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10 Best Korean Whitening Products & Their Reviews In 2021

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The modern cosmetic industry is competing in landing the “best of the best” of beauty products daily, so to make your choice a little bit easier we’ve conducted this list of the best Korean whitening products.

Facial and beauty creams are the most common and widely used cosmetic products.

They belong to the family of cosmetic products used for everyday care, cleaning, moisturizing, beautifying, as protections from external factors, etc., while with some additions they can become creams for special purposes.

In general, we can sort them into a few main categories, such as day creams, night creams, cleansing creams, special purpose creams, and serums.

Asian women are in particular fond of whiter skin tones, successfully cherish the “porcelain look” which can be achieved only if all of the boring skin unevenness is removed.



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10 Best Korean Whitening Products Reviewed

Let’s take a look at the 10 best Korean whitening products and help you decide which one will suit you best.

1. CeraVe Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

CeraVe Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid | Skin Brightening Serum for Face with 10% Pure Vitamin...

The high concentration of vitamin C in the form of the serum helps to increase collagen production and that’s how we get shiny and beautiful skin without wrinkles.

Vitamin C serum is the only natural way to get an even complexion, skin without blemishes, and freckles.

Simply say goodbye to hyperpigmentation!

If you are tired of dark circles and tired skin, Vitamin C serum is the right cocktail that will restore the freshness of your face.

For a youthful look that we all want, in addition to the production of collagen that “knocked out” wrinkles, Vitamin C serum also gives shine and freshness to your skin.

This is great for those who are constantly tired and trying to hide dark circles under their eyes and want to get a youthful, radiant, and energetic look.

Vitamin C Face Serum helps increase collagen production.

Vitamin C serum is suitable for any woman of any age.

It is a perfect addition to day and night cream.

This simple and effective product will make daily skincare more efficient.

This simple and effective product will make daily skincare more efficient.

Vitamin C is essential for nourishing and youthful skin appearance but it is not produced by our body.

It should be absorbed from external sources such as food and supplements.

In women, the level of absorption decreases with age.

The new essential vitamin C serum is designed to create a concentrated vitamin C directly on the skin to give it the glow it needs and make it look younger.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Formulated with 10% L-ascorbic acid
  • It helps to improve skin tone, texture, and hydration for a healthy-looking, radiant complexion
  • Fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic

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2. Beyond Perfection Kojic Acid, Placenta, & Glutathione Original Triple White Soap (3 Bars)

Beyond Perfection Kojic Acid, Placenta, & Glutathione Original Triple White Soap (3 Bars)

Those who have oily skin probably know that it is best to use soap for oily skin for this type of problem.

Today we present to you the most effective soap in that sense, to make your job easier.

Although it is heavier in terms of chemical composition, and this can be seen in the foam that is formed when you wash your hands or wash your face with it, this soap will be a good alternative for those whose face is oily.

Although they are all good when it comes to oily skincare because they do not dry out but slightly hydrate, this cream soap for oily skin stands out which has a quarter of a moisturizing cream that serves to maintain hydration so that after using it the skin is soft and gentle to the touch.

These soaps are extremely healthy to use, they do not pollute the environment but they do not poison your body either.

We know that everything we put on our skin gets into our blood over time.

So we should take care that our skin is treated only with the best products, and these are certainly products of nature.

It is recommended for washing, especially in the morning for those who have oily skin.

It is necessary to rub it on a wet face and wait for a while for it to work and then send it off with warm water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Alpha Arbutin is the most trusted and effective natural skin whitener
  • Exfoliate surface of damaged skin to reveal healthy new skin
  • The Relumins Intensive Repair Soap is Relumin’s most popular, best-reviewed, and customer favorite skin lightening soap among all skin tones and skin types

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In addition to being natural cosmetics, they are very gentle on the skin and make it velvety and soft.

There are more and more producers of these creams which in addition to cow’s milk also contain natural oils and herbs that nourish the skin.

Cow’s milk is a natural skin cleanser, full of various vitamins.

It does not create a huge foam, but due to cow’s milk and oil, it additionally cleanses and soothes oily facial skin.

The feeling on the face is fantastic and cannot be replaced by any of the cleansers because the skin smells mild, has no strong odors, and is very natural.

