but how can I judge that?

Judgments Based On Wearing Makeup

So a lot of times we’re talking about women makeup habits, guys will say, oh she wears too much makeup and things like that.

But where do you draw the line – too much makeup you draw a lot you draw the line directly underneath the eye essentially didn’t make them up you’re a bigger and more distinct man.

You draw lines all over your face to make a cool pattern yeah, I think that’s cool um well I mean depends on the circumstance I mean it like I think what I think is cool about makeup is that for special occasions.

You can like to create art yourself.

I think that it’s a cool idea to wear makeup.

I do think that ideally men and women would use makeup and roughly the same way I think that that would be better overall.

I’m not saying that I’m going to start it I always wipe awful and make it before I go out for the day.

But I think that like for a special case like, so I always bring up that one of the mixes I don’t I keep focusing on her like I just think back.

I could have done things so differently, she had curly hair and so for like our anniversary or something she would straighten it so she looked different which is cool.

Because I desperately wanted to sleep with somebody else, which helped like outlook at me but in the same way, makeup could accomplish that sort of thing.

Like a good guy, nightdress exactly um in terms of what you wear day to the day it should be based on what you want to do which everything is.

But I understand the society’s pressures weigh in on what you think you should do and women feel like they should wear at least a little bit of makeup almost at all times.

Yeah, a lot of women anyway in terms of whether it makes you look better I think.

Is It You Who Wants To Wear Makeup, Or Society Tells You To?

Here’s the thing, I think that for most people it will probably make you look better it would also make men look better to wear makeup.

They just for whatever reason don’t yet feel that back in England hundreds of years ago.

They did feel that pressure now they don’t it probably will make you look a little bit better.

I wish that we didn’t, make people feel like they had to do that I like looking under my eyes you’re telling me that could not be improved, so a lot of the things that like I use makeup, and I’ll use it under my eyes, and I’ll cover up all my zits and things like that.

There to be a stigma around guys wearing makeup, so I think that’s one I agree with you that I think society puts too much pressure on us to wear makeup.

I went to work last a week with no makeup on, I know warned me before you come in looking like that twice if I was sick, I posted a photo to Instagram with no makeup and people are like you just look really tired.

So you can pretend like, oh I put this brush on myself but no it’s a lot of it is external as well and so imagine if I don’t make up every day.

And then I took it off like people are but that so it seems like they’re saying you look bad.

But I think anyone just used to be a different ad than a slide Baine, they just think you look so different I don’t know why I feel like makeup supposed to accentuate your appearance not change your dryer face.

Final Thoughts

So, how much makeup is too much?

I think that lookout on the makeup and if you’re wondering if you’re wearing too much just go out wait in the street corner.

If you get arrested in 20 minutes it’s probably too much when you have no makeup on the look, people ask if I was tired.

So you have to put on makeup to look natural like caffeine.

Here’s the problem is that we didn’t still need to do all these things and they’re still trying to tailor it to people’s preferences

I think it’s different, well think about it.

Think about, you know the 20s and the 80s and I blame Lady Gaga on that stick out of my head.

I think that women should have a day of protests over contouring where they do the lines of color, and then they don’t blend and it shows to everybody this is what we go through.

I look like a character from the Thunder cats and I think that’s a great idea and the joke’s on you because I think it looks cool.

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