It has similar properties as goat’s milk cream, only it has a slightly firmer structure.

Since the same goes for creams with goat’s milk as we said for the above-mentioned creams, they are soft and wear out very quickly.

When it comes to oily skin, you won’t go wrong if you take any of the scents with any herb and supplement but for a special recommendation, it’s a classic cream.

Pros & Benefits:

  • More natural than other whitening Korean creams
  • It leaves the skin smooth and soft
  • The face feels clean afterward

4. AICHUN BEAUTY Serum 99% Vitamin E Collagen Face

AICHUN BEAUTY Serum 99% Vitamin E Collagen Face Lifting Smoothing Oil Control Acne Perfecting Primer...

Concentrated, but easily absorbed by the skin vitamin E, which visibly brightens the complexion together with the pigmented ladies that have appeared.

It stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens tissues, and reduces oxidative stress caused by environmental factors.

Olive squalane softens the skin and improves its elasticity.

It is used alone by applying 1-2 times a day on the pigmented ladies or on the whole face.

You can complement the effect of your favorite cosmetics by applying them before face cream.

Do not use in the summer months on unprotected skin from a sunscreen product.

The rich nourishing cream contains natural soothing ingredients for very dry skin: vitamin E, aloe vera, wheat germ, sunflower seed oil, collagen, and elastin.

With regular use, it eliminates the feeling of stiffness, the formation of scales due to dehydration, and possible cracks.

The antioxidant vitamin E keeps the skin supple, soft, and youthful.

Recommended for care after exposure to sun, cold, and wind.

Wake up with renewed and nourished skin with this innovative serum oil which strengthens and hydrates the skin at night.

In the morning the skin is fresher, radiant, and rested.

For the best effect then use your favorite moisturizer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High in wheat oil
  • 8 hours of hydration
  • Face serum
  • No greasing
  • The fast-absorbing, light formula

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5. Magic Whitening Pills For Skin Herbal Supplement

Magic Whitening Pills for Skin -Herbal Supplement -3 Times Better Than glutathione - Focus on Clear...

Proven and quality supplementation can very effectively affect the quality, health, and beauty of our skin.

Health experts emphasize that the health of our skin is the main indicator of the huge number of processes that take place in our body, so many skin diseases are just a sign that our body sends us that its needs for nutrients and vitamins are increased.

In combination with a proper diet, skin supplements are very effective in making the skin look healthier and younger.

The natural substances necessary to maintain the quality and health of the skin are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex.

These are the best skin supplements with cosmetics used externally.

Omega-3 fatty acids can also be very helpful in maintaining healthy skin.

Omega-3 fatty acids can also increase the shine of your hair and help maintain the quality of the scalp and face.

Vitamin C is a very important vitamin for preserving the skin because it participates in the synthesis of high-quality collagen and elastin, which are essential for maintaining skin tone.

A study published in November 2017 showed that vitamin C helps heal wounds and helps control inflammation.

If you have acne, zinc can be a very important mineral for you as one of the symptoms of zinc deficiency is acne.

If you take enough vitamin A through your diet, it is often not necessary to use vitamin A supplements which can even have the opposite effect in the form of dryness or flaking of the skin.

It has been shown that vitamin A in defined quantities regulates the processes of skin tissue renewal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Direct influence and natural power-on support of metabolism and whitening of the skin and removing the dark spots
  • 3 times the effect of glutathione
  • All the herbs contain multiple vitamins and amino acids, have the power to support health and skin youth

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6. DERMAL Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet

DERMAL 16 Combo Pack B Collagen Essence Korean Face Mask - Hydrating & Soothing Facial Mask with...

Nourishing and hydrating emulsion with concentrated marine collagen of light texture quickly penetrates the skin, providing it with all-day hydration and stimulates the natural production of collagen on the skin surface which significantly improves skin firmness and elasticity, strengthens its resistance, reduces wrinkles, and fine lines.

The collagen emulsion also contains ear extract and the active ingredient arbutin which removes acne scars and other skin hyperpigmentation and naturally brightens skin tone.

As a result of regular use of Collagen Nutrition emulsion, nourished, deeply hydrated skin with a visibly younger look is obtained.

The emulsion with collagen is suitable for all skin types and for sensitive skin, and its application is especially recommended for skin with visible signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines) and reduced elasticity (relaxed facial contours).

According to the K beauty routine, the emulsion (or “lotion”) is a lighter, more liquid version of the moisturizer which is an indispensable and very important step in the daily skincare routine.

Namely, the emulsion is a facial care product that is used according to the Korean routine after the serum, and before the moisturizer, with the basic function to “lock” in the skin all the benefits from the serum (enable the full effect of the serum and prevent evaporation of active ingredients) creams.

The emulsion can be a great option for oily and combination skin as the last step in “moisturizing” before applying SPF cream, while for dry skin the emulsion is a “real savior” or another layer in hydration that will protect it from drying out.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dermal Korea collagen essence full face facial mask sheet 16 combo pack
  • It contains vitamin E and collagen which keeps your tired skin lively and healthy
  • 16 different types of facial masks

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7. 24k GOLDZAN AMPOULE 99.9% Pure Gold Best Selling Serum of The Year in Korea“]

When choosing the right cream the most important thing is that it is adapted to your skin type as well as the age in which you are.

Just like in the world of fashion, there are products of different price ranges in the world of beauty but the high price of the cream does not guarantee that you will give your skin exactly what it needs.

As an alternative to the cult face creams which are justifiably high in price, significantly more affordable drugstore products have been created the composition of which is almost the same.

Highly concentrated, multifunctional cosmetic product treated to a range of 65+, very intensive curative treatment for record-breaking effects on skin biostructure correction.

When regularly applied it provides high density at the end of the age of wetting and loneliness of the skin, the accumulation of wrinkles, and the repair of the oval of the wood.

The cream uses the technology of active regeneration with 24k nanogold which is based on the conjugation of pure gold particles with heptapeptide, giving them a strong effect on the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

As a result, the record number of wrinkles is reduced.

Complex Biomatrix 4, a stimulator of hyaluronic acid and extract from plant cells of Meliaceae, make damaged collagen, stimulate fat bedding in the subcutaneous tissue, stimulate metabolism in skin cells.

The cream is recommended to be applied even before make-up as well as at night after a thorough cleansing of the skin.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A premium high-concentration ampoule that helps nourish and moisturize sensitive skin immunity
  • Contains panthenol
  • It contains gold and nutrients to keep your skin rough and smooth


This cream is great for normal and dry facial skin and is also ideal for use when exposed to strong sunlight and in general for skin whose appearance is impaired by sun exposure.

Also, this cream can serve as a great replacement for powder as it evens out the appearance of the complexion but if you aim to cover all the imperfections, combine it with a concealer.

The texture is a bit thicker and can be spread nicely all over the face and you can choose between a lighter darker shade.

Most people like the sun, they like to spend their time outside during the summer months and even when it is winter, many people like to walk on a sunny day and soak up the sun’s rays.

The sun is also healing you directly get vitamin D which is good for you and you also get the copper color of your complexion.

You can even out your complexion with this cream whose texture is a bit reminiscent of mousse.

In addition to the fact that you can easily create a beautiful and well-groomed facial look with it, you also provide your skin with the necessary protection and care and it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin.

It leaves a light, velvety feeling on the face and is great for reducing the visibility of wrinkles.

You can also use this cream as a base for applying make-up!

In winter, the skin needs a little more intense hydration so you will definitely not go wrong with this cream.

This product strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and at the same time protects it from harmful UV rays and pollution which results in a radiant complexion.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, your skin will look fuller, healthier, and nourished!

Oily and problematic skin prone to acne really requires high protection from the sun and this cream is ideal because it does not grease the skin and is a great foundation for make-up, which will not just ‘slip’ from the face.

This cream also prevents the deterioration of the skin as well as the appearance of inflammatory processes due to the action of UV radiation and does not leave marks on the skin, and after using the skin is nicely smoothed and matte.

Pros & Benefits:

  • SPF 50+ can prevent UV damage, can provide moisture and nutrition
  • Keep the skin moist and moist, prevent dry, and cover the skin
  • Texture moist and not greasy is not sticky, can brighten the skin, to reach the perfect effect of bare makeup

9. pūrlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30: Clean & Cruelty-Free, Medium Flawless Coverage, Hydrates...

pūrlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30: Clean & Cruelty-Free, Medium Flawless Coverage, Hydrates...

The abbreviation for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm” means balm for irregularities.

Its role is to cover minor skin imperfections and is primarily intended for people who do not apply excessively “heavy” makeup on their faces.

Extremely creamy and light texture, it will make the effect of the mask which often occurs when using powder, disappear forever.

BB creams are ideal for smooth skin and to even out a complexion that has minor imperfections – some pimples or small spots of hyperpigmentation.

The only drawback may be the smaller choice of shades although this issue is almost overcome.

In addition to containing antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and other substances that slow down aging, BB creams are the dominant ingredients that hydrate the skin and thus give it a radiant, natural, and well-groomed look.

That is why the face becomes shiny, so maybe BB cream is not the most ideal solution for people who have extremely oily skin prone to acne because the formula often contains oils.

Some manufacturers have gone a step further so they have eliminated BB creams that are intended for oily skin and perfectly control excessive shine during the day.

In short, it is a magical invention that saves time and money, providing all the benefits of sunscreens, serums, moisturizers, and make-up foundations, in one product.

It is ideal for those who like a natural look because BB cream provides just that, the natural beauty and radiance of the skin but at the same time brightens the complexion and conceals imperfections.

Follow the same steps as when applying liquid powder.

So, squeeze out the BB cream in a pea-sized amount and apply it to the cheek, forehead, nose, and chin area.

Smear with your fingers and combine the applied cream.

You are ready in just a few minutes!

You can also use a brush or sponge to apply BB cream.

BB cream has the best effect when used alone.

If you have dry skin, BB cream is quite enough for you.

But if you have oily skin then the compact powder will absorb excess oil and will allow your make-up to last longer.

Of course, with all its advantages that we have already mentioned such as hydration of UV protection, BB cream is better than liquid powder primarily.

It does not clog pores while covering irregularities and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

Your skin will look natural, healthy, and radiant!

Pros & Benefits:

  • You can use it on your body and your face
  • Doesn’t dry the skin
  • Perfect for normal to sensitive skin

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Ampoules for the face are tiny capsules filled with a liquid that is very useful for the skin since it contains a large number of vitamins.

They are also called “vitamin bombs” because they contain as many vitamins as your facial skin needs for one application, without containing any preservatives or any other element harmful to your skin.

Natural products are the best, above all natural anti-wrinkle creams but this is a great alternative.

Ampoules for the face serve for the immediate “wow effect” on the skin, they serve to smooth wrinkles and their main quality is that you notice a difference even during one application, i.e.

they immediately react to the structure of the skin surface, making it tighter and fresher.

You can also achieve a slightly more lasting effect with them if you use them for a few weeks (the recommendation is at least 2 weeks, once a day), to make your skin look younger and tighter, fresher and cleaner, that is, to make you look relaxed and in a good mood.

They are very small, so they are suitable for carrying on trips as well as for home use.

It is very good that they can be your basic care, and they can also be just the first step when applying the rest of nourishing and cosmetic products, such as vitamin face creams.

It depends on your skin type, but also on the age you are in.

Very simple and quite effective care is achieved by using these ampoules.

That capsule has a thicker, larger end and one that is smaller.

The thick end contains the necessary liquid and all that is needed is to shake the capsule, then press and tear off that smaller part after which the liquid will be able to come out of the thicker part of the capsule.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provide ideal conditions for brightening and clear skin without facial blemishes
  • Help the ingredient of whitening to absorb your skin
  • The ampule has plenty of vitamin grain and ingredients for whitening

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Final Thoughts

Daily use of good face cream is a moment of well-being and love for yourself.

Of great importance is what we apply to the face because it depends on the improvement or deterioration of the condition of our skin, the appearance of acne, and blackheads.

If you are looking for the best Korean whitening products, you can say with certainty that these are exactly the best.

They are especially distinguished by the fact that they do not damage the skin and give it the necessary shine.

They contain all the components that our skin needs to look flawless exactly as we all want.

